Happy Monday!!

Hope your weekend was awesome!  A little update- I am crafting like a mad woman for baby Colette's first birthday party, I have one super easy DIY on Wednesday, but otherwise will be quiet! But, follow me on Instagram for updates!

The theme is Sparkle Like A Unicorn!! I wanted to call it Sparkle Like A Unicorn, Bitches!! but that seemed wildly inappropriate for a one year old, but I think it would make an AWESOME bachelorette party theme!!

I just made the above fringe lantern for the party, the oldie, but goodie DIY for a fringe party lantern is here!   For this party lantern I used mylar paper along with tissue paper to create the fringe, but the DIY steps are the same!

If you need girl birthday party inspiration while you wait for the new party:
Pink & Girly on A Budget
Dress up Party
Ice Cream Party

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