Frequently Asked Questions from A Bubbly Life Readers!

I have mentioned that we are remodeling our house and like most remodels- we are a bit behind schedule and unfortunately the delay occurred while my office/craft room is filled with tons of furniture from the rest of the house...  The room makes me want to take deep breaths in a paper bag and count to ten or take up vodka drinking.  So, I chose to forgo the anxiety and alcoholism and did not attempt any diys that I had planned because getting in and out of the room is a struggle.   

So, while I sit in anxiety about my first world problems, I decided to publish some of my most frequently asked questions from readers!  I love when anyone reaches out via email or facebook and encourage you to ask away anytime!

How long will the nail polish on the keys last?

One of my first blog posts and the most popular to date- color code your keys with nail polish!  Lol, well I really do not have an answer!  When I did these keys, I moved a few months later- so the answer is they lasted me about 5 months.  Now, I only have one key and my car key, so I do not use this simple trick anymore!  However, it only takes a couple minutes, so if it cracks- redo them!  I used my outtake shot for the keys because chubby little baby hands are the cutest!

What do you do with all your DIYS when you are done with them?

I would say about 85% of the DIYS I do on A Bubbly Life are for a party I (or a friend) are having or for use in my home or a gift to someone (including me freelance work).  The other 15% I give away to Goodwill.  You SO could tell what Goodwill I live next to if you happen to live in Arizona and read my blog.

 Will you sell me this or that diy?
I get this question most often regarding my pink ruffled tablecloth.  As much as I would love to give it to a reader-  I love pink and I think I may regret getting rid of it.  However, ANYTIME someone emails me, I will help and encourage you to create your own and give any advice if it is necessary.

Some of the thrift finds, I love so much I cannot sell- like this frame (2nd most popular request) used in my daughter's bedroom and for her first birthday party.  I feel terrible saying no (how would I send that sucker in mail?)   but since it is part of my daughter's decor, I cannot part with it!

However- you never know- so just ask!  My glitter cake set and some ballerina bubble jars are in readers hands. Also the answer is NO, I wont sell it to you, but I will send it as a gift along with some other little diy goodies ;)

Shameless self promotion- you can purchase a kit over on Darby Smart for my agate gemstone magnets and make it yourself at home easily!

How do you pronounce your daughter's name, Kalia?

I love this question because I L-O-V-E my daughter's name.  The pronunciation is KAH LEE AH.  It is a Hawaiian name, we had her when we lived in Hawaii and did not choose her name until the hospital forced me too before I left with her after giving birth.  We had two names- Isla & Kalia.  KAH- LEE- AH- it was!

5) I want to start a blog, any advice?

I still feel brand new... but my best advice is simply Just do it.  Start your blog now and all the pieces will come together.  Any doubts or fears you have- ignore them and just dive right in!  I am considering adding some blog posts with some tips I have picked up along the way! (I might have to start this column asap if the remodel delay prevents me from accessing my craft room!)

Flamingo in Peach and Pink 

I am hoping to be back next week with more DIYs.  I just ordered flamingo paper for a diy for the baby's nursery and cannot wait for it to arrive!!  (Yes, she is 6.5 months old and the nursery is not done, stop judging me ;)

Email me anytime or message A Bubbly Life on Facebook (seems to be the most popular route) for any questions!

IKEA 2015 Catalog- Five Favorites!

IKEA's new catalog for 2015 is here!  As a DIY-er, I love the flexibility of many of IKEA's pieces and you cannot beat the price.  Last week, I did a little IKEA hack on their floating shelves (one of my fav staples from them!) 

I will be adding more home inspiration type posts to A Bubbly Life over the next few months- because that is what I am obsessing over right now.
We are currently remodeling our home- a mess of dust, plaster, hanging wires and all that fun stuff...   I would love any and all advice and tips!

Back to IKEA- if you have not had time to check out the new 2015 IKEA catalog, here are some of my favorites!

(P.S. this post in no way affiliated or sponsored by IKEA, just a fan!) 

The first pick has to be pink, right? ;) A light pink drawers/nightstand set- would be a cute addition to a little girl's room.

Although I tend to be shy with bright colors in the home- I love this pop of green for a coat stand!
A mirror that doubles as a jewelry hanger.  My DIY sense is tingling- blue/white painted stripes on the wood for a beachy, coastal look?  Or spray painted gold for a more modern look?
I typically do not buy this type of furniture at IKEA.  I like to find great quality wood pieces via Craigslist/thrift store and fix them up.  However, the lines and shapes of the these nesting tables are so very cool.  
Black and white dining set- I am buying a couple of these plates.  I will just insist that they are necessary for a future blog post...

Have you checked out the new IKEA catalog yet?  What are your favs?

