Tequila Citrus Cocktail Recipe

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, I created a tequila cocktail! Also, Mother's Day is coming up and let's face it with two littles, sometimes I need some tequila in my life ;)

Again, like my cucumber greyhound cocktail, it has no added sugar, so if you like sweeter drinks add some simple syrup or a bit of sugar or a bit more orange.  This tequila citrus cocktail is a healthier alternative to a margarita, but I also hate normal margaritas (GASP!) all that sugar gives me a headache, the tequila, of course, is not the culprit of the headache.

How to Make a Tequila Citrus Cocktail- (makes 2)
1 freshly squeezed Navel Orange
1 freshly squeezed Pink Grapefruit
1/2 freshly squeezed Lime
2 shots of tequila (I used Silver Patron, a favorite from my college days on the rare occasions I could afford it)
Chili powder & salt for the rim
Lime slice & mint leaves for garnish

Juice your citrus! Pour the juice,  tequila and some ice into your glitter cocktail shaker and shake!

Slice a lime and cut a small slit into lime, drag lime around the rim of glass so you are able to stick on the chili powder and lime on the rim!

Whether you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day or just any day- CHEERS!!

Cheers! If you need some more cocktails in your life, check out my  Berry Vodka Mojito & Coconut Lime Cherry Vodka & White Wine Spa Inspired Sangria

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DIY Glitter Cocktail Shaker

I miss glitter.  After making the monogram glitter jars last week, I had an itch to craft with glitter more and I ditched my original plan for the cocktail shaker (I may do later, so that will stay quiet ;)

These glitter cocktail shakers are perfect for your bar cart, but I also love the idea of giving them out as wedding party gifts- tuck some mini bottles of liquor into the shaker and enjoy a bachelorette party with your girls. And you can choose everyone's favorite color for the glitter part!

Don't worry they will not shed with my not-so-secret glitter tip!

Cocktail Shaker  (the plastic one linked is reusable & inexpensive enough for multiple gifts)

The secret to prevent glitter from shedding: Crystal Clear Enamel!

Tape off area you want to add glitter too, this is not totally necessary, but I wanted an even line for the glitter.  Brush on mod podge (or any glue)

Add glitter!  Shake it off and remove tape.

Allow glitter to dry for a bit.  Then seal the glitter with the crystal clear enamel spray.  It is the best way to keep glitter from shedding!  But, cover the rest of the cocktail shaker before spraying the glitter section, you do not want the spray on the shaker, it will color it.

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Celebrating Mother's Day with Flowers!

Today's Post sponsored by ProFlowers 

Now that I am a Mom, I appreciate Mother's Day and every single Mom out there a WHOLE lot more The sleepless nights, the 1,054th push on a swing, the dinner cooked but not good enough because it is on a red plate.... 

But, most any Mom out there- we would do these things hundred times over (and we do) because we love our kids unconditionally.  Today, I am celebrating four Moms who have made an impact on my life.  I love you guys!!!

The first Mom I am celebrating is a first time/expectant mother!! My blog bestie- Kristi Murphy from the DIY blog Kristi Murphy!
She is pregnant and due in just a couple weeks- her first Mother's Day!!  Becoming a Mom is the best thing ever, I am sooooo excited for her!!! She deserves a huge bouquet- growing a baby is HARD work!  She is the sweetest and her soon-to-be baby is a very lucky child to get her as a Mom, I cannot wait to meet him or her (it's a surprise!)

Bouquet: Deluxe all the Frills (with a blue mason jar, she is a DIY blogger, afterall ;) 

Our Army Mom! Nick (my husband, in case you are new here ;) served in the Army for 8 years and we met many amazing people along the way and unfortunately, lost people along the way. We send flowers every year to Miss Glenda on Mother's Day.  During Nick's deployment to Iraq her son was killed in action.  In the aftermath, she gained a legion of sons (and daughters ;) who love her dearly. Her son was an extraordinary individual and this could only be possible with such a loving Mom (and Dad)  We are so thankful she is a part of our lives.

Bouquet- 100 Blooms of Sunshine for Mom

Best friends from the day we met when we were 20, so we have been friends for 3 whole years now! (just kidding ;)  She has two young children about the same age as mine and makes many nights humorous with encouragement via text.  She also does not judge me when I say I want to leave the kids, go to a beach and drink a bottle of rum. (Apparently, I am a pirate in my fantasies?)

