DIY Pineapple Stamped Picnic Blanket

Patterned stamp projects are so fun to do and easy.  After my flamingo picnic blanket last year, I wanted an easier way to do a large pattern, I loved using contact paper for a stencil but it was time consuming. 

I walked in one day while my husband was working on the tile backsplash in our kitchen and said my, that is a big sponge you have there... and the idea for a large stamped patterned DIY project was born!

Extra Large/Grout Tile Sponge
Paint Brush

Trace your design onto the sponge and cut out!  I went with pineapple for a summer picnic.

Pour paint onto sponge.

Brush paint all over sponge to coat.

Press firmly down onto blanket. Kalia helped me a few times- she loves when I do paint projects.

Repeat pattern until your blanket is complete!

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