Until Next Year!

I know I said I had a New Year's DIY for you all and I do, nicely done in my craft room and ready to be photographed.  And the stomach flu hit me (4 flipping days of it!?)and then it hit baby Colette, now it is onto Kalia.  So, I am admitting defeat and signing off until 2015.   The good news is, I lost a nice chunk of weight and can splurge on goodies on Christmas!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the holidays with your friends and family!  I will be around on social media (Instagram & Pinterest), although the stomach flu is not pretty, so I have been absent for a bit ;)

A sneak peek of 2015:

Christmas Link Loving!

Stocking Stuffer ideas (if your recipient is me;)

Gnome bottle opener. So cute, I may take up beer drinking.
Kate Spade glitter earrings. I say perfect year round, but maybe more appropriate for the rest of the world during Christmas and New Year's!
This tee. Or this one.
Winelab decanter pourer.

Some favorite Christmas DIYs:
Ornament Shaped Doormat- so cute!!

Mini Cranberry Wreath place cards- I am obsessed, these are so gorgeous.

Leather Stamped Glitter Gift Tags

I love this simple DIY- paint turns thrifted trays into midcentury glam.

My Christmas DIY Roundup! I am done until next year! 

DIY Tinsel Letter Garland
Recipe Gluhwein
DIY Confetti Dipped Ornaments  
DIY Light Wreath 
DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder & Mini Disco Ball Ornament Pushpins
DIY Sequin Wreath
DIY Christmas Tree Lanterns

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DIY Tinsel Letter Garland

I finally got a white tree this year!! And I wanted a glam banner garland to go along with it :) A tinsel garland saying Fa La La was perfect! Although, I now kind of wish I did Cheers, as it would be perfect for the glitz of New Year's!!

Wooden Letters  ( I purchased wood letters, you can also make them out of cardboard and save yourself some money, however, I have horrible writing and cutting abilities...) 
Tinsel (mini tinsel is best- 99 cent store!)
Staple Gun
Long Tinsel Strand

Wrap tinsel around the letter and tie in knot when the letter is covered.  (Seriously, you do not even need glue!)

Give your letter a quick "trim" with your scissors.  Or not. It is up to you how tinsel-y you want them!

Staple the letter to a large tinsel garland (I used a long white garland!)

Hang on your Christmas tree, fireplace or wherever else you may want to hang your Christmas message to!

So, I had my assistant check my editorial calendar:

And Colette confirmed today is the last Christmas DIY of 2014 for you all!

I hope you enjoyed all the Christmas DIYs!!

I will be back tomorrow and back next week with a New Year's DIY before taking off for the holiday,   I am not going anywhere just yet!

You still have time to make:

Recipe Gluhwein
DIY Confetti Dipped Ornaments  (as seen on the tree!)
DIY Light Wreath 
DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder & Mini Disco Ball Ornament Pushpins
DIY Sequin Wreath
DIY Christmas Tree Lanterns

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Holiday Entertaining With Winelab

It is no secret I love wine.  If you have read A Bubbly Life for like a day, you know I love wine. (case in point, yesterday's post was a gluhwein recipe, I even like wine in different languages) 

Like everyone else in the world right now, I entertain much more around the holidays.  And will do so on a whim.  All year, I have wine & tealight candles on hand for hostess duties.  But, my special Christmas version of entertaining on a whim includes a bag of cranberries and tree trimmings.  

The red and green pine make everything look prettier!  We get a real tree every year, so I just clip as needed for a dinner.  If you have a fake tree, pick up a little rosemary tree from your grocery store and clip some herbs for your setting.  

Winelab sent me a new decanter & aerator for my holiday entertaining- and I love it.  I would like to say I love it because it is the best individual glass decanter & aerator I have tried (it is) but honestly, it is the aesthetic that gets me. It is SO beautiful and elegant.

It attaches to your wine bottle (no huge decanter to wash? huge plus for me ;) And, if anyone stops by, no waiting for the wine- open and pour with the attachment.

I love it! And I have tried/owned the other smaller decanter/aerators out there.