Bouquet- Lavish Roses

And now MY MOM!  She is awesome and I did not realize all the sacrifices she made until I had kids (sorry for those sleepless nights, Mom!).   She is an artist and taught me ALL the painters when I was young.  At 7 years old, I had the odd talent of being able to name the artist by looking at a painting. My favorite is probably Degas, I loved his ballet paintings (if you follow me on Pinterest, you probably know that ballet imagery is a fav of mine).  Living in New York, we had ample opportunity to see great artists works, but she still thought it was not enough and took me to the Louvre when I was 8 years old.  I have zero talent in drawing- I cannot draw a stick figure- but clearly some of her creative genes and teachings stuck ;)

Bouquet- Monet's Garden

* This post was in sponsorship with ProFlowers- thank you for supporting sponsors that keep the blog going.  I only accept sponsorship from brands/products I trust and support myself.  All opinions are my own- although, the fact that my Mom is awesome is pretty much agreed upon universally.

Friday Link Love!

TGIF everyone!

How amazing is this diamond pillow from Max & Me Housewares!?!  I have her love sequin pillow for Colette's nursery and I feel like I need this one!  (or the baby does, whatever)

Paint Dipped Alphabet Magnets- I don't have to share with the kids, right? So cute!

pineapple umbrella with ruffled fringe? It rarely rains in AZ, but seems like this umbrella would provide both cuteness AND a sun shade.

Recycled Toy Storage using paper bags- genius and I LOVE the look!

These flamingo paperclips need to be in my life.

A Bubbly Life this week:  DIY Leather Brushstroke Planters
DIY Glitter Monogram Jars 
DIY Roundup Glass Upcycles
DIY Mother's Day Balloon Surprise for Momtastic
Shared How to Throw an Amazing Camping Party over on Momtastic- Smores anyone?

Happy weekend!! It may be the last weekend of decent weather in Arizona before it gets unbearably hot, so I hope to be outdoors all weekend!

Have a great one! xoxo, Laurel

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DIY Mother's Day Confetti Balloon Surprise

Head over to Momtastic today for a sweet Mother's Day DIY!

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DIY Brushstroke Leather Planters

Update- You can now purchase this DIY kit to make your own at home via Darby Smart!

It is official- today is Earth Day! To honor Earth Day, I saved a common item in my household- coffee cans- from the recycle bin and made planters!

Tin Cans- I used a large coffee can & two diced tomato cans*
Vegan Leather Hide (I used a faux white leather vegan fabric or you can use real leather)
Not shown in pic-
Craft Paint
Paint Brush
Cactus/Succulents/Aloe Vera whatever your heart desires

* Plain glass jars is another option

Before we go into the directions- you may ask, why not just spray paint white and add brushstrokes? I wanted to give the planters texture and also wanted to cover the tin can lines.

My original idea did not include the brushstrokes, I wanted a white shiny texture- I pictured a sleek modern look to hold a cactus- and when it was done,  I thought: "Wow, that is incredibly boring looking..." and was thoroughly disappointed.  Then I added paint and was so happy that I went to Lowe's, bought more plants and made two more (the pink is the O.G.)


Cut leather to size of can, leave excess fabric on bottom and top to be able to fold over and glue.

Glue outside of can and let dry.  Glue fabric to bottom part of can and let seal (place a heavy book on top)

Fold over excess white on top of can and glue inside of can to hold down fabric.

Fill with dirt, add your plant and you are done!

P.S. The pink version does not come up as well in the photos, as it is a bit too light for photos, but it looks so good in person, so I did not darken it.

And now all the colors individually! (Can you guess which one is my favorite? )

It's the pink one ;) (surprised?)... I love this one, love the shape of the can, color and cactus.

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DIY Crush: Upcycled Glass for Earth Day!

Today's crush celebrates Earth Day!  Save your glass jars from the trash or recycling bin and upcycle them to use at home!  So many beautiful ways to keep them around the house!

Grab a glass bottle and nail polish to create a beautiful marbled effect for a vase.  The Crafted Life

Clean out old candle jars for storage containers (also has method of getting rid of candle wax!) Dwell Beautiful

Gold metallic washi tape creates chic storage.  PBteen's The Stylehouse

Copper spray paint and succulents pop! MMP Hobby 

Polka dot stickers! Ice Pandora

Gold spray paint and leather make these glass bottles worth skipping the trash.  Monsters Circus

More from A Bubbly Life:
Baby food glass jars- Ballerina Bubble Party Favors

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DIY Glitter Monogram Upcycled Glass Jars

* Todays Post Sponsored by Annies.com

April is Earth Month and this coming Wednesday is Earth Day!! To celebrate and raise awareness for the environment, I am sharing some upcycled DIYs this week!  

Annie's sponsored this craft date with Kalia and we had a ton of fun.  Kalia loves to craft and now that she is a bit older, she can follow instructions and it is a little, tiny bit , less messy. Kalia also lovessss Annie's! Her easter basket came with Annie's cheddar bunnies and fruit snacks!

Since I craft for the blog,  I also have to somewhat distract her while we craft together, so that I can get a blog worthy project.   So, for today's DIY, I set up a craft table, complete with Annie's snacks for eating and distracting and we got to work. Kalia gets her own materials to craft with, but she also does make some of the things you see on blog (like these glitter bow thumbtacks!)

