Friday Link Loving!

Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies of all time. Isn't it everyone's favorite? The Broadway show is coming to Tempe in 2015 and I have to check it out!  I would love this print in my kitchen...

I am sure you have seen Studio DIY's studio reveal by now, but it is so amazing, I have to share the link in case you are the one person who did not!

These geometric painted treat jars from Delia Creates are so simple and cute!

Rifle Paper is now designing classic book covers and they are awesome!

Furbish Studio has a Labor Day sale of 15% off all items (Code: ENDOFSUMMER) 
Ahhh, I love this store! I literally just said on Twitter this week that I want the hot pink candles with the lucite holders... This sale may mean its' time!  (this is also why you should follow along on Twitter because I have super important things to say like what candles I like...) 

I know it has been slow on ABL with the diys lately, I miss it sooo much, I NEED to create, so I am going a little nuts over here at home!  Hopefully, the bumps in the road with our remodel smooth over and I am back to work in no time!

A Bubbly Life this week- Ode to Summer One and Two
Also the winner of the craft stash giveaway was announced! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered!

Enjoy the long weekend, xoxo!

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An Ode to Summer Part Deux

Summer is ending and as you can tell from my last post, I will miss it!  Kalia and I went on a color hunt to soak up the last days of summer shenanigans.  Color hunts are a game we play where we point out the color of the day all day long.

Inspired by the colors of Juicy Fruit- yellow, red and pink were the colors of the day!  The new Juicy Fruit bubblegum and fruity chews come in two flavors- Original (yellow) and Strawberry (red.) We added in pink to the color hunt because, well, because pink.

We made some of our own color finds using the fruity chews!

The iconic fruit of summer- the pineapple-


Yellow was easy- her favorite beach ball

Prickly pear on a cactus!

We have our very own pink flamingo. Her name is Anna (if you have a young daughter, you know why... pssst it is because of Frozen)

Bubblegum makes me feel like a kid again- who does not love blowing bubbles- Kalia likes popping mine.  She cannot blow bubbles yet, although her attempts are adorable, it pretty much involves her tongue sticking out and gum falling out of her mouth.   In our photo booth shots she tries to pop them here and I think Colette tried to eat it...

Photo booth shots always remind me of Summer- I think it is because of the movie Beaches?  Anyone else? Or is this just a weird me thing?

**This post was sponsored by One2One Network & Juicy Fruit, all opinions are my own, thank you for supporting sponsors that make A Bubbly Life possible

An Ode To Summer

Summer is coming to an end.  Although it really isn't til the third week of September, Labor Day weekend seems to mark the unofficial end...  I live in Arizona- so we always want Summer to come to an end ;) But let's not forget the joy of Summer before we enter the coziness of Fall.

Flamingos, a pool, palm trees and cocktails. Summer. source

Watermelon and summer nails. source

Coconut and summer nails. source

Popping bubbles at the beack in 80s wear. source

Cotton candy and summer nails (see a theme?) source

I will be adding to my Fall & Halloween board soon... in the meantime, check out my Summer Lovin on Pinterest and savor the last bit of Summer!!

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Fab Friday Link Love

Is it too early to think about Fall?  Yes it is, especially when you live in Arizona, where we do not really get a Fall... But I can dream about wearing this leather jacket on a brisk cool day while stepping on colorful fallen leaves?  Sigh, I just depressed myself, better buy the jacket to cheer me up...

Tattoo your plates! Seriously, flipping brilliant! And Gloria from Little White Whale uses an adorbs zebra tattoo for the plate. I die.

Chili & lemongrass shrimp from Sweet Paul- need to try this asap!

Modern mini concrete candleholders- love these!

The world has been incredibly heart breaking lately.  Every prayer I have is with Iraq right now.  These words* from Anne Frank, a victim of genocide, hatred and war are a reminder to look for the beauty and love all around us.

A Bubbly Life this week- Win over $200 Worth of Crafty Supplies! and DIY Crush: Back to School Supplies

A Bubbly Life elsewhere- Wayfair's Back to School Magazine (SO many great products, diys and tips!)
Apartment Therapy's 10 Easy & Adorable Magnets to Add A Little Fun to Your Kitchen
Brit & Co's Office Organization Hacks - 44 Ideas- they are all so good (pinning spree...)

*(I could not find the direct source using image search, so please let me know if you know the source of the image!) 

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Win My Craft Grab Bag Stash Giveaway!

I am doing some cleaning out and organizing- And I decided to pass along a huge box of craft supplies to a lucky reader!

My office area is getting moved to a different room as part of our remodel.  I have worked with some great sponsors and they have sent me more than I could ever use!

The package is worth over $200 in crafty supplies!!  And I think I may head to Target and include more goodies for fun...

