Neon Pink Halloween!

I found a fun new diy supply!  On one of my many trips to Home Depot- I came across flagging tape- you know that bright vinyl tape used at construction sites? Well, it comes in every neon color! For only $2 and a huge roll and PINK neon, I picked it up.  I have had it for months, but this was my first use.

Tape (flagging tape is non adhesive)

For the pumpkin, I just tied the flagging tape around it. I used the tape to create the neon background.  My wall is a bit textured, so double sided tape did not hold well, but regular Scotch tape did the trick.  I L-O-V-E the neon background.  I think it would be such an easy party or photo background!

Happy Halloween!  Enjoy a pink version ;)

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