Friday Link Love!

I love this gold glitter clutch, gold bracelet, her nail polish, the black blazer... and I hate Tumblr accounts for never leading to the image owner so I can get all the deets!

Coffee coconut bars to exfoliate your face and body.  I don't know if I would be able to NOT eat one though.

I would like to drink this
and eat this.

I am so obsessed with this circus animal cookie inspired marquee light. Genius. Adorable.

Love the DIY mid century side table from Sugar & Cloth.

A Bubbly Life this week:

DIY Confetti Number Photo Prop and a GIVEAWAY!
DIY Crush Copper
DIY Kawaii Tattooed Bowls
Inkodye Runner Available on Darby Smart!
DIY Faux Marble Plant Pot  (that was on last week, but I love it so much, sharing it again)

DIY Kawaii Tattooed Storage Bowls

I always knew I would do some kind of DIY with temporary tattoos- I loved the plates Little White Whale did and the Christmas ornament from Tattly's blog.
Then these cute little tattoos came in my life for Colette's Sparkle Like a Unicorn Party!  (on blog soon!) I had them as party favors and had a ton leftover!

This may be the cutest DIY I have ever done- I love it!  And, it only takes about 30 seconds and makes your desk a much happier place.  Totally worth my time! I have them on my desk, but they would be great for storage in the kids' rooms.

Some kind of container- bowl, cup (mine are actually tea light cups)
Temporary Tattoos  (I got mine at Target! but Amazon has a ton of varieties available) 

Not much to show here- stick your temporary tattoo on the cup with a wet cloth/sponge- hold for 30 seconds and release!

Also, you can seal the tattoo with mod podge to keep it there! I did not, because I like to have everything "temporary" in our house, so I can change it out when I find some other crafty thing I want to play with!

They hold important things like washi tape, clothespins and glitter pills.


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DIY Crush: Copper

I, like most bloggers around, am in love with the use of copper piping in DIY projects!  I only have one published on blog and I have two copper DIYs on that never ending to do list of mine...
Which always terrifies me that someone else will think of it and get it done first, but it is the world of fast paced DIY we live in and you snooze you lose ;)
(also, I'm not snoozing, just raising two lovely girls to become kind-hearted, awesome adults- not a small feat, people!)

I heart these copper small bud vase holders
Mini Copper Candles
DIY Copper Planters
DIY Copper iPad Holder (my small contribution to the copper pipe DIY land)
DIY Copper Airplant Holders
DIY Copper Picture Frames

I am curious how long the plant ones would last, my iPad holder has gotten a bit grimy from being in kitchen, I am going to test some methods I googled and let you know what works to clean up copper!

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Inkodye Runner Kit Available on Darby Smart

I am happy to announce another DIY kit available through Darby Smart- an inkodye table runner!

There are 7 colors available- shown above is my version using Magenta!

For the full DIY instructions, check them out on A Fabulous Fete.

Another one of my DIY kits still available on Darby Smart are gold leaf agate stone magnets!

Thank you for your support and hope you try one!!

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DIY Confetti Number Photo Prop & A Giveaway!!

This is a special post for a special blogger, Katie, at  Twin Stripe- who is celebrating her 3rd blogiversary this week!  She has an entire week of events planned, including a giveaway!

You can also shoot over to Twin Stripe for a small Q&A she did with me!

I was in charge of a party DIY for the celebration!  Confetti= party to me, so I wanted to create a DIY for the birthday using confetti.

Paper Mache Number
Spray Adhesive
Scissors  (optional)

How to Make A Confetti Number:

Spray the adhesive all over number.

Dump Confetti on your number and shake off excess!

Use a scissors to trim any wayward confetti to your liking.

I like to use spray adhesive on confetti because it does a great job holding it.

The 3 is here to party!

Katie sent a few pieces of fun for her birthday- love the mini hat, honeycomb and party animal and she also has a giveaway for a few of her favorite things!!

