A Different Kind of Link Love Today!

I have been married 10 years today.  Nick is my greatest fan, supporter and encourager and the father of the two greatest lights of my life (make that 3- Zoey- the dog he made me get that is my faithful sidekick.)

Marriage is not perfect. Life is not perfect. It throws a lot of stuff at you that you do not think for one moment you can withstand- and then you do and you persevere- and, hopefully, become a better person because of (or despite) it.  And, you know you are blessed to have someone weathering these storms of life with you- by your side, loving you,  making you laugh through the hard times, holding your hand through the sadness, creating the good times (so, so, many good times!) and forgiving you for your cranky non-morning person ways and slipping a coffee in your hands and walking away- because marriage is loving you the way you are and accepting the faults and nuances that make me a me, you a you. We become an us that way.

Thank you for loving me.  And for inspiring the cheesiest line I have ever written on the blog.

Happy weekend everyone!!