Wednesday Link Loving!

Sharing the weekend links early, so that I can celebrate Thanksgiving!  I am gearing up for my December Christmas crazy posting schedule (well crazy for me, I know other bloggers do that all the time, ha) - 5 days a week of DIY, GIVEAWAYS, recipes & gift guides! Clearly, I am excited :) Christmas is awesome.

Whew hoo, look what is back in stock for a limited time at Anthropologie! The perfect gold monogram mug!  Last year, they sold out, so get yours fast!  Image via my instagram

I love these geometric Christmas tree ornaments from Kristi Murphy!

Who knew a simple thyme sprig could make candles look so beautiful?

Use some temporary tattoos to make cool ornaments!

Homemade hot apple cider sounds so delicious and perfect right now.

Coco Cake Land's how to make meringue kisses are the prettiest shapes and colors ever.  It would be hard to eat them!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and if you are not in US, I apologize for the break in blog posts!  I will be back Monday December 1st!

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Moroccan Wedding Blanket Inspired Table Runner

This is very loosely based on the Moroccan Wedding Blankets that I just adore.  It has fringe and sequin, but I added additional trim I liked and used gold to match the look for my Thanksgiving table. The wedding blankets I have seen seem to only use silver sequins, but have you met me?  I love gold.

Sequin Trim
Fringe Trim
Individual Sequins
Tablecloth Runner (or fabric)
Fabric Glue
Books or heavy object to adhere glue
Cardboard (Or other surface underneath table runner to protect your surface from getting glued on)

I do not know how to sew, glueing the trim down evenly was time consuming and I imagine this would not be difficult to sew, but I really have no idea ;)

The instructions are simple, I did not include photos because it was just glueing.  After cutting the trim to fit the runner, I used clothespins to hold the trim to the runner as I glued down.  I laid books on top to help seal the glue.  The fringe did not have sequins in it, so I glued individual sequins onto the fringe.

The runner is on my brand new farmhouse dining table that I am in love with.  We purchased it from a woodworker here in AZ (Support local, small business!)  I had to say goodbye to my white dining table that I painstakingly redid myself over many, many nights when Kalia was a baby. Unfortunately, the white just did not mix with a toddler and we decided it was time for a change!

I think the runner gives it a soft romantic look and will go perfect for my white, gold and magenta themed Thanksgiving tablescape.

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Friday Link Loving!

These ONEHOPE Glitter Bottles fulfill some of my greatest loves- champagne, glitter, wine and charity!  ONEHOPE gives away half of profits to end childhood hunger!

How gorgeous is this gift wrap party on 100 Layer Cake? And what a great idea to make gift wrapping fun- plan a party and drinks with it!

Upcycle some newspaper and make these gorgeous paper mache gold leaf bowls!

Sangria with apple, pomegranate and figs? Yes, please.

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Feather Place Cards for PBteen  and DIY Crayon Place Cards

The holidays are coming and with it so many Christmas DIYs from yours truly.  I will be back next week with a quickie DIY, then switching to my Christmas craft and gift guide extravaganza starting on December 1st! I cannot wait!!

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DIY Feather Place Cards

On Tuesday, I showed you the name place cards for a Thanksgiving kid's table (crayons!) 

Today, I am sharing how to make these diy feather place cards over on PBteen for our magenta, gold and white Thanksgiving tablescape!  Stamp them with sayings for your centerpiece as well!

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DIY Crayon Place Cards!

When I host Thanksgiving, I make an easy setting for the kid's table-  I throw a bunch of crayons and markers in a vase and tell the kids to go crazy on the kraft paper "tablecloth"- they love it!

This year, I have a new spin and it is each kid's name in crayon!  After making bunny crayons for Kalia's easter basket last year, I wanted to make crayons in every shape and size.  They are cute and colorful and Kalia loves them!

How to Make Crayon Name Place Cards!

Silicone Alphabet Mold

1) Unwrap the crayons- it is easiest to stick them in a bowl of water and let them soak for awhile.  The wrappers come off much easier!

2) Break crayons into pieces and fill mold.

3) Bake at 250 degrees for 12-15 minutes.  Remove from oven and let crayons cool before popping out.

Tell your kids to unleash their mini artists and draw like crazy on the tablecloth.    I also included a large bowl of letter crayons in the middle so they can use as many colors as they want.  Colette is a bit young for the crayons (10 months old) but Kalia insisted she have a name set (and also our two dogs- Zoey & Taj ;)

UPDATE:  I found a new crayon mold! I updated the link in the material list and it is mirror image. Whew hoo, no awkward rough sides! The R and G above you can see how the side is not smooth.

While I love the crayons to use at Thanksgiving,  the crayon place cards would be perfect for any party- and a great favor for the kiddos to go home with!  Anyone would love to go home with their own name in crayons!

Come back Thursday for the adult table place cards UPDATED- Feather Stamped Place Cards!

