Friday Sharing!

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It has been a slow week of posting...

Even though I consider myself recovered from postpartum depression for about 9 months now, I occasionally have small bouts that leave me somewhat paralyzed creatively.  I can take care of the girls, do my freelance work,  but find it difficult to complete/publish/create any craft that is for me personally, as in A Bubbly Life.  The depression chatter in my head tells me every idea is terrible and this week I did not have the energy to battle the lies.  (Lies, because I totally rock this DIY shiznit ;) Usually, I can overcome it, but all my effort goes to the girls first and there was none leftover this week.

So, here is to a productive weekend!!  I have 3 great projects planned for the weekend- another copper pipe DIY that I am so flipping excited about and crossing my fingers it is as I envision, I have sketched it out and struggled with how to make it happen for a couple months- and I think I finally figured it out!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, thank you for reading!

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