Crush: Valentine's Day Be Mine Gift Guide

It is only February 3rd and I am posting a Valentine gift guide.  Let's be honest, I should post Feb 13th because that is when most men probably buy their gifts for the special person in their life.  But, I like to shop and look at pretty things, so a gift guide was in order.  

1- Rebecca Minkoff clutch - this same clutch in a different color may already be on my pinterest, Beckie gets me every time.

2- Nothing says I LOVE YOU like letting your spouse sleep in!

3- heart backup battery.  Do not lose your battery charge amongst steamy texts ;) !

4- Arrow earrings- danger with a slash of pearl.

5- Get It Girl Wallet- good advice, no?  Is this the 3rd Rebecca Minkoff item in one gift guide!? I am just realizing this now as the graphic is completed...  I am slightly obsessed and this post is NOT sponsored, but *ahem* if you are listening, Rebecca Minkoff, you can sponsor me anytime!

6- Kate Spade watch- pink. hearts. Kate Spade. Cannot go wrong.

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