6 Pinterest Accounts To Follow!

Raise your hand if you are not a fan of the Pinterest changes that have taken place over the last year. Me! Me! Me!! I raise my hand like crazy to that!  I rarely see my favorite pinners in my feed :( and that makes me so sad.  I hate it as a Pinterest user and hate it as a blogger, it bums me out followers do not see what I pin and share.

Anyhow, in order to still keep pinning inspiration, I pin differently now and go direct to my favorite pinner's pages instead of my home Pinterest feed.  Since I rarely see them in my feed anymore this is the only way I can curate my feed to my liking!  After doing this for about 6 months, I realized I went to the same pinners over and over again.  I categorize them below by what I end up pinning the most from them- so my first category is...

Parties !!!
Hooray!  Hooray Magazine is filled with awesome party inspiration so it is no surprise that their feed is an awesome curation of the cutest parties and party DIYs from the blogosphere!
Website: Hooray! Mag

Alexandra Evjen- Fashion stylist & Art Director for A.V.E. Styles  Alex has nearly a million followers on Pinterest, so I am hardly the only one who loves her (She also is a Pinterest Ambassador).  My Ooh La La fashion board is filled with her pins & I just love her classic style.
 Website: A.V.E. Styles

Words of Inspiration
Not a blogger, looks like she is a "normal person", haha.  Pinterest Page
Her entire feed is gorgeous, but she particularly curates the best quotes.  She does have many Christian ones (I love Jesus big time, peeps) but also has tons of creativity, kindness and overall good feels if God is not your thing.

Modern Kiddos
Joni Lay- Lay Baby Lay - I love her colorful, bright style and she has the best inspiration geared towards the adorable kiddos in your life- interiors, parties and crafts!
Website: Lay Baby Lay

Home Inspiration, Cocktails & Floral
Sugar & Charm - I love the home inspiration, cocktail and floral pins.  A clean, modern style with some pops of color.  I seriously adore her feed.  
Website- Sugar & Charm

At 6 million followers Honestly WTF is not hurting for more followers.  But I visit their feed every single day, so they have to be included.  I love everything they pin- flowers, cocktails, interiors... etc...   I LOVE their feed.
Website: Honestly WTF

And that is it- 6 of my favorite pinners, who are your favorite pinners?  Let me know!  I am always looking for more inspiration!!  You can follow me on Pinterest here!

P.S. Does it surprise you that I do not have a favorite DIY pinner?  I curate my DIY board by visiting Craftgawker!  

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DIY Copper Edged Mirror

I teased on my last copper project that I had finished up the list of copper pipe ideas in my DIY notebook.  I did not expect to be back so soon with a new copper pipe DIY!  A few months ago, I scored some coiled copper pipe at the thrift store for $2.00, of course I picked it right up because I have a love for copper.  A couple weeks ago inspiration struck!

How to Make a Copper Pipe Edged Mirror

Copper pipe coiled roll  (purchase the smallest amount available, you do not need a ton, it is about $8-$10) 
Leather cord
Tube cutter

* the copper clamp fittings will have to match the size of what copper pipe you choose to buy

It is not easy to cut glass and I want everyone to be able to get a copper round mirror in their life (I have odd life goals)  I found a candle mirror at for $6 using the 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby.  No buying a fancy tool. No cutting glass in a circle. No husbands having flashbacks of your prior ER visits from your clumsiness (this may just be me)   Or buy a round mirror at the thrift store that you can replace the frame with the copper!

Please note in the picture above the clamps are already bent.  I completed the DIY and then had to redo it for the photos... I forgot to keep the clamps as is... They will look like this when you purchase.

Bend copper wire around mirror to size copper circle. Cut copper pipe to size.  The copper is a bit difficult to bend, so the circle may not be perfectly round.  I am more than ok with that-  I think this really makes the mirror look awesome.  

To secure the mirror in place, use four copper clamp fittings.  Clamp them on to the pipe as it sits on top of mirror and bend each end around pipe and back of mirror to attach.  Also, this took a bit of brawn, so I had my husband do the bending.  He used both the pliers and the end of the pliers to do it ;)

Once all four are in place. Take the last clamp and cover the part where the copper pipe meets (where you made the cut)  Since we did not connect the pipe there will be a small space.   Clamp onto the copper pipe (not the mirror) and squeeze together with pliers.  Now you have a hook to hang and it covers that empty space!

Thread leather cord through the hole, tie in a knot. Hang.