Another entertaining tip?  Always have cheese on hand.  This is also a stay-happily-married tip.  At least in my world, because it is a nightmare for my husband if I run out of cheese...

*I was provided the Winelab decanter & aerator for review, I do not accept product reviews on the blog, but I love wine and the Winelab is SO beautiful, awesome and being sold by my sister, so I had to share!

Gluhwein / Mulled Wine Recipe

Oh, gluhwein.  A warm, cozy Christmas in a mug.  My husband and I have spent two Christmases in Europe, mostly in Germany.  Germany is where we discovered gluhwein- hot mulled spiced wine. We LOVED it.  Every sip and the beautiful smell takes me back to our wonderful times there.

Over the years, I have tried many different recipes, but none seemed to quite get the same flavor that we enjoyed in Germany.  I finally discovered a spice that had been missing- cardamon seed.  It made all the difference!

How to Make Gluhwein!

One bottle of red wine
Juice from one large orange
1/4 cup of cane sugar
1 large cinnamon stick (or two small)
4 juniper berries
2 star anise
1/4 teaspoon of ground cardamon seed

Add cinnamon stick, juniper berries and star anise to a cheesecloth or as I like to use, a tea ball(A tea ball is my favorite thing ever to use in place of cheesecloth in recipes. Trust me, you will love it. Your welcome.)

Add orange juice and cane sugar to saucepan on high heat and bring to a simmer.  Reduce heat, stir and simmer for about 10 minutes or as it gets syrupy (technical term ;)

Add red wine and your tea ball, let simmer for about 20 minutes- so all those wonderful ingredients mesh together for a bit and your house is filled with the smell of Christmas.

Also, I am not German (well... maybe like 10%?  I am a mutt) so do not be mad if this does not taste like the way your Grandma made it (because making alcoholic drinks is what Grandmoms do? I digress. If your Grandma does, Id like to meet her though!)   

This is my version based on my memory from what I had during our wonderful times in Germany for Christmas.  And trust me, I tried so many variations!!

On a side note, I am obsessed with using tree trimmings as my Christmas centerpiece on table.  A clear vase and some simple greenery and I am in love...  This is actually not a staged shot, and how my table looks! (well, I dont ALWAYS have mulled wine on it!)

I hope you are enjoying Christmas on A Bubbly Life! All my Christmas DIYS are fast and easy, you still have time!

DIY Confetti Dipped Ornaments 
DIY Light Wreath 
DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder & Mini Disco Ball Ornament Pushpins
DIY Sequin Wreath
DIY Christmas Tree Lanterns

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Gift Guide: This One's For the Girls

Anyone else SO not done with their Christmas shopping?? I am not, but since I still have a couple days to online shop before the Christmas arrival deadline, I feel like I can do this!   Here are gift ideas for the favorite girl in your life.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for a father in law... xo

I only recently discovered Suite One Studio, but I already want everything in her store.   These pink dessert plates are so gorgeous.

Cute little bunnies to hold rings. Yes.

Every woman needs a tulle skirt. Fact. (I actually own this one ;)

Oh, Beckie {as I like to call Rebecca Minkoff, my bff- (in my head...) I do shop it out.  It can be a problem, but I would love the coin purse to help me!

I love my Keurig, making coffee in seconds with a baby and toddler- totally necessary. But when you have more than 2 people over for coffee, you need a larger coffee maker.  And it comes in pink, which is awesome.

A girl's gift guide would be remiss without mentioning ban.do A love hair clip is a great stocking stuffer.

Poppin has an awesome supply of gold notebooks- this one may be my favorite though! notebook-

Kate Spade, I do fancy another... always.

P.S.- There is still time to win $500 to Wayfair!!

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Christmas Link Love!

I love this black and white print- Meet Me Under The Mistletoe!

Almost Makes Perfect made a no sew Moroccan wedding blanket inspired tree skirt. It is awesome.

I dont sweat, I shine. Glitter water bottle.  Must.Have.For.Gym.