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Friday Link Loving!

The Kate Spade X GapKids collab is mostly sold out, but I just cannot get over these shoes... Can I have them in my size?

I am in a messy updo daily (because babies) and I wish it could look this good.

Ahh, this diy flecked gold tray from Vitamini Handmade is so gorgeous!!

I rarely drink beer, but I feel like this reindeer bottle opener from Anthropologie is necessary in my life.

I am itching to decorate for Christmas... Merry Everything!!

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Copper Pipe iPad Holder &  Shutterfly Christmas Cards

Have a wonderful weekend, xoxo, Laurel

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Shutterfly Christmas Cards Perfectly Personal™

Raise your hand if you are shocked that it is time to make your Christmas cards?  (I am raising my hand high over here with the ten month old I thought was born like yesterday...)  

Shutterfly saved the day!  They reminded me Christmas was coming when they asked me to do a post and have a ton of designs that blow me away.  The hard part is choosing the photos of the girls to use; when I narrowed the photo choices down to 45, my husband gave me a "look" and I had to narrow it down to 10 for him to help. Scrooge.

For our main Christmas card (above) I chose the bokeh Perfectly Personal™ Christmas card.  I adore the polka dots!  I love that I got to make every additional touch to the card personable- I created my own personalized postage design, address label and stickers for both the Christmas card and party invite.

The party invite was much easier to choose, since there were no photos of the girls to carefully select. I went with the Cheers invite, because I am a huge fan of the bubbly and I L-O-V-E the gold foil font on the invite.  

I also created two personalized stamps- one with a monogram and one with a hot pink Christmas tree. Because hot pink should be around at Christmas-time.

Shutterfly also has a ton of stickers to choose from, which I personalized with our names.  I will use them on the back of our envelopes to send the Christmas cards and party invites and I also will use them as gift tags! (how easy is that!?)

Post sponsored by Shutterfly-  ALL opinions are my own, thank you for supporting sponsors that make A Bubbly Life possible! #ShutterflyHoliday

DIY Copper Pipe Ipad Holder

You can now buy this kit to make it at home- no need to go to the store for materials- order a kit at Darby Smart!

I kind of love it when I get to make a DIY that is for ME and that I need to use on nearly a daily basis.  My babies and freelance work take up most of my time (and I am NOT complaining!) it just feels great to do something I love for me (Am I right, Moms?)  

I desperately needed an iPad holder in my kitchen- great for recipes, but really, my kitchen is also for dancing.  iPad holder = totally necessary.

I promise you this is SO easy.  It took me longer to write down all these directions then to actually make the iPad holder.  Especially because I did not know all the terms for the pieces and had to bug my husband for the names.  I really should have written it down when I was at Home Depot! I never claimed to be a DIY expert- I am a "I see things that I think would fit and get incredibly lucky that it works expert" Details like the name "street elbow pipe fitting" are brushed to the side...  

1/2 inch Copper pipe (I purchased 5 feet, which was the smallest length available) 

All to fit 1/2 inch piping- 

Glue  (I used Elmer's ProBond Advanced because it was what my contractor recommended (we are remodeling) It worked awesome!)**

*All can be found in the plumbing section at your home improvement store!

**You can solder the pieces together (which is what my contractor said to do!), however, I keep things simple around here, so glue it was!

The copper pipe materials were only about $16, since I had a pipe cutter and the glue already it made for a very inexpensive iPad holder!  If you need a pipe cutter, they run about $15.

1. Make your cuts.  My measurements are based on the 3rd generation iPad but I checked the specs on the iPads and it would work with any iPad (except the mini, because, well, that is mini...)

Have you ever used a pipe cutter?  This was my first time, all you do is twist until the pipe is cut- it is SO easy! (Clearly, I am easily entertained by new diy tools ;)

Update: How To Clean Copper! My iPad holder gets particularly grimy because I keep it in the kitchen, I googled and tested a couple remedies for cleaning and the shiny is brought back by- cutting a lemon in half- sprinkle the exposed side of a lemon with some salt and rub it all over. Then wipe clean with a cloth. Gets SO shiny (if you let the copper get really dirty (I usually do cuz I forget about it...) it will take more scrubbing though!) . I also tried ketchup (another method I read about) but it didnt work for me. 

1- 8 inch
2- 4 inch
2- 6 inch
2- 1 inch

Step One:  Glue the 8 inch and 6 inch pieces to the street elbows:

Step Two: Glue the tees to the bottom of the 6 inch pieces.

Step 3: Glue the 4 inch and 1 inch pieces to the tee. 

Step 4: Glue the street elbows to the end of the 4 inch pieces.

Step 5: Glue pipe caps to each exposed pipe. (front and back)

And the final product:

I included this real life shot, as my husband was feeding little Colette while I worked and I did not notice her adorable chubby thigh was in picture til later.

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