DIY Tasseled Picnic Basket

Picnics are awesome.  Fresh air, outdoors and FOOD!  In Arizona, we have picnics in non-Summer months because the weather is gorgeous.  In Summer, we all would melt away if we picnicked outdoors but you would all hate me for posting a picnic basket in February, so I post it in Summer for all you readers cuz I love you.  (but really I am super jealous cuz I would love to picnic right now!)

Thrift store hunting one day and came across this picnic basket for $5.00:

Spray painted it white and added tassels!!

To make your small tassels, get some embroidery floss in your favorite colors:

In a shocking twist, pink embroidery floss showed up a lot for my selections!

Cut one long thread out and cut that strip in half.  Bend the embroidery floss in half and tie leaving a small loop on top.
Cut the bottoms of the tassel.  Tie a string to the loop and attach to your picnic basket!

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