Coconut Lime Cherry Vodka Cocktail Recipe

I wanted to fit one more Summer inspired cocktail recipe before Fall gets here and the last day of August is the perfect time for sharing.  My husband loves it- the cocktail recipe is low carb and he eats/drinks insanely low carb.  He also rarely drinks, but after a week of hearing me sing "You put the lime in the coconut" he said he would take 5 of these.  In his defense, I can't sing AND may be tone deaf AND that is the only line I knew of the song...  Isn't marriage awesome? Love you, babes.

Coconut Lime Cherry Vodka Cocktail
Ingredients: (makes one drink) 
8 oz. coconut water
One shot of cherry vodka
Juice of 1/2 to 1 lime*
Cherry & lime slice for garnish

* I do not like very sweet drinks, so I used the juice of one lime.  My husband likes it with half a juice of one lime, he likes things sweet (like his wife, ha! sorry, couldnt help myself) 

I really like coconut water.  But, I only like it VERY cold.  Chill the coconut water ahead of time.
Add ice to shaker, coconut water and shake!  Add cherry vodka, lime juice and shake again.
Pour in glass, drink and sing "Put the lime in the coconut" **
**optional step

Enjoy the lazy days of Summer with a very refreshing coconut water cocktail.  It's awesome because I hear coconut water is a great hangover cure- so maybe this will prevent the hangover?  I do not know because the only hangovers I get now are from watching too many Disney movies.

Cheers! If you need some more cocktails in your life, check out my Citrus Tequila Cocktail, Berry Vodka Mojito & White Wine Spa Inspired Sangria!

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Friday Link Love- Happy Weekend!!

I am soooooooooooooo happy it is the weekend!!! I had an insane week of work and I am excited to take a semi-break this weekend.  Weekends are when I get most of my photos done, but this weekend I have to finish up a cocktail shoot (and it features coconut) and cocktail photo shoots are my favorite since I celebrate the ending with said cocktail ;)

Lovely Indeed kills it with these gorgeous agate wall hooks.

Yellow watermelon is out there.

I have a lot of copper in my kitchen (like my iPad holder) I would love this copper piece from Anthropologie.  I probably would not use it for cooking; I would just want it to hold food on the counter and look pretty.

Let's Party white clutch.  Which is accurate cuz the only time I get to wear a purse that small is sans children.  Which is def a reason to party.  (love you bebes...)

My Unicorn Made Me Do It.

Shrimp Salad Circus created absolutely AH-MAZING color pages.  Seriously, they are so awesome. I want to break out my crayons right now.

Make Tell Blog has FREE printable stickers of any sticker you could ever want! Flamingos, pineapple, watermelons and so much more. I am buying sticker paper this weekend because these need to be in my life.

Unicorns, crayons and stickers... and heart sunnies on fruit- there is no way I am turning 30 something in a couple weeks!  #iamachild

Happy weekend everyone!!! Catch sneak peeks of the week ahead on instagram!

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6 Ways To Overcome A Creative Block

Creative block, writer's block, ruts, whatever you may call it, it happens to all of us.  Since it is my job to be creative and create content, I have to find ways to get out of ruts fast.  These are the 6 ways I have found helpful and help me get back on the creative path and get my job done.  

1) Go to the craft/fabric/kitchen/thrift store-  or whatever store your particular creative whim is and walk around.  Pick up a new paint color! Maybe an object catches your eye at the thrift store? Find a fabric you fall in love with and absolutely must use right now. Visiting the thrift store is my personal go-to, I never know what I may find there and instant projects are made!

Some thrift store projects of mine that were never on any blog editorial calendar:
Gold Foil Edged Office Supplies and Painted Abstract Brushstroke Ice Bucket
I am currently working on two more finds- projects that would not exist if I was not in a creative rut!

2) Keep a Pinterest board or the offline version- a mood board- for inspiration.  Add to your mood board all the time, anything that catches your eye! While all my Pinterest boards are filled with inspiration, I have one private board that I call "actionable" pieces of inspiration.  They are the colors, patterns, plants, lines I like on furniture that are currently inspiring me.  My offline mood board is similar but it changes more frequently (I really should work on my Christmas mood board right now). I do not think these boards would make any sense to anyone other than myself (A pattern on a skirt, a green leaf, etc) , but DIYS are created from them. When I have a due date for pitches and may be in a creative block, I look to my mood boards first- almost every time there is an idea I forgot about or a new idea created from the inspiration.

4) Make a date with a creative friend.  Hang out with another blogger, crafter, painter, etc- the creative(s) in your life.  Whenever I leave a coffee date with a blog friend, even if we do not discuss actual creating, I leave with passion and excitement.  Talking to someone who understands the blogging world and relates to the struggles and successes is like a drinking a cup of coffee filled with creativity.