Also this is where the copper mirror actually is in my house.  I just cannot stage it here for photos cuz it gets crappy lighting.  But it sits on my crazy plant lady shelf.  Eventually, I will hang it on the wall when our remodel is complete.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements Tips & Exciting News!

I am so excited to announce that I will be an Adobe Photoshop Elements ambassador for the next six months!  

What does that mean for readers?  I will be sharing editing tips and projects using Photoshop Elements each month with a new tutorial!  I also will be giving away copies of Photoshop Elements 14 (the brand NEW version) throughout the ambassadorship!!  The first giveaway is today (enter below) !

I have used Photoshop Elements for a bit over 2 years now and 3 versions- Adobe Photoshop Elements 12, 13 and now 14!  As a DIY blogger, I desperately needed photo editing software for my tutorials and I decided to go with the cost friendly Photoshop Elements.  I never looked back, it is intuitive, easy to use and helps make my photos shine.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 has a couple new standout features from the prior versions:

Remove haze- Haze removal is particularly great for landscape photos.  Below is a photo I took during a hike at Makapuu Point Lighthouse on Oahu, Hawaii. If you ever go, it was one of my favorite hikes while we lived in Hawaii- perfect place to spot whales and you can end your day at the Kona Brewing company for some beer tasting and food. The haze removal option made the background of the photo as crisp as the front and centered parts. It also made me incredibly miss living there.

Change the photo size to frame- Another very cool feature is you can easily change the size of your photo with some fast options.  To make easy photo styling props for DIY tutorials I often create quick printables to match a blog post theme.  The Cheers printable is from my glitter cocktail shaker DIY! Printable options are now so much easier-  for the example below, I chose frame sizes 8X10 and 5X7.  You can easily print the image yourself and frame right away!


Add moving titles to your videos- Give some flair to your videos with new updates to moving titles!  Some fun with disco balls!


And there are more features and more to learn, which I will go over the next 6 months!

A sneak peek of what is coming- My 5 Most Used Tools When I Edit Photos and How to Create a Collage Product Roundup Post! And, of course there will be DIY Projects using Photoshop Elements!!  

But, what questions do you have when you use Photoshop Elements or what would be helpful to learn? 

And do not forget to enter to win a copy of the newest version of Photoshop Elements below! Good luck! Open to US residents only. GIVEAWAY ENDED

Win a Copy of Photoshop Elements 14!

Friday Link Love!

Happy Fall everyone!  Is it still hot here in Arizona? yes, yes it is.   photo from my instagram

Lisa Frank Halloween Costumes.  Kelly from Studio DIY has outdone herself.  Ah-mazing.

I have become obsessed with marbling all the things.  Sugar & Charm marbleized candy apples. They are beautiful and look so tasty!

Copper wire baskets for the storage solution win!

I think I gained 5 pounds looking at it but it will be SO worth it. Bacon, Fig Grilled Cheese. nom nom nom.

Its still 90 bajillion degrees in Phoenix- so this rose wine granita slushie sounds PERFECT.

It's been an insane week, nothing serious, but showering went non-existent and wine consumption increased after 8 pm (coincides with kiddos bedtime ;)  - 2 sick kids, an allergic reaction to medication, husband out of town and me trying not to lose my shit amongst deadlines and babies who need cuddles and said babies may be screaming at the time of said cuddles.  But, yesterday we all started to feel better, Nick was home, I got a shower, we played on swings, cooked long dinners, danced to Taylor Swift and enjoyed happy wine (much different than stressed wine)

Hope your weekend is filled with dancing and happy wine! Thanks for reading xoxo

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Craft Workshop in AZ- Come Craft With Me!

I am so excited to announce my first craft workshop in like forever?  I was determined to get back at them after Colette was born and did one for Michael's 6 weeks postpartum (crazy hormones made me say yes??) and did one more for Pottery Barn Teen and then decided to take a break... that lasted forEVER.  I absolutely love teaching craft workshops and miss it so much!!

I am coming back with a small, intimate workshop with Teaspressa and would love for you to join me! Seating is VERY limited so grab your ticket before it sells out!

We will be making geometric pin boards!  A variety of colors are available thanks to DecoArt!

All attendees will also go home with a swag bag from generous sponsors such as Zoya Nail Polish, Social Print Studio and more to be announced ;) ... I have to have some surprises!!  And if you are not local to AZ, do not worry, you will have a chance to win a giveaway swag bag  after the workshop!

I hope you come out, I cannot wait to meet you!