The Proper Pinwheel knows how to rock the pom poms (a favorite craft item of mine!) and Lexy's cactus pom pom wrapping paper needs to be made for my gifts!

The Merrythought collected over 100 handmade gift ideas and the list is amazing.  If you need modern gift ideas you can make yourself- this list will keep you busy way past Christmas!

And in random non- DIY news- New Harry Potter stories are coming for Christmas... I am SO excited.  I am a proud Harry Potter fan!

A Bubbly Life this weekThere is still time to win $500 to Wayfair!!
DIY Confetti Dipped Ornaments & DIY Light Wreath & DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder & Mini Disco Ball Ornament Pushpins

Another 5 days of posting coming to you next week! Hints: sequins... throwback Thursday... and wine. (always wine, right?)

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DIY Confetti Dipped Ornaments

My latest DIY for Pottery Barn Teen is up- a confetti dipped ornament.  We all love confetti (well, my husband hates it, haha) but this is a way to have confetti for Christmas and NOT be messy! Awesome, right?  So easy to make and perfect for an ornament craft party- so many colors and choices available!

Head over to PBteen's blog The Stylehouse for all the details!

I used sequin trim to hang the ornaments from my Christmas tree.  I thought a hook was too boring and definitely not sparkly enough! Also, I used a cereal bowl for the confetti dipping:

I happen to think it is a beautiful mess despite my husband's thoughts ;)

Merry Christmas!!

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DIY Light String Christmas Wreath

Ahhhhhh, this may be my favorite DIY I completed for Christmas and I am not sure the photos do it justice but I am SO in love with this wreath!

I was inspired by the beautiful bulb wreath from one of my favorite stores ever Terrain, but the price was way over my head.  My brain started ticking and I thought I could make a simpler version myself.

How to Make a Light String Christmas Wreath:

Wire Wreath Frame (I used inches)
3 strings of globe lights- I used a frosted string, clear string, and an LED mini globe string (the photos do not represent it well but the mini globe is more a light blue)  
- I found all the globe lights at Target

Really simple, I strung the lights around the wreath through the wires.

The first strand, I carefully counted bulbs and meticulously attached each one to the wreath frame.  Guess what?  It looked exactly the same as if I just wrapped it around and did not bother with the whole counting and attachment thing.  So, the next strands I made it simple, and just wrapped it around!

Please use caution, the bulbs do get hot, so be careful what you have underneath and around the wreath.  Please do not set anything on fire.

I purchased the Anthropologie bottle trees on Black Friday (score!) I love them and use the wide little red tree to cover the plug and extension cord from view.

Some more unlit wreath shots:

Seriously, I love it. Is it bragging to say I am obsessed with my own little creation, haha??  And every random person that comes in our house (we have construction going on, I do not invite randoms over or anything...) love it and ask where I purchased the wreath.

The Christmas wreath is going direct to a wreath box to be saved every year for Christmas!  Or maybe it will be good to keep year round???

My white nutcrackers and little gnome are from a post two Christmases ago... (this makes me feel like an OLD blogger!) I considered painting the gnome's hat gold... still may do it!

If you need anymore Christmas wreath ideas, check out a 5 minute Sequin Wreath, a Boxwood Wreath with Berries and a Glitter Acorn Wreath!

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Gift Guide: The Hostess & Win a $500 Giftcard to Wayfair!

* Post sponsored by Wayfair

I absolutely love to entertain.  Wine, glasses of bubbly, delicious food, wonderful company and a huge assortment of entertaining supplies at my whim.  My husband jokes and says he will make my own room one day for all my entertaining wares... He jokes, while I plan ;)

My favorite picks from the Zillion offerings at Wayfair (and they are giving away $500 to a lucky reader!!!) :

Technically a pastry board (so, it is heavy) but would make a perfect cheese board for any party.

Gold flatware

Champagne flutes with the cutest sayings!

Decanters are gorgeous on a table- especially this DwellStudio one.

Another DwellStudio love- gold plates!

Marble and candlelight- two of my favorites.

