DIY Floral Paper Lantern

I love decorating with fresh flowers for any party, occasion and honestly, every single day!  Luckily, I also love carnations, which makes it easier to have fresh flowers around more often and not go into debt!

The Boho Themed party last week included a hanging floral lantern.  Fresh flowers were perfect for the boho theme- I added flowers to the cake as well- gorgeous!

How to Make a Hanging Floral Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern*
Ribbon/Thread for hanging

* I used these lace paper lanterns because they have holes in them.  You can search for eyelet ones as well.  The pre-made holes make it a lot easier, but you can also poke holes in any plain lantern yourself as well!

The instructions to make the lantern are so easy- cut down your flowers and stick the stem through the hole!  Repeat until you receive your desired pattern.

The tricky part: I wanted only one side of the lantern with fresh flowers which means it cannot hang straight- you need to apply an anchor of some sort!
Get creative!  For the boho themed party, I used a mini champagne bottle to weigh it down. Other options- Tie it to a tray-  put utensils or pens in the tray to sign guest book.  Tie it to a pretty candlestick, a picture frame with a menu in it... Anything that will weigh it down and make the lantern hang evenly for you!

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