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DIY Marble Hanging Shelf

After making a copper hanging planter and having it in the house for a bit, I loved how pretty it was and that it stayed that way- the kids canNOT reach it!  So, I can thank my kids for this DIY- a marble hanging shelf.  Those curious, messy hands cannot reach the shelf- whew hoo! (its the little victories that keep us parents going...)  I also type these words in front of a wall with marker all over it, so the kids get their revenge in green and blue scribbles.

Also, this marble hanging shelf is ridiculously easy.  Cut cords, tie them in a knot and hang.  I get technical in the directions, but seriously, it is THAT easy.  I think it takes a whopping ten minutes? And that is only so you get measurements even, I am a more cut haphazard type normally, but getting the cords even is important so you do not have things flying off your hanging shelf and hitting the adorable children in your life.

Marble tile
Leather cord (I used a deerskin cord I found at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry making section, it is not online to show)

How to Make a Marble Hanging Shelf

1) Cut two equal lengths of cord and tie each end into a knot with a loop on top.  I used two 5 feet pieces. Cut a small piece of cord approximately inches 15 inches long and set that cord aside.  

Regarding length- I chose this size because I thought it looked the best. One long string for the ceiling attachment will be needed and you can use that size to hang as high or low as you want.  I will be hanging it in different spots in the house (using it for Thanksgiving with candles) You can do ANY length you want.

2) Lay the two 5 feet cords down in a cross design:

3) Lay marble tile on top.

3) Take cords and meet at top.  Use the 15 inch piece of cord to loop between the knot holes of all four knots.  Tie that 15 inch cord into a small knot at top.  

Hang from ceiling!

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DIY Jewelry Sequin Bracelets

This month's DIY for Pottery Barn Teen are sequin bracelets!  So easy to make and the teen in your life will love you!

Shoot over there for the full tutorial and so many sparkly pics!

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Friday Link Love!

Even though I live in AZ and Fall is a long time away, I am craving the coziness of Fall and love this blanket.  The good news is we stayed under 100 degrees this week! Baby steps, people.

I may start sneaking wine to places with this growler.

Make a marble & wood cheese board.

A unicorn hair clip!? Yes, please.

Cannot believe this jewelry dish was a cork coaster. So awesome.

Portobello tacos with a jalapeƱo sauce that sounds so amazinggg. nom nom nom, droollll.  This is going to be cooked in my house soon.

Happy weekend everyone!!

In case you missed it this week on A Bubbly Life: DIY Brushstroke Party Backdrop & DIY Marbleized Pumpkins

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DIY Brushstroke Party Backdrop

I have the easiest DIY to share with you today. It is one of my most used backdrops. My 4 year old did most of it.  I am not employing child labor, she just really likes to paint.  I was not even going to share it because since Kalia did most of it, I thought maybe it was too simple to share.  But, I'm a Mom of two with a career and I LOVE and NEED easy. Homemade, modern, pretty and easy- perfect DIY for a party! 

Tablecloth/Sheet (I thrift these materials for most of my backgrounds)
Paint  (whatever color you want, I think a black one would look awesome)

Paint brushstrokes all over sheet in random order.

It makes such a cute party backdrop for a table, photo backdrop for a party booth or background for disco ball shots!

If you need more photo backdrop ideas try:
Confetti Polka Dot Backdrop
Geometric Backdrop
Honeycomb Ice Cream Backdrop

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DIY Marbleize Pumpkins

After I marbleized some makeup brushes with nail polish, I started a mission (in my diy notebook) to marbleize all the things!  Fall is around the corner and time to start decorating with pumpkins and gourds.  Traditional Fall colors are not really my thing, which is why 2 years ago I did pastel painted pumpkins and this year I give you nail polish marbleized pumpkins!  You can do so many different colors and make the pumpkin decor work for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

How to Marbleize Pumpkins!

These mini ones are my favorite!

Nail Polish in desired colors*
Warm Water
Bamboo skewer (or toothpick)

* I used two nail polishes from the same color family for each color pumpkin.

** I purchased a bag of decorative pumpkins and gourds and spray painted white.  You can use real pumpkins and gourds as well.  They last so much longer as decor when you do not cut into them and only decorate the outside of the pumpkin!

Fill your container with some warm water and add droplets of nail polish.

Stir with the skewer.

Dip pumpkin in and turn gradually to cover pumpkin with the color.  Let dry.

My daughter loves making them too.  Keep in mind- nail polish fumes are strong- make sure you are in a well ventilated space!

You knew there had to be an up close shot of the pink one.

I am in love with the mini pumpkins.  Make anything mini and I am all over it.

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