Double Sided Tape*
Glass Jars- saved from the recycle bin!
Optional-  Mod Podge/Glue

* I use double sided tape for glitter on jars because it holds glitter perfectly, does not run all over, and I actually have washed it on the top rack of my dishwasher and it stayed (I still have glitter striped bottles from Kalia's 1st birthday party) .  It is amazing.  You can use mod podge for curved letters, but it is not my favorite for this type of craft.

Thanks to my glass jar hoarding, I have an ample supply of glass jars, so I decided to do a whole word and not just initials!

Soak glass jars in warm water and some soap and remove labels.

Using the double sided tape, shape your letter.  I did not show this step, as tape is clear, so the photo would not show it well.

Pour glitter on top of the double sided tape.  Using your paintbrush, sweep away excess glitter.  My little A Bubbly Life protege did all the work on these:

I apologize for the blur- nearly 4 year olds work FAST!

We spelled HOORAY! One of her favorite song's right now is If You're Happy and You Know It, so it is a homage to that (and because I can use it at parties ;) 

I used these to hold flowers, but they would look great to hold tea lights for a party as well!  Or spell your child's name and hold art supplies!

H is for HAPPY!  (or collect 13 jars and spell Happy Birthday for a long centerpiece with candles or flowers... oooh I like this idea- noted for next birthday party!)

Or just use a single letter monogram for your office, kitchen or play room.  Now you see why I do not throw away glass jars- they can be used in every room of the house and for parties!

And A is for Annie's!  I could not be more excited to collaborate with Annie's on this Spring craft for Earth Day!  Annie's is a favorite around here- the adorable bunnies, shapes and colors are loved by the girls.  And their ingredient promise- (no gmos, no synthetic colors, no growth hormones & more) and sustainability practices (recyclable packaging & more) are aligned with our cloth diapering, non-gmo, organic eating parenting ways- they are well loved by our household!

Later this week, check out what I do with an old coffee can and come back tomorrow for a roundup of upcycle ideas for Earth Month!


Learn more about Annie's Homegrown !

Thank you for supporting brands that keep A Bubbly Life going! 
I'm required to disclose a relationship between ABL and Annie's Homegrown.  I was provided payment and product for this post.  I only accept sponsored posts and compensation from brands that are aligned with my point of view. #teamannies

Friday Link Love!

My copper pipe iPad holder is in this month's Bob Vila contest!  I would love your vote for your favorite copper pipe project!  You can vote everyday in April and vote for more than one project- I am in GREAT company!!

Giveaway!! Win a Darby Smart kit- my inkodye table runner! Also, you can get 25% off any Darby Smart order with the code: LMPKDR25

Obsessed with this DIY Cheese Plate with leather handles from Sarah Hearts

Pom pom cake toppers! So cute!

Mara Hoffman (I love her designs!) has a line for toddler girls that I want in my size...

This Aloha Luau Bridal Shower is AH-MAZING.

A Bubbly Life this week:   Coconut Floral Popsicles 
DIY Crush: Marble  DIY Upcycled Glass Jar Organizers for PBteen 

Sharing 30 Genius & Crafty Ways to Upcycle Wine Bottles on Momtastic 

Have a wonderful weekend, we are taking an impromptu weekend drive to the beach! Whew hoo!! Wish me luck with the kiddos, they always make car rides... interesting...

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DIY Upcycled Glass Washi Tape Organizers

Most DIY bloggers are glass jar hoarders and I am no exception.  Just. can't. quit. saving. them.

The good news is I actually do use some of them and I love this gold- Scotch Metallic Washi Tape is everything.

Check out the easy DIY over on PBteen's blog The Stylehouse

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DIY Crush: Marble

I only have two marble DIYs on A Bubbly Life, but marble has been a DIY crush of mine for awhile now.  These are a couple of my favorite marble DIYs!

I have a notebook hoarding obsession problem, so adding marble to a notebook sounds perfect for me!

I love adding gold hairpin legs to some marble- gorgeous!!

Need some serving trays?  Marble with a gilded touch!

My faux marble plant pot makeover!

A marble shelf for only $15- amazing and beautiful!

Faux marble place name holders would look gorgeous at any table.

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Coconut Water Floral Popsicles

This is an unplanned post, but when I saw my mother in law's bounty of edible flowers, I had to do something with them!

Recipe (kinda):
Fill a popsicle mold with coconut water and edible flowers.
Freeze and serve!

Edible flowers have a kind of peppery taste to them- it is what makes them great to add to salads (beauty & pepper!) so these popsicles are NOT sweet.  If you want to add sweetness- add some sugar or simple syrup to your mold before freezing!

I follow a non-processed, low carb life style so these popsicles are perfect for me.  Although coconut has natural sugars, coconut water has so many benefits and vitamins- the popsicles are a perfect post workout treat.

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