Berry Cucumber Vodka Mojito Cocktail Recipe

I particularly love mojitos in the Summer because I find them SO refreshing and cooling.  I replaced the usual rum and used cucumber vodka for the mojito-  cucumber gives it an even more refreshing taste.  I also added no sugar, but,  if you like your drinks sweeter- add some simple syrup or a bit of sugar- I think the strawberries and raspberries give it enough sweetness though! 

Berry Cucumber Vodka Mojito- No Added Sugar

6 small strawberries
10 raspberries
Large handful of chopped mint
2 shots of cucumber vodka
Sparkling water to taste

Divide the strawberries and raspberries evenly into two glasses and muddle them until they are well "mashed" (I think mashed is a technical term...)  Add the chopped mint and muddle a bit more til mint is fragrant.   Add some ice,  a shot of cucumber vodka and a couple splashes of sparkling water to each glass- enough to make it bubbly!  Stir and enjoy!

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