Fab Friday Link Loving!

FoodieKiwi Blueberry Mojito anyone?

Fun-  Easter eggs with mini pom pom party hats!? So cute!

Fashion- Can I have this flamingo skirt in my size?

Fab- LUSH has a bubble bar that is gold glitter- say what?  Need this now!

A Bubbly Life this week-  DIY Gold Glitter Cake Server Set 
Foodie Crush: Spring Strawberries

Have a wonderful weekend, I thought yesterday was Friday for most of the day, so my brain is already off...

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Foodie Crush: Spring Strawberries

Spring is here and strawberries are in season- Eating seasonally is the best way to go with fruits and vegetables- they are at their tasty prime of life!

1. Jaime Olivier's (I love this man) Caramelized Strawberries Dipping Kabobs
2.  Cocktails with tarragon are SO good- Tarragon Strawberry Smash Cocktail
3. Strawberry Greek Frozen Yogurt- yogurt makes it healthier, right?
4.  Brie crabcake pretzel sliders with a strawberry pineapple salsa
5.  Balsamic Roasted Strawberries
6.  It cannot be a strawberry crush without the iconic shortcake- here is a cupcake version!

Some other spring seasonal fruits are Apricots, Cherries, Grapefruit, Mango and Pineapple- yummy, there may be another Spring foodie crush coming soon...

Other Foodie Crushes:
Summer Tomatoes
Fall Apples

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DIY Glitter Cake Set

I was at Ikea picking up some supplies for my office/craft room overhaul, when I spotted a plain white cake server set for only $6.

Plain white items are pretty much a dream for a DIY blogger. So many colors and ideas went thru my head and I could not resist buying them. (Lol, yet I went with my typical gold glitter...)  The glitter does NOT shed!!

Ikea white cake server set (or any set)
Gold spray paint
Painters tape
Gold glitter craft paint


1) Grab your painter's tape and tape up the server to expose the handle only. (seriously, I forgot to photograph this step!?  But I did- I had terrible pregnancy brain & I am sorry!!)

2) Spray paint, let dry and remove tape.

*You can go without spray painting, but you will need several coats of glitter paint and it will be much less of a bright gold. Alternatively you can use plain gold craft paint, but gold spray paint has much more of the metallic look I like.
** Or you can just leave it as is and not add glitter- the gold handles look pretty awesome!
This brush has seen better days...

3) I applied three coats of gold glitter craft paint to make mine glittery. Because it is craft paint, the glitter does not shed, but you do need multiple coats for a more glittery look.

4) Finish with a gloss spray.

These are not dishwasher safe...  I know...  it is what we all prefer, but since it is my cake utensil set which gets use only a couple times a year, I can suck it up. The price of a glitter cake cutter set in stores is way more money than the approximate $10 I spent here!

Closeup of the glitter:

They are food safe because the paint is only on the handle- the handle is not food safe so be sure to use the right end when cutting and serving your cake ;)

I have no need for more than one cake server set, but I kind of want to buy another and do a different design!  Love the glitter dipped look, but maybe some pink next time? 

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Fab Friday Link Love

Follow-  Instgram nois7- he has over 300k followers so you are probably already following him- I love this shot.  He has so many beautiful images- many are dance and I think dance imagery is breathtaking. I just discovered the feed last weekend and I could look at it for days...

Fab- Sweet Paul's floral ice bottle chillers- so beautiful!

Fun-  the36thavenue has a recipe on how to make your own bouncy ball- I want to do this with Kalia!

Fashion- Baublebar will make your signature into a name necklace! And it comes in so many bright colors! Love it, will be doing this one!

Foodie-  Spring is here and grapefruit is in season! I want to try this broiled grapefruit with honey & bananas, nom nom nom...

A Bubbly Life this week- Elephant Succulent Planter DIY & DIY Crush: Spring Flower Vases

A Bubbly Life elsewhere-  Apartment Therapy's 10 Easy & Charming Pint Sized DIYs for your Home

Hellobee's Free Wall Art For Kid's- There are 60 listed!! If you need art for a nursery or kid room, it is a great post!

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Have a wonderful weekend, I think I will be hitting up some farmer's markets! xoxo, Laurel

DIY Crush- Flower Vases

Happy First Day of Spring!! To celebrate here are some of my favorite vase diys (including one of my own...)

