DIY Valentine Heart Flower Bouquet

So, at the risk of sounding incredibly simple- I love flowers. I love balloons. They are awesome. Together they are unbeatable.

Combining the two for the perfect Valentine's Day bouquet (or really, any holiday- anniversary, birthday...) is so simple and a personal touch to your gift! 


Glass Bowl
Washi Tape

Fill a small glass bowl with water and place in berry basket.  Cut flowers to size and fill basket/bowl.
Blow up balloon with helium, tie two strands of twine  and secure to opposite sides of basket using washi tape.

I used a MINI heart balloon, so it could not take much weight- it could not handle more than two strands of twine attached to it.  For a better "hot air balloon" use a bigger heart balloon to tie multiple strands of twine to basket.

Also, the small heart balloon will not last long, so use it as a centerpiece at lunch/dinner and a surprise when you first gift the flower bouquet.  When the heart begins to "wilt" remove and be perfectly happy and content that just flowers in a berry basket still look awesome:

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