DIY Disco Ball Succulent Planters

You know how every so often on the blog, I say I have a new favorite DIY... Well, ALOHA, my new favorite DIY!!!

Disco balls.  Succulents.  Sparkly. Easy. 5 minutes maybe?  Essentially all my requirements in a DIY.

How to Make a Disco Ball Succulent Planter

Disco Ball Ornaments

X-acto Knife/ Craft Knife

Remove ornament top, comes off with a strong tug!  (or if you have mini disco balls, you can skip that step) Carve out hole with knife to put succulent in!

You may need to trim a little bit off the bottom of the disco ball with the knife to make the bottom flat.  The pink one was fine without, but the little silver one needed it because the succulent made it topple over.

There may be way too many photos ahead... I had a lot of fun with it.

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