Beautiful touch of pink via The Crafted Life
Paper Bag Flower Vase
Lightbulb Vases  
Trio of Ombre Glass Bottles
Like I need another reason to shop at Anthropologie Mug Vases

Other flower posts on A Bubbly Life:
Tin Can Glitter Vases
Gold Leaf Paper Flower Vases
Spring Forward

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Elephant Succulent Planter DIY

You may remember my glitter animals from Kalia's 2nd birthday party.  Well, even a glitter lover like me did not want glittered animals hanging out at the house, perfect for Kalia's party- not perfect for my home.  I donated most to Goodwill, but I kept the little creamer elephant because he was my favorite.  

Just two weeks ago, I finally knew what I would use him for, I first had to remove the glitter, which was a big pita (pain in the a-s-s) My method of glitter not shedding may be a bit too good.  I removed the glitter just with hot water, soap and good old fashioned scrubbing (scrubbed for-EVER- hence the pita part) and he was returned to his former thrifted glory:

Of course, I needed to change that and spray painted him white.

And then I added a succulent.


And no worries, you can do this at home without finding a cute little elephant creamer at the thrift store.
Anthropologie- sells them!

Anthropologie has the elephant creamer in three different colors for only $16.95 (yes, a bit more than my thrifty find, but this means you can make it at home & it still is a great deal!) And Anthropologie named her Ellie- I like it and I think I will steal the name for my little desk buddy! 

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Fab Friday Link Love!

Foodie-  Williams Sonoma's Vinaigrette 101 Photo makes me want to eat salad all.the.time.

FunCotton candy cloud cookies- I love the pastel colors, the fluffiness, everything...

Fab- Gold gem escort cardholders via Ruffled- and I love the hot pink escort card!

Fashion-  I am getting closer to losing the baby weight, the plague stomach flu this week gave me an additional 5 pound loss! whew hoo! But I still want some comfy tees- this Wifey t shirt is adorbs.

Follow- Guest Poster this week at Nearly Crafty- I am obsessed with this easy planter diy!

A Bubbly Life this week- Glam Ballet Flats DIY from Nearly Crafty
Gold Geometric Brick Bookend DIY

This week was my last week of guest bloggers, little Miss Colette will be 2 months next week and so I plan to be back to work at the blog (although another guest post may sneak in if the plague returns)!

 I have been crafting the entire time but now have to get to work on photos and tutorials! Thanks again to all the guest posters, you guys are all so amazing and giving me time with my baby and not losing the blog in the process means SO much to me!!

Cannot wait to share all the projects underway, some hints-  a little organization, an adorable place for your succulent, some glitter (you know it!), nursery fun and more!!

Have a wonderful weekend xoxo Laurel

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DIY Gold Geometric Bookends

Did you know that bricks are only 50 cents at the home improvement store?  Time to clean up my bookshelf!!

You can make any design and color you want!  I, of course, went with gold ;) 

White and gold spray paint
Painter's tape


To cover the dull gray of the bricks, I started with a layer of white spray paint. If you use a paint and primer mix, one coat will be sufficient. Otherwise, you'll want to do two layers of white. 

Once the first layer of paint is dry, make a triangle using painter's tape. Then add a layer of gold spray paint to create the geometric pattern. You can create any shape, try chevron, stripes, or squares.

I wanted another pop of color and so I wrapped my books in varying blue shades of scrapbook paper.

If I get bored of the metallic and geometric trend by next spring, I can easily spray paint over and create a new design. Maybe by next year my husband won't mind me wrapping the books in hot pink scrapbook paper?

DIY Ballet Flats Glam Upgrade Guest Post

I had a baby girl on January 16th and some awesome guest posters are filling in for me while I get some baby snuggle time!

Kate is from Nearly Crafty and our blog missions are very similar- creating should be fun and we do not stress over perfectionism!  Her mini fashion upgrades are awesome- I love how she made this ring and love the ballet flats she shares with us!  Thank you Kate!! 

Hi everyone! I am Kate from Nearly Crafty. I am so excited to be stopping by A Bubbly Life with this quick and easy craft. Laurel has a made heaps and bunches of projects I love (her paper bag vases are perfection) so I am honored to be included in the mix. 