Giveaway rules:
  1. Enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter widget below. Everyone gets a free entry. You can enter multiple times, up to 11 additional entries by following my blog friends and myself on social media. (If you’ve followed in the past, that counts. Just enter the info as prompted.) All entries will be verified. No purchase is necessary to win.
  2. The giveaway is open until Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST. One winner will be chosen at random and emailed within 48 hours. Winners must claim prize within 48 hours of initial contact. The retail value of the prize is $50. Prizes shown in the graphic are the only ones available.
  3. Open to U.S. residents with a valid shipping address only. Must be 18 years of age as of Feb. 23, 2015.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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A Different Kind of Link Love Today!

I have been married 10 years today.  Nick is my greatest fan, supporter and encourager and the father of the two greatest lights of my life (make that 3- Zoey- the dog he made me get that is my faithful sidekick.)

Marriage is not perfect. Life is not perfect. It throws a lot of stuff at you that you do not think for one moment you can withstand- and then you do and you persevere- and, hopefully, become a better person because of (or despite) it.  And, you know you are blessed to have someone weathering these storms of life with you- by your side, loving you,  making you laugh through the hard times, holding your hand through the sadness, creating the good times (so, so, many good times!) and forgiving you for your cranky non-morning person ways and slipping a coffee in your hands and walking away- because marriage is loving you the way you are and accepting the faults and nuances that make me a me, you a you. We become an us that way.

Thank you for loving me.  And for inspiring the cheesiest line I have ever written on the blog.

Happy weekend everyone!!

DIY Faux Marble Plant Pot

I love marble- as evidenced on my Instagram here and here.  Two marble/wood cutting boards may be ridiculous to some people, but I just want more...

One incredibly annoying thing about marble- is it is VERY heavy.  And that is where marble contact paper comes in!

How to Make A Faux Marble Plant Pot!

I think for the first time ever, I forgot to take the DIY material list shot... and I am writing this on Tuesday night set for Wednesday, so please forgive me!  

Plant Pot- get any old ugly one from a thrift store for a $1!  Mine is actually the resin plant pot that came with my plant!
Colored Tape (washi or painter's tape)
Paper (optional) 


If you have ever wanted to outline a curved object like a plant pot or lampshade to cover- this is the tutorial for you!

If your plant pot does not have any seam- Mark off a spot with tape- this tells you where to begin and end your tracing.

I did our measurements on paper first, I did not want to cut the marble contact paper without testing the size.

Rotate your pot on paper and trace the pot as you go.  Use the taped seam to know your beginning and end.

I had my husband model while I shot the picture.
Once your lines are drawn- connect them at the ends.

Cut it out!  Using the paper, I double checked the measurements by placing it on the pot- I then used the paper and traced it onto the marble contact paper and cut out.  This step is NOT necessary, but I wanted to be absolutely sure before wasting any marble contact paper.

Put it on your pot!

How I actually have it in my house:  (my kitchen)

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Happy Monday!!

Hope your weekend was awesome!  A little update- I am crafting like a mad woman for baby Colette's first birthday party, I have one super easy DIY on Wednesday, but otherwise will be quiet! But, follow me on Instagram for updates!

The theme is Sparkle Like A Unicorn!! I wanted to call it Sparkle Like A Unicorn, Bitches!! but that seemed wildly inappropriate for a one year old, but I think it would make an AWESOME bachelorette party theme!!

I just made the above fringe lantern for the party, the oldie, but goodie DIY for a fringe party lantern is here!   For this party lantern I used mylar paper along with tissue paper to create the fringe, but the DIY steps are the same!

If you need girl birthday party inspiration while you wait for the new party:
Pink & Girly on A Budget
Dress up Party
Ice Cream Party

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DIY Crush: Hearts

Some of my favorite heart DIYs from the blogosphere!

sequin hearts // heart coasters // heart pom pom treat bags 

polymer clay hearts <3 //  geometric heart cake toppers //  wood heart cake toppers

Hearts are not just for Valentine decorating, these diys are perfect for wedding planning, engagement parties, baby showers... Whatever creative whim you may have- hearts are always appropriate!

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DIY Light Up Heart Wreath

I heart this heart.  I know I say every DIY I do is easy, but it is ridiculous how easy this is and how AWESOME it is.  I made it for Valentine Heart week, but if you read the blog and know my style, you know this baby will be sticking around in my office.  ( I really need to share an office tour on blog... it is on my To Do list alongside ten other pages of things to do, maybe I should get a babysitter...)

