Friday Link Loving

Summer is here in AZ- it is supposed to be 108 this weekend...  Can I move back to Hawaii now?

This week was great, I love a short week- but it means I had to pack a lot in- I am exhausted!  Why don't the kids get the memo to take it easy on Mom?  ;)

fav links of the week:

I want to eat Strawberry JalapeƱo Salsa (on everything) & Shaved Asparagus Salad With Roasted Chickpeas & Radish Lemon Caper Vinaigrette

I want to wear this TopShop dress

Love, love this large initial necklace and there is a store in Arizona.  I may need to buy to support my local economy!

For Mother's Day, I wanted a new purse.  Colette is older and not in need of tons of baby cr*p to hold in my purse, so I wanted a somewhat normal sized purse- not small, but not as big as my huge Mary Poppins purse.  So, I went the responsible route and bought this.  I love it, but not my best plan ever for a new "big" purse.

Want to live in this bed!  (seriously girls, give Mom a nap)

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

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Spa Inspired White Wine Sangria Recipe

Summer is on its' way and as a wine lover, I like to add a cooler version to drink- and sangria is a favorite of mine.  However, I do not like the sugary versions and combined one of my other favorite drinks- spa water- to make a tasty sangria without a ton of added sugar! And if I was honest, whenever I am at the spa, which is never, but on the 2 times I have gone since the kids came around, I wished the delicious cucumber lemon water was spiked...

How to Make White Wine Sangria- Spa Water Inspired!

One white wine bottle (I used a Pinot Grigio)
One sliced lemon
One sliced medium cucumber 
5-10 sliced strawberries (depends how sweet you want it!)
1/2 cup of fresh mint
Two shots of St. Germain or other elderflower liqueur

Mix all ingredients and chill overnight.  

If you use an open pitcher for the Sangria, cover it with some glad wrap to seal in the flavor and remove before serving.


Cheers! If you need some more cocktails in your life, check out my Citrus Tequila Cocktail Berry Vodka Mojito & Coconut Lime Cherry Vodka & White Wine Spa Inspired Sangria

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DIY Cake Word Topper!

Happy Fri-YAY! Fridays,  a long weekend and cake- does not get much better than that!

Candle words on a cake- Check the DIY out on A Subtle Revelry!

PS- Don't forget our troops and their families, send them some love this Memorial Day Weekend!

DIY Copper Pipe & Leather Wine Rack

Things I am a huge fan of- copper pipe diys and wine.  So, of course, I had to come up with a way to combine these two loves- and I did! I am shocked this is my first diy wine rack, we have needed one forever and it was not until I fell in love with copper that I came up with a wine holder I would love in my kitchen.  It matches my diy copper iPad holder perfectly!

I typically show the entire post on the homepage for a DIY, but since this is picture heavy with the step by step instruction, please click thru for the rest! 

Friday Sharing!

Print via Lindsay Letters

It has been a slow week of posting...

Even though I consider myself recovered from postpartum depression for about 9 months now, I occasionally have small bouts that leave me somewhat paralyzed creatively.  I can take care of the girls, do my freelance work,  but find it difficult to complete/publish/create any craft that is for me personally, as in A Bubbly Life.  The depression chatter in my head tells me every idea is terrible and this week I did not have the energy to battle the lies.  (Lies, because I totally rock this DIY shiznit ;) Usually, I can overcome it, but all my effort goes to the girls first and there was none leftover this week.

So, here is to a productive weekend!!  I have 3 great projects planned for the weekend- another copper pipe DIY that I am so flipping excited about and crossing my fingers it is as I envision, I have sketched it out and struggled with how to make it happen for a couple months- and I think I finally figured it out!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, thank you for reading!

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Patio Herb Garden Help & Green Thumb Challenge

Post Sponsored by Wayfair &

I am not the one with the green thumb in the family- my husband takes care of it all for me and I simply buy whatever I like. I am SO lucky, because he loves landscaping and I like picking pretty plants.  It works.

One thing I do carefully choose is our herb garden! I love to cook (he likes to eat) and fresh herbs are essential for great dishes (and cocktails!)  I like to keep the herbs in containers on the patio so that I can easily run out and grab them while cooking in the kitchen.

Wayfair & want to see all our green thumbs AND with a chance to win $1000 for your gardening projects!   Our patio container herb garden is perfect for a small apartment with a balcony or a huge yard- a green thumb can go anywhere! 

I chose these white, modern planters from Wayfair to get a start on my herb garden.  The large planter holds lavender, sweet basil, thai basil and pineapple sage.  Thai basil is one of my favorites, I like to use it in caprese salad instead of sweet basil.  Pineapple sage makes great tea, but admittedly I planted it because it will grow beautiful red flowers and look so pretty amongst the purple lavender.

The Medium planter holds sage, chives and thyme.  

The small planter holds mint.  Mint takes over any garden it is planted in, so it has to have its' own container!

Show off your gardening on Instagram with Wayfair &'s Green Thumb Challenge for a chance to win $1000 towards your garden!

Tag your pics with the hashtag #greenthumbchallenge for a chance to win a $500 gift certificate to Wayfair and $500 to landscaping services.  The giveaway starts today, May 12th and ends May 28th!  Follow the hashtag along on Instagram for everyone's garden pics and follow along with Wayfair & on IG!

Copper plant tags- I made these for my husband- he tends to grab the wrong herbs I need for cooking...  (love you honey!) The DIY will be on tomorrow.

Thank you for supporting sponsors that keep A Bubbly Life going!

Post Sponsored by Wayfair & , I received compensation for this post.  ALL opinions are my own.

Friday Link Love!

Kawaii lemon slice beach bag- oh so cute.

I know Cinco de Mayo is over, but these kiwi margaritas need to be made now

Anthropologie's newest additions are killing it.  Love this white cover up dress!  and love these glass ice cream cones- brilliant!! I think I may need a couple of them!

I think I am in the mood for Summer because I want to DIY all these- Painted Fruit Canvas Storage Bags   Mini Fruit Pinatas  Tropical Leaf Tablecloth

A Bubbly Life this week-   Photo gifts for your MOM!!! DIY Disco Ball Photo Holders & DIY Washi Tape Polaroid Magnets  Copper Pipe Tablet Holder Now Available on Darby Smart

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!

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DIY Disco Ball Photo Holders

Soooo, how many DIYs can I create using disco balls?  I am not sure the answer, but I would like to find out!  These disco ball photo holders would look awesome anywhere!  (also, a great gift for Mother's Day- mine are on my shelf with pictures of my babies!!) 

The full DIY tutorial details are over on Pottery Barn Teen!

Love disco balls as much as I do? Check out a couple other DIYs:

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DIY Washi Tape Polaroid Photo Magnets

I may be biased, but this is the cutest DIY ever... because it is holding pictures of my sweet baby girl Kalia.  How is she almost 4!? Stop growing so fast, Kalia!

A great photo gift for Mother's Day- Make these for your Mom, Grandmom, anyone, she will love it!  Get the tutorial over on Momtastic!  

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Tablet Copper Pipe Holder DIY Kit!

Great news for anyone who wanted to do the copper pipe iPad/tablet stand DIY- now you can buy all you need to make it as a kit on Darby Smart!

For my other Darby Smart kits, check out:
Agate Gem Magnets  &  Inkodye Table Runner

Have fun and be sure to tag me if you make one!  Other readers have let me know they love it to hold a cookbook in their kitchen- so use it for whatever you need to hold, hope you give it a try!

Thank you for supporting A Bubbly Life!

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