3) Try something different! Pick up a new tool, a new craft, a new material, etc..  Whatever you want to do! How about make some glitter pills?! Because glitter pills are FUN and PRETTY. (I get asked all the time why I would make a glitter pill, I just want to get that out in the open) Whatever it is, just get to work on something creative.  Creativity is like a muscle, you need to work it out to see results! I picked up a wood burning tool- just for fun- and created a couple projects because I wanted to use it!
Projects: Engraved Wooden Mousepad & Wood Burned Tray

5) Create for ONE reason only- to create. I am paid to be creative and share my creativity with others and the most common reason for me to get in a rut is getting tapped out- I get bogged down with deadlines and stressed about finding new ideas.  So, I do something for me or our home, that is not for the blog or anyone else.  My most common go-to is painting.  It relaxes me and I love it and reminds me that I absolutely LOVE what I do. I even end up with projects out of them sometimes- my geometric tablecloth and recent mudcloth board were done when I gave up on trying to think of something to create and simply just started creating.  

6) And, finally, do not do anything! Take a break.  Go outside- nature can be great inspiration.  Or enjoy a Netflix marathon.  Read a book. Shut off, take a break, relax and know that ruts do not last long, you will get back to it and taking a break may be the best thing you did!

So, what do you do when you are in a creative rut?

This is part of a series called The Creative Entrepreneur- the first in the series which explains my creative journey can be found here!

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The Creative Entrepreneur- A New Blog Series!

I have a new series debuting this week and instead of making a super long intro on the first in the series, I thought I would do it here first!

The Creative Entrepreneur will be a series of posts on blogging, creative struggles, creative bosses & more!  Do not worry, I am still a DIY blog, there will always be lots of crafty goodness!

The reason I wanted to do a standalone post to debut this new series is to give you my background- so you learn a bit more about the blogger who DIYS around pink and sparkle and copper.

I have like NO creative background whatsoever (great intro, haha).  Well, maybe a tiny amount.  My mom was the only woman in her Masters Program of Fine Arts school at Cornell University. They only allowed ONE woman a year for the MFA program at the time (huge wtf...).  My dad writes. Like, all the time. Everyday. Don't interrupt him, it is dangerous.  So, perhaps some of their genes passed along.

As for me, when I was a child (7-10 years old),  I really loved art.  I had a large collection of art books with biographies and paintings and could look at a painting and name the artist.  I loved art museums (I still do) and went to Paris when I was 8- it was a dream of mine to go to The Louvre.  I also loved to write, I kept journals off and on and have books of really bad teenage angst poetry.  Fast forward to high school- I won a creative writing contest and participated in drama- acting and directing for 4 years. 

Although I was inclined towards the creative arts in high school, I decided not to pursue it, I enjoyed it- but it was not a career aspiration.  I graduated college with two degrees- Psychology & Criminal Justice.  I wanted to be in the FBI (for reals) but was madly in love with some guy I had been dating for 4 years (my now husband) and my sister needed a partner for her new business venture.  So, I decided to stick around Arizona for a bit and my sister and I debuted Rinkya, Inc.  I was Vice President for 12 years of Rinkya, a company that began in my sister's tiny apartment (like the toilet is in kitchen tiny) in Tokyo, Japan and my bedroom in a house I shared with two roommates in Arizona.  Over those 12 years,  Rinkya grew to a multi-million dollar business with a large warehouse in Japan and staff in the US.  Through the highs and lows, money and no money, we did achieve success. To say we made many mistakes would be an understatement. However, failure is good.  And these mistakes made me better.  It is the best way to learn.

When I had my first daughter, I went through a lot of changes and personal growth.  I started A Bubbly Life in Feb 2012 because I had wanted a blog to pursue my creative leanings for YEarsss and never did it. Having my daughter made me want to do all the things I said I would do and I was unhappy with my career; which did not seem to be a way to be a positive example for her.  I wanted to be a role model for her.

I quit my job at Rinkya when she was 9 months old, I no longer could juggle being at home with her, write the blog, and Rinkya work (although I downgraded my role to part time & no management).  I chose to quit Rinkya to fulfill my goal to be a role model for my daughter.  While my job gave me financial security and flexibility with my daughter (I worked at home) years on the job had made me a dispassionate, unfulfilled person.  I was in a suffocating cubicle, even if that cubicle was on my couch at home.

