DIY Kawaii Tattooed Storage Bowls

I always knew I would do some kind of DIY with temporary tattoos- I loved the plates Little White Whale did and the Christmas ornament from Tattly's blog.
Then these cute little tattoos came in my life for Colette's Sparkle Like a Unicorn Party!  (on blog soon!) I had them as party favors and had a ton leftover!

This may be the cutest DIY I have ever done- I love it!  And, it only takes about 30 seconds and makes your desk a much happier place.  Totally worth my time! I have them on my desk, but they would be great for storage in the kids' rooms.

Some kind of container- bowl, cup (mine are actually tea light cups)
Temporary Tattoos  (I got mine at Target! but Amazon has a ton of varieties available) 

Not much to show here- stick your temporary tattoo on the cup with a wet cloth/sponge- hold for 30 seconds and release!

Also, you can seal the tattoo with mod podge to keep it there! I did not, because I like to have everything "temporary" in our house, so I can change it out when I find some other crafty thing I want to play with!

They hold important things like washi tape, clothespins and glitter pills.


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