One of my favorite stores for craft supply shopping is H&M. Yes, the clothing store. Their clearance section is chock full of amazing stuff for crazy low prices. I can always find jewelry for under $3 that can be taken apart and used in a multitude of ways. They also have great basics that can be embellished and tweaked to fit your own personal style.

 I found basic ballet flats in a sweet blue color in the H&M clearance section for $5. They are simple and lovely all by themselves, but I wanted to jazz them up a bit with some shimmer. I’m pretty sure I am part crow because I am attracted to anything shiny. Anyway, I put in less than 5 minutes work and couldn’t be more pleased with my upgraded ballet flats!

  • Ballet Flats
  • Martha Stewart Decoupage Trim – Martha has about 1 million styles of trim. Just find a style you like!
  • Fabri-tac glue

How To

Starting at the back seam, run your trim along the top edge of the shoe to determine the length of your trim. 

The area around the bow is fairly forgiving so do not worry about having perfect precision.

Cut the trim to the length you need.

Apply glue to a 3 inch section of the trim and press it to the shoe, again starting at the back seam.

As you attach the trim, you might find you need to cut it so that you can follow the curved shape of the shoe. 

Just snip it where you need to and continue on your way. I needed to snip my trim in 3 sections so the trim could hug the top seam.

Once you get one side glued, repeat with the other side and then the other shoe.
Enjoy your one of a kind creation!

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DIY Polka Dot Mac Battery

During one of my many pinning sprees, I fell in love with the Mod Dot Backup iPhone 5 battery from Anthropologie:

Cute, right??  Well, I did not really need a backup battery, but I wanted something like it in my life, so I decided to do a similar design to my Macbook's battery!

Craft paint
Mod podge

I used a paintbrush because I love the look of the brushstroke on the dots and I liked how the Anthro version dots were a bit rough around the edges.

 You can use a pouncer or pencil eraser to get an even circle look if that is what you want to go for!  Seal with some mod podge and you are done!

I love the multi tiny dots and I have already gotten compliments at Starbucks!  It may be one of those crafts that you say- who has time for that?  It only takes minutes and I say everyone has time to add more color to their life!!

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DIY Polka Dot Gift Bags Guest Post

I had a baby girl on January 16th and some awesome guest posters are filling in for me while I get some baby snuggle time!

Kathy is from Krafty Kath and her blog is relatively new AND amazing! I love her gold antler box, her Justin Timberlake inspired bracelet (how can you not love anything that is an ode to JT?) and so much more! Thank you so much Kathy!!

Hi everyone! I’m Kathy from Krafty Kath, and when I heard that Laurel was looking for some guest posters for her blog I jumped at the chance.  She has such a great blog for crafts and DIYs so it was right up my alley.

While I was conjuring up some ideas for this post, we both realized that we both love pom poms! I’m kind of obsessed. I think if all my crafts could include a pom pom I would be happy. This craft doesn’t use traditional yarn pom poms, but wool felted balls. Close enough right? I thought so. It’s an easy DIY that is the perfect spruce-up to any gift packaging.

How to make Polka Dot Gift Bags


- ½” felted wool balls (I got mine from HandBehg)
- 4½" x 6" Muslin gift bags (I got mine from PaperSource)
- Hot glue gun and sticks
- X-acto knife
- Scrap piece of cardstock or cardboard


Cut a piece of scrap cardstock (or cardboard) that fits inside your muslin bag. This is to help avoid the glue from sticking to the backside of your bag.
Once you have your cardstock trimmed, insert it into your bag. Now you are ready to place the wool balls.

Arrange your wool balls where you want on your bag. You can do any number of arrangements. Some ideas are: A random pattern, bottom alignment, one in each corner, an initial, or a grid pattern.

Once you have your placement that you like, you can now begin to glue them to your bag. Place a small dot of hot glue on the backside and place it on your bag where you want it to go.

Once your glue has cooled down and dried you can now add optional wool balls to your strings.
Take your x-acto knife and make a small slit in one end of the wool ball, about halfway through. Squeeze the wool ball so the opening expands a little and place a small dot of hot glue inside.

Act quickly before your glue cools down, but grab one end of the bag strings and using your x-acto knife place it in the hole of the wool ball. Use the end of your x-acto knife to shove it inside.

Once the glue is dry you are ready to fill it up with goodies!

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