And you can own all these!! Wayfair is giving away $500 to a lucky reader!  Visit Wayfair and let us know what you would like to win in a comment below! The entry form has all the info for you- tons of ways to get more entries! Good Luck!  Please note, comments can only be left when you are in WEB view, cannot leave a comment in mobile format.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* I received compensation by Wayfair for this post, but ALL opinions (and wants of these items ;) are my own!! Thank you for supporting sponsors that keep A Bubbly Life going!

DIY Christmas Tree Card Holder & Ornament Pushpins

Wow that is a long title, but I am doing two DIYs in one here!  Both super easy because that is how I roll.

This entire project was inspired by the adorable disco ball ornaments I found in Target's $1 spot (a favorite perusal of mine...) I did not really want to use them on my tree or as a garland.  They are cute, but so mini, and I thought pushpins would be a great use.  Then thought, hmm what would i use the pushpins for...

A Christmas Card holder it was!

How to Make A Cork Board Christmas Card Holder with Disco Ball Pushpins:

Cork board*

For Pushpins:
Mini Ornaments or Mini Disco Ball Ornaments (my sister is in the UK and had the EXACT same disco ball ornaments- haha, the apple does not fall from our family tree ;) so, it sounds like you can find them anywhere!) 
Super glue

* I used the thin cork board roll available at any office supply store or craft store. A word of caution- it is VERY thin.  My plan is to roll it up and reuse it every year, however, if you want something more sturdy, purchase a hard cork board option or attach poster board to the back of the thin cork board.

Sketch out your tree.  Pencil does not work well on the cork board, so I suggest a marker.  Also I did use a straight edge and my tree still came out crooked. But, I totally rocked it anyway.

Easiest instructions ever for disco ball pushpins that make any crooked tree look better:

Glue a thumbtack to them. Done! (use super glue, you need instant fastening)

My holiday cards are via Shutterfly!

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Gift Guide: Blogger's Shops!

I love bloggers!!  (and not just because I am one)  Bloggers are such a large group of insanely creative people that blow my mind all the time- seriously you are all so awesome!  I had to dedicate at least one gift guide this Christmas to some of the awesome bloggers out there who also have shops.  A sincere thank you to every blogger for your content and offering your creative wares!

Hello Gorgeous! print via the fabulous My Fabuless Life.  At only $5 for an instant download, I would definitely to pay to wake up to this print every morning!

Shop Tomkat's adorable limited edition Fa La La shirt.   I am very lucky to be able to visit her brick and mortar shop in Chandler AZ for party supplies and for this tee shirt soon!

I Lovely Love My Family by the MerMag Blog will have to be added to our future playroom!

Blown away by how gorgeous Squirrelly Minds' watercolor prints are- stunning.  I love the calendar with a different gorgeous watercolor for each month

Hustle Harder.  Love this print from The Sweet Escape. Everyday I'm hustlin...

Come quickly I am tasting the stars.  As a huge bubbly lover, the print from Shrimp Salad Circus would be a hit in my home! I also purchased her first baby ornaments for both my girls! Love her handwriting!

I would love one of The Crafted Life's photo holders for some of my instax mini shots! Perfect stocking stuffer!

A Fabulous Fete's shop of handpicked items are so pretty, the glass vase may be my favorite.

Lay Baby Lay has the cutest prints. I own a big one for my daughter's nursery and want to add some more when we set up a playroom, like this little piggy ballerina one!

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DIY Sequin Wreath

Oh, Christmastime, where my love of sequins and sparkle is more appropriate to the rest of the world...

I am obsessed with these sequin wreaths, they took all of ten minutes to make and it was soooo hard not to Instagram some shots of them in my house.  You will be seeing them now on Instagram though!

Check out the tutorial on PBteen's blog The Stylehouse today!

Love the bunny clock?  I am giving it away! Entries end at 8pm MST- enter here!

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Win a PBteen Emily & Merritt Bunny Alarm Clock!

For the 3rd Day of Christmas- a giveaway!!!

Hop on over (pun totally intended) to Instagram for your chance to win! I have one in blue for Colette's nursery- I Love it!!

You can view more product photos on PBteen for the clock!

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