Items include: Mod Podge Rocks! book, Mod Podge, Mod Podge papers (there are a TON of mod podge items in the stash) Scotch Duct Tape, Favor Boxes, Washi Tape and SOOO much more!
Items are new and unused.

Some hints to some of the items:  PBteen &  I love this thing

This is in no way sponsored by Mod Podge, Plaid, Scotch Duct Tape, PBteen, Facebook or anyone else except my husband & I.  Nick became a sponsor because he wants more room in our office.

Entering is easy, just follow me on one of my social networks, or all of them- each follow is an entry!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends next Wednesday- so get your entries in! Also, I am sorry, it is open to US residents only, the box is huge, so I can only ship here!

DIY Crush: Back to School Supplies

Did anyone else love back to school shopping when they were a kid? I did!! 
I loved (still love) the smell of notebooks, pencils and getting new materials every year.  I have been out of school for years but my collection of notebooks grows and grows and now my love for back to school has moved onto office supplies.  Just wait until my kids are old enough to go to school!  
Now that I DIY, I also make my school (now office supplies) prettier!  My recent favorites from around the blogosphere:

Gold Leaf Clipboard- you know gold had to show up here...
I think this pencil case is when I officially fell in love with the blog, Jade and Fern
Plain notebook? Decoupage it, baby
More mod podge- this time on pencils!
My heart clip board for PBteen!
Nail polish on thumbtacks is the best idea ever.

Hope you are enjoying the back to school season!

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Friday Link Loving!

Local Arizona readers, I will be attending the garland workshop over at PBteen in Kierland Commons this Saturday from 2-4pm.  We are making the whimsy star garland pictured above inspired by the Emily & Merrit Line!  Not in AZ? Check out your local PBteen store for the workshop!

Now onto my favorite links & pins!

I am looking for this color stool but in a taller size- help??

Baked Lemon Thyme Mushrooms get in my mouth please

I love this file cabinet makeover- I have one file cabinet spray painted white, but adding wheels and gold flair are just my cup of tea.

Holy Chic tee- from Old Navy- so it is affordable!

Oh Joy!'s new Target line comes out this weekend- I think my favorite is the ceramic pitcher... holy chic!!  (lol, like how I added that in? ;)

Robin Williams, may you rest in peace and my heart and prayers go out to your family.  Thank you for sharing your genius with the rest of the world and I am so, so sorry that depression won the battle.

The photo is from one of my favorite movies of all time- Good Will Hunting, I loved that ending and later learned the line was ad-libbed  (A perfect ending if you have seen the film).

A Bubbly Life this week- The Blog Hop!

A Bubbly Life elsewhereApartment Therapy's 5 IKEA Hacks

The Blog Hop

Another, more personal post is here today!! Amy at Homey oh My asked me to participate in a blog hop that has been going around and I loved the idea- Also, Amy is pretty much the sweetest person ever and you just can't say no to her! If you are unfamiliar with Amy, be sure to check out her amazing blog- I love everything- but a couple of my favorites are her floral monogram (gorgeous!) and NO sew pillows .

Now onto the blog hop questions!

What am I working on?

I have been on a non-stop IKEA kitchen cabinet assembly line for about 3 days now- we are remodeling our house and the kitchen area is the current spot being done.  The remodel will not show up on blog for awhile- we are in this for the long haul.  It is both very exciting and very difficult living in the house under construction with two small children. Send wine.

My daughter is 6.5 months old and I still have not finished her nursery, but I am working on 3 little projects for Colette's nursery- these will be done and on blog shortly!

Also, because building IKEA cabinets does not make for a pretty picture, I included the picture above to show some cute items from Colette's nursery :)

How does my work differ from those in my genre?

The diy projects above are some of my favorites. I tend to be a bit more pink and sparkley (is that a word?) with my diys.  I prefer that my diys are quick and easy, so my focus is on the busy individual with little free time who still likes to take time to be creative. And who likes pink. And sparkles.  
My advent calendar is not pink or sparkley, but it is one of my all time favorite projects, so I included it anyhow.  I have a plastic animal craft addiction.

Why do I write/create what I do?

The short answer: Miss Kalia Stavros.  This photo was taken during Christmastime (in case the tree and lights and Kalia's Santa hat did not tip you off already...) 6 weeks before I started the blog, but I was working on design and projects at this time.

I wanted to spend time on creative projects and blog about them but I was so busy with a career, life and excuses that I never did.  After I had my daughter, the pressure came over me (a good kind of pressure) to do all the things I said I wanted to do, to be an example to her and hopefully have her one day look up to me as a Mom, friend and woman.  I quit my business career about 1 year after I started the blog. I realized the best way to show my daughter (and now I have 2!) that dreams are achievable was by living my own dream.
Now, I cannot imagine a life without it.  And after a long day with the girls- painting, creating (with some wine ;) is the best thing ever for me to relax!