How to Make A Heart Wreath

Wire Heart Frame (I spray painted mine gold)
Globe Lights  (I chose pink!)

DIY Instructions:
Wrap lights around wreath and plug it in.

I am very happy to use my extensive disco ball collection in a blog post finally! I need to show this to my husband ASAP so he now understands why I needed so many disco balls... (although, in his defense, only 2% of my collection is pictured...)

Today is the last day of DIYs for heart week- tomorrow will be a round up of my favorite heart DIYS from other bloggers!  They are all awesome!!

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DIY Heart Water Bottle

Another DIY for heart week!  Grab a glass bottle and paint!  Dishwasher safe too (what are you waiting for?)   Get all the details over on Pottery Barn Teen's blog! 

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DIY Confetti Heart Party Photo Backdrop

Confetti & hearts!  Two of my favorite things combined for one super easy DIY.  I think you should GO BIG with this DIY and make a huge confetti heart for a wedding backdrop!

How to Make a Confetti Heart for a Photo Backdrop or Just Let it Hang Out on Your Wall For Fun

Heart & Arrow- Easily cut from cardboard
Mod Podge

Brush mod podge onto cardboard and sprinkle confetti.  For large shapes, do in sections, so glue does not dry:

Also, if you are doing a very large one, you may want to do a quick spray of spray adhesive to keep any confetti from falling!

Here is my 3 year old helping me out, she actually stood still for a photo, so that is quite an accomplishment.  She helped me a couple years back with my over-sized fringe heart DIY as well.  She has gotten so big! :(

Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope you are enjoying heart week on A Bubbly Life!!

Yesterday's heart DIY- Floral Heart Wall Installation

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DIY Floral Heart Wall Installation

Announcing a new annual tradition on A Bubbly Life- HEART week for Valentine's Day!  I hope I do not run out of heart DIYs for next year, but let's face it- I decorate with hearts year round (clipboard, jewelry organizer, heart lanterns and there are more but I think I got my point across ;)  so I am sure there will be tons!

One of the reasons I love this floral heart DIY is it will last a long time, unlike a floral wreath with no water system- you can add water everyday to this installation and it will last as long as any flower you may have in a vase.

If you are looking for Valentine gift ideas- DO THIS!  It is incredibly simple and SO much better than a normal bouquet.  A little DIY effort goes along way (I am talking to you men out there looking for the perfect Valentine gift;) 

How To Make A Floral Heart Wreath Bouquet


Wet Floral Foam
Heart Container (I picked up mine at the 99cent store)
Flowers  (I used carnations, but ANY flower will work, pick your Valentine's favorite!)
Floral Tape
Command Strips for hanging

Place your foam block in a sink full of water (enough to cover it) Do not submerge it yourself- the foam will fill with water on its' own and sink to bottom when complete.  Wet floral foam is filled with tons of tiny cells do not mess it up and let it do its' own thing!

My cool photo of it in my sink:

Lift out of sink and let any excess water drip off.  Fit into your container- you can now cut the floral foam with a knife to make it fit.  It is ok if it does not cover the entire heart.  Flower petals will take up empty space, so you can allow a couple inches of space:

Tape the foam into your heart container with floral tape (found at any floral shop, even ones in grocery stores!)  (NOTE: I used masking tape, but I was warned it will not hold as well, so this may be one of the times that you should do as I say and not as I do)

 Cut flowers at a diagonal to go into the foam: ( it is best to cut flowers while the stem is submerged in water)

Once you fill your entire heart, you are done and ready to hang!

I would like to clarify that this is my husband's arm holding the heart up, I am not that hairy.  Also, I have him holding it, because I did not want to put command strips on it (they tend to leave a residue that is VERY difficult to remove from our brick) But I really wanted a photo of it with the brick...  (I am sorry, I love you readers, but I still could not do it)  

Hope you will enjoy HEART DIY week for the easiest, BEST Valentine ideas ever!  But, the best gift ever is always LOVE (or giving your wife the chance to sleep in while you take care of the babies *hint*)

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