So, what does this long a** story mean for readers?  To achieve the goal of being a role model for my now TWO daughters- I want to use my experience as an entrepreneur, and now as a blogger, and share what knowledge I have.  And, to get other people to share their knowledge because everyone's experience is different and we all have knowledge to share.  

From my blogging experience, many bloggers, who do not even think of themselves as entrepreneurs, (hey, guess what you are!) do not demand enough, settle for less and are afraid to ask for more.
And, being a woman in the business world has its' barriers and pay discrepancies and CEILINGS. And I want those barriers knocked the eff down for my two girls.  I have some time, they are 4 and nearly 2 years old.  We can do this.

Lets get on this ride together and figure out the creative entrepreneur journey.

Phew, see why that needed its' own post- that was long winded.  So, we will hear from other creative entrepreneurs, tips and why I HATE the popular hashtag #girlboss and more over the next few months!

My first post in the series will be up this week- steps on How to Get Out of a Creative Block!

If you are still reading (haha the longest post ever on ABL) Please let me know what would you like to see in this series?  Drop me a comment or an email!

P.S.  Rinkya is still an awesome company and you should check it out if you need anything from Japan- Rinkya is the way to go!

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Friday Link Love

Yes.  Be a Unicorn!   I also will take a unicorn pinata...

The House That Lars Built wrote a wonderful piece about Finding Originality in the Digital Age. She says everything better than I can, so check it out and enjoy! And, do not copy! And, enjoy your own, unique, beautiful path.

DIY Painted Foilage over on 100 Layer Cakelet is so gorgeous.

Tell Love & Chocolate paints a pretty basket. I heart.

Do you love to DIY!? The Crafted Life has temp tattoos with DIY favs like gold scissors, spray paint & more- they are soooo awesome!  I need to pick up some tattoo paper right now and wear them!

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you SO much for reading!!

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DIY Crush: Marble All The Things!

After marbleizing with nail polish for the first time with makeup brushes- I am hooked.  I want to marbleize all the things.  So, I found some favorite marbled DIYS from around the blogosphere.

Marbelized fabric from Sugar & Charm- so gorgeous!
A rainbow array of nail polished marble mugs from The Sweetest Occasion.
Makeup brushes can be boring, dip them in some nail polish- A Bubbly Life.
DIY Clay Coasters are so beautiful with their marble effect.
Honestly WTF marbleizes paper and its' awesome.

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DIY Marbleized Makeup Brushes

More nail polish marbleized projects: Marbled Feathers & Marbleized Pumpkins!

Marbleizing with nail polish may have just become a new favorite DIY method.  It is gorgeous, easy to do and everyone has nail polish at home, so let's marbleize all the things together!

Makeup Brushes
Nail Polish (as many colors or as little color as you like)
Glass of Warm Water


Fill your bowl with warm water.  I used a long large glass jar because makeup brushes are long, if you are using a bowl, make sure there is enough room to dip the length of the brush (not the bristle part, of course!)

I used two nail polish colors at a time for this step.  Add some droplets of each nail polish to the water and gently swirl the bowl.  Dip your makeup brush in and turn it gradually while submerged to get the color attached.  Do all this relatively FAST.

Nail polish dries very quickly and if you do not do it fast enough you may get a huge blob instead of a nice marbleization.  Test it out on straws or some other plain object to get used to the fluid, fast motion.  Also, do not worry it is easy, I just make these strong suggestions so you get the best results. My 4 year old did half the brushes with me! (honestly, the prettiest marbleized brushes were the ones she did!)

Ironically, I wear very little to no makeup, I have always been just a lip gloss and mascara girl.  My daughter, however, LOVES to play with makeup, which is funny because I have never modeled the behavior.  So, these pretty pink brushes are a gift for her and it was a fun crafternoon with Mom.

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Friday Link Love!

hehehe, this majorly cracked me up this week.  Pinterest link  I could not find a source even with google image source, so let me know if its yours.!

I am obsessed with Persia Lou's paper banana leaf wreath- it is amazing.

TomKat Studio had a flamingo party and its awesome.  Free printables too ;)

Beaches Be Cray

I love this all black everywhere look.  My birthday is a month away & I am getting oldER, my fashion is moving towards the beautiful French way of all black. Not scary gothic- Sophisticated Parisian. I'm obsessed with the look. The French have figured out how to age gracefully and I am on board! From my understanding, it is red wine, eating food cooked in lots of butter and wearing all black.  Although, don't count me out for bright shoes or purses.  Ok, I lied the purse is black and not bright, but I want it.  I heart Rebecca Minkoff.