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Fab Friday Link Love!

I love this color palette of latte bowls from Anthropologie.  I am putting some open shelves in our kitchen and these would be great eye candy and useful for mise en place.

Edible gold popsicle gemstone rings. I die.

A bucket full of flowers. Beautiful.

"Get in my belly"- these diy ice cream cone wrappers are so cute!

A Bubbly Life this week-  DIY Crush: Watercolors!  IKEA Hack Floating Shelf Gold DIY

A Bubbly Life elsewhere- That time I Spy DIY needed inspiration & listed my photo as one of her inspiration pieces.  (awesome!)
Brit & Co has a ton of DIY hanger ideas- including my glitter ones! They also included me in their nail polish hacks! Thank you!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend xo Laurel

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DIY Ikea Hack Floating Shelves Color Block

A few months back, when baby C was still in the womb, I ordered some gold metallic brass contact paper for a diy project I had in mind.  I ended up dumping the project idea-  because hormones. But I still had some lovely contact paper for the future.  DIY supplies never go unused long around here :)

And in came these floating shelves from IKEA:

Don't you love floating shelves? I do!

I am not a stylist- my shelf styling is called "Laurel puts pretty things she likes on a shelf"  It almost looks perfect but:

I thought the shelves could use a pop of color- and this is where the contact paper came in:

Easy!  I forgot to take pictures, but the instructions are measure the shelf, cut the measurement and stick on! Pretty easy!

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DIY Crush: Watercolor DIYs

Almost Makes Perfect is getting married and did these beautiful watercolor table numbers.
Obsessed with this clock.
Watercolor napkins from the most gorgeous party.
Such a simple way to pretty up gift tags.
The Proper Pinwheel does an ombre watercolor cake- beautiful and yummy.

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Fab Friday Link Love

Fun- Darby Smart is offering my diy kit-  agate magnets at 25% off with the promo code Y3BP8C25. That is only $12 for the kit and includes free shipping! Go for it!! 

FoodiePeppered Bacon Bloody Mary bacon & vodka, I cannot find anything wrong here.

Fab- A diy hack for calligraphy on glasses- I need this! Raise your hand if you have terrible handwriting! I do!

Fashion- Nordstrom's anniversary sale begins today! It is a favorite sale of mine, huge drops in prices for the Fall, I cannot wait to check it out!

A Bubbly Life this week- Summer Lovin- DIY Crush: Fruit!   Gold Leaf DIY Lucite Office Supplies

Gold Leaf DIY- Lucite Office Supplies

I have wonderful news- I am back to regular thrift store browsing and shopping!  My husband just finished his MBA at UCLA (whew hooooo, congratulations, baby you are amazing!!) And what does this mean? He is now H-O-M-E.  So, I am now back to my weekly (or more) stops at a thrift store.  

I stumbled upon these lucite and acrylic finds at the thrift store.  I LOVE the look (my desk chair is acrylic or lucite, I really do not know the difference between the two plastics) 

I found a magazine holder and a little cube box for a total of $5.00  (the box was from a game called TableTopics there was one card left in the cube that I discarded) 


I decided to take these lucite pieces and add a bit of gold leaf to touch them up.  It is a small, subtle change- but I love it!

All you need to do this at home is a gold leaf set and some brushes.  I did not really do a step by step here because the steps are hard to see on acrylic.  Brush on glue, let it dry for approximately 20 minutes, press gold leaf sheet on top of glued area and rub with a brush.  (instructions are with a gold leaf kit and the sheets when you purchase)

For the magazine rack, I only wanted the edges done in gold.  That is how I decided on using gold leaf for the makeover- the glue and gold leaf would make it more precise as opposed to paint or rub and buff.

For the little guys, I gold leafed the outside of one and the inside bottom of the other.  

The little boxes hold business cards and mini gold glitter clothespins that I made- yes, I really stick to a theme in my office supplies.

$1.50 for the little lucite cube.  This is why I love thrifting- another man's junk (an empty game box) became gold desk accessories for me that do not cost me a fortune!

I had to blur the laptop- I realized what was showing was a post for next week ;)

Now that I am thrifting more, I hope to go back to sharing more of my makeovers!  Who said thrifting had to be ONLY vintage finds (which I do love as well...) Make it modern!

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DIY Crush: Fruit DIYs!

Getting fruity with it!  Seems like everyone in the blogosphere is creating awesome, fun and colorful fruit diy and crafts.  I love the trend and here are some of my favorites!