How does your creative/writing process work?

My husband asked me this often and I never could think of an answer that explained my process; my reply often turned into a rambling monologue, and he would zone out after 10 minutes...  When I found this quote, I was so excited to show him because it encapsulates what I think about creativity.

The non-philosophical reply is: I complete a project, photograph the steps and final result, edit photos and typically write tutorials the day before I post.  I would LOVE to be more on top of things, but I totally suck at work/life balance.

The weird reply is: I get A LOT of ideas by holding an object in my hand and thinking about it... What ways could this be used differently than its' original purpose? What do I need for my office/bedroom/nursery/kitchen? Would this look good pink? ;)

Next on the blog hop! 
My girlfriend, Katie, blogs over at Life With A Dash Of Whimsy- a lifestyle blog with the greatest interior design posts and so much more.  She had an AH-mazing tour of her home on The Everygirl. She is super awesome, inspiring and beautiful inside and out.

I met Kristi over at a couple weeks ago and I L-O-V-E her blog and especially love her Leather Couch Chronicles posts- she is ridiculously creative.  I am so lucky she lives in Arizona and cannot wait for more coffee dates and events with her!!

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Fab Friday Link Love

I would love this sequin jacket if it was not sold out :(   Sequins are a neutral and go with everything! #wordstoliveby

Can I have this puppy?

Obsessed with this diy wooden sign by The Crafted Life.

More words to live by- Champagne

I love this set of black/white/gold pencils from ModCloth.  I may not be in school, but that is no reason to not own these pencils.

A Bubbly Life this week-

Over on Instagram, I made over this $1 thrifted pineapple to this white/gold pineapple
I love thrifting.  As cute as the pineapple is, it is a fad right now, so spending $1 to add a cute pop in the room is an inexpensive way to get on trend! And....don't you just love the magic of spray paint?
(P.S. this is why you should join me on instagram! Simple projects/ideas that don't make it on the blog!) 

The blog- Cucumber Greyhound Cocktail Recipe & Heart & Star Party Lanterns on PBteen

Have a wonderful weekend, xoxo Laurel

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Cucumber Greyhound Cocktail Recipe

Remember last week when I said I would not take up vodka drinking during our remodel?   Well, vodka is here my friends!!

I am still unable to get into my office and thus have been unable to create anything new lately.  I decided to try my hand at cocktail making.  I LOVE a good cocktail but rarely indulge- not because I am a saint, but because I prefer wine.

My husband is a diehard low carb dieter (I hate saying dieter, it is our lifestyle) and one of his favorite drinks on the rare occasion that he indulges (he actually never drinks) is a greyhound- vodka plus grapefruit juice.  No sugar added!  I wanted to freshen it up a bit and of course my inaugural cocktail recipe for A Bubbly life HAS to be PINK!

Ingredients (one cocktail)
Half a pink grapefruit
One shot of cucumber vodka
Squeeze of lime
Mint leaves
Mint & Cucumber for garnish

Add some ice to your cocktail shaker.
Add first three ingredients.
Muddle your mint.
Shake it.
Pour into glass.

(Add simple syrup to the cocktail if you like it sweeter, this cocktail is somewhat tart, but I hate sweet, so I am a big fan!)

If you are looking for a no added sugar cocktail, a low carb cocktail or just a delicious one- try the cucumber greyhound!

The legal drinking age is 21 years old, as always please drink responsibly.

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DIY Heart & Star Party Lanterns on PBteen

I am over on Pottery Barn Teen today sharing a heart & star paper lantern DIY inspired by the absolutely fabulous new Emily & Meritt line.  I love paper lanterns- you can use them for a party or as room decor!

The bunny ear alarm clock is also from PBteen's Emily & Meritt line.  I bought it for Colette's nursery awhile back.  Because babies need alarm clocks.  The new line has one in ALL gold and makes me think I need one for my own bedroom...

Since I blog for PBteen's Stylehouse, I want to disclose that I am not required or even asked to post about the new line. I am just a fangirl (of a teen line, yes ;) But you read A Bubbly Life- clearly hearts and stars and gold are a way to my heart :)

Seriously, if these black heart sheets and striped bedskirt came in king, I would own them.  It breaks my heart a little.  I am going to have to settle for moving Kalia up to a twin bed and purchasing them.

If you are still here- here is the link for the tutorial for the heart and stars paper lantern.

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Fab Friday Link Love

These bunny ring holders from Urban Outfitters are so cute!

A strawberry heart cake- I want this for my birthday, I heart it so much!

Fruit umbrellas- I live in Arizona where it never rains and there is a drought but I want these in my life.

Rosemary & sea salt & vinegar beet chips.

Hehehe- this pin really cracked me up!

A Bubbly Life this week- Frequently Asked Questions from A Bubbly Life Readers  and IKEA 2015 Catalog Picks

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