Also, you may notice a new section on my toolbar for DIY KITS!! Check it out and get some kits to do at home!  And let me know if there is any DIY you want as a kit!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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DIY Scalloped Cork Board

Two years ago, I made an ombre painted cork board for my office space.  Cork boards are necessary for my office:  I pin inspiration, I use it as a background for Instagram shots and keep important reminders on it. I loved that you could paint a boring, brown cork board and upgrade your office space with such a simple DIY.  Two years later, it is time for cork board 2.0- a scalloped painted version!

How to Paint A Cork Board for Your Office

Cork Board
Craft Paint or regular paint
Spray Paint
Painter's Tape

* Tip: Cork boards are worth every penny, but if you are looking for a deal & are a thrifter- I got both of mine for $5 and I see them nearly on every visit!

Just like last time, I spray painted the frame of the cork board gold.  (much better than meh brown?) Tape off the edges and spray!

I personally enjoy free handing the scalloped shapes. I like the haphazard look, but I also am not much of a perfectionist- I call it artistic ;)

However, there is scallop painter's tape available if you want the perfect line!

I first drew the scallop outline across the board, then filled in the color.  It required two coats of craft paint.

Add your inspiration! Anyone else cut out watermelons from Whole Foods paper bags and add it to your inspiration boards? Anyone?

And you can flip the scallop design anyway you like:

I kept the board bare and then only added a couple items to show its actual use.  My inspiration boards can get a little nuts! I love fun pushpins like disco balls and popsicles:

Which one do you prefer?  Ombre or scalloped?  

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DIY Kawaii Painted Cloud Pillows

I am sharing the cutest and easiest way to paint pillows over on Momtastic today- and you can wash them!!

Omygosh I want to squeeze that cute cloud's face! (and I can, cuz it is a pillow!)

Also, Darby Smart has pillowcases for only $7, so get your paint on!

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Friday Link Love AND Win $250 Paypal Cash!

Lemon Thistle Blog Birthday Giveaway

Whew hoo!! It is the blog birthday of one of my bloggy friends, Colleen over on Lemon Thistle!  Congratulations Colleen!! Colleen is an amazing blogger with stunning DIYs (and she happens to be super nice and wonderful to work with)
For her birthday, she gathered a bunch of bloggers to giveaway $250 Paypal cash!

Enter below (if you already follow me on Instagram, you get an entry!)  There are a ton of ways to enter!
Good luck!!  Entries are open until August 17th and open to US & Canada!

 Brought to you by: Lemon Thistle | A Bubbly Life | Avery Street Design | Dwell Beautiful | Feast + West | Fresh Crush | Fynes Designs | House of Hipsters | Making it in the Mountains | Persia Lou | Not Just a Mommy | Petite Modern Life | Pretty Providence | Sisters What | Squirrelly Minds | Table and Hearth | Dwelling in Happiness | Nalle's House

Now onto my favorite links this week!!

The Merrythought blows me away with this gorgeous wooden hanging planter!

I am in love with this walnut side chair.  I must find a place for it in my home.

I suck at sewing, but these diy pillow beds are so gorgeous and look sooo comfy.  I may have to take up sewing again!

I want to make a leather coffee cup cuff ASAP!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!! xo

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

DIY KIT- Hanging Copper Planter on Darby Smart

So happy to see one of my favorite DIYs available as a kit on Darby Smart!   Pick one up today and make your own copper hanging planter at home!  It is soooo easy to make!

Check out all my DIY kits available on Darby Smart on my designer page!

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DIY Pom Pom Felt Banner

I am obsessed with PBteen’s new peppy pom pom pillows!  Pillows with pom poms- perfect, so decorate your room with these banners inspired by the new pillows (and pick up a pillow or two, I have both, I had trouble choosing...)

Check out the tutorial on Pottery Barn Teen today!

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DIY Painted Abstract Brushstroke Ice Bucket

I picked up a glass ice bucket at the thrift store recently for $5 and nothing stays plain in my house for long!  The thrift store is a favorite place of mine to look for white/ plain glass beauties that I can update with some color.

The ice bucket design was inspired by the popular abstract brushstroke look.  My inspiration pieces for the design are this abstract art and a agenda.  Inspiration can be found everywhere!

Glass Ice Bucket
Glass Paint
Paint brush

After you have settled on your design and painted the ice bucket, place the ice bucket in an oven and turn on to 350 and bake for 30 minutes.  Turn oven off and leave the ice bucket until the oven cools.  

Also, have no fear, nothing says an ice bucket has to have champagne or rosé in it as I pictured here (well, *I* say it all the time, but you do not need to listen to me...) I use ice buckets for entertaining all the time- great for morning juices at brunch, sparkling lemonade or limeade (I love the vintage designed bottles at Trader Joe's for entertaining) anything you need to keep cold!

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