Watermelon Tray
Free Fruity envelope printables
Strawberry stamp print
Pineapple (& watermelon version at link) zipper purses
Pineapple Crayons

More Summer Favorites:

DIY Flamingo Beach Blanket
Summer Inspired Paddle Boards
Summer Lovin- Beach Style
Summer Lovin- Wayfair Daily Deal Picks

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Fab Friday Link Love

FashionMini pineapple suit! Kalia would look so cute in this!

Fab- A Ron Swanson themed nursery is the best thing ever.

Fun- DIY sliced watermelon coasters! Summerrrrrrrr

Foodie- Fig & melon salad with a creamy vinaigrette.  Drooling as I type those words out.

A Bubbly Life this week-  Ice Cream Party Reveal!  Honeycomb Ice Cream Backdrop

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Ice Cream Birthday Party- Kalia is 3!

* Warning- this is a photo heavy post! 

I went easy this year for Kalia's birthday, I did not have the energy with her new little sister around to do as much as I like.  Kalia loves ice cream and I thought an ice cream party would be a perfect idea for her- and simple for me.  I warned everyone that I would only serve ice cream goodies and cake (no one seemed to mind) which cut out a lot of the food prep I typically do.

A very simple buffet:

I used Kalia's favorite ice cream toppings: gummy bears, sprinkles, cherries and m&m's. Chocolate syrup, waffle ice cream bowls and sprinkled milk bottles rounded out the simple table.

The ice cream honeycomb backdrop was ridiculously easy- I tried to keep every diy and craft EASY for the party.  Ice Cream Honeycomb DIY 

I stamped everyone's names to spoons and to name all the ice cream toppings.  I also added words like "Party" and "Rad" (in case I forgot anyone who was coming, lol...)  I only invited family to cut down on the party, so it was an easy detail to do and I do not think time consuming even with a large guest list.

Remember my gold tray makeover? Well, I spray painted it again- all white- then added "sprinkles" with various colored craft paints. The ice cream sprinkle tray was a hit with Kalia and I may add it to her room, or more likely, re-spray it to match another themed party, ha.

There were enough sweet treats at the party, so I filled a bubblegum machine with confetti instead of candy and set it up next to the photo area.  A confetti machine is a much better use for this thrifty find! I now keep this in my office- a very A Bubbly Life addition ;)

Kalia enjoying her ice cream!  I made several ice cream hats for people to wear.  Another of Kalia's favorite treats is In N Out burger- and they always give her a hat and stickers.  I saved some hats and used card stock and markers to give them an ice cream sprinkle party makeover- Thank you In N out!

The biggest task (and what made Nick say- I thought you were taking it easy this year?)  Was Kalia's own ice cream truck!  I had so much fun making this for her, she also helped paint the steering wheel and tires (paper plates)

She loved sitting here and "selling"  ice cream!  I wish these photos were better, as the ice cream truck is SO cool.  I stored it in a back room with no ac and I live in Arizona, when I went to reshoot with good ice cream truck had ice cream party catastrophe ;)

This is what it is like trying to take pictures of a 3 year old...

Until next year!  Actually, I now have another daughter who's first birthday will be in January, holy cr*p I will have to do 2 of these a year!?... I better get back to work!!

If you want more kid party inspiration for the favorite girl in your life:

Her other parties have wayyyy more DIY ideas from when her Mom was not a slacker ;) 

Everything else I pretty much had on hand, if I forgot anything, ask me!

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Honeycomb Ice Cream Backdrop- Ice Cream Party!

Kalia's 3rd birthday party was a couple weeks ago and if you follow me on Instagram, you know the party theme was ICE CREAM!!

Photo backdrops are my favorite for parties.  I love having a place for guests to get goofy, take pictures and share these special holidays year to year.  It is also fun to come up with a new backdrop every year to match the theme for the party.  Last year, I created a polka dot wall using gold glitter and pink (the colors of the party)  You can find the diy for the confetti backdrop here and all the Dress up party details here.

For the ice cream party, I decided a massive amount of ice cream cones was necessary and so I made an ice cream backdrop using honeycombs and paper.

DIY Honeycomb Ice Cream Cones

Honeycombs (any size)
Brown Craft paper (99 cent store, office supply, etc)
Tape/Command Strips

I do not have any in process shots for this DIY.

Cut the craft paper into triangles for the cones.
Tape to wall.
Open HALF of the honeycomb up and affix flat side to wall.  I recommend a command strip to keep in place.  Personally, I used a staple gun, because this wall is about to be knocked down (yeay!) for our remodel.

For the photo backdrop, I used all the same size honeycombs.  On Wednesday the full party reveal will be up on blog and I used large and medium honeycombs for the ice cream topping table backdrop, so you will see that soon!!

And here are the loves of my life- Nick, Kalia and Colette.  Although my fur baby Zoey is missing, but Nick could not hold the girls and our 75 pound boxer mix.

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