Summer Lovin: Wayfair Daily Deal Picks!

Regular readers may remember I share DIYs over at Wayfair each month and this time around they asked me to share with my awesome readers the deets on their Daily Deal Emails!  

Everyday Wayfair sends an email with the new sales they are throwing- several categories and new items go on sale- The items are up to 70% off, but only for a brief amount of time, and they can sell out- so move fast if you want something! (as I sadly learned...) 

I used items from the past week of daily deals to show my current favorite- summer entertaining!   Backyard dinners,  pool parties, beach bonfires... the list goes on for all the goodness that Summer brings us. 

Pink string lights- Summer is for outdoor entertaining and pretty lights set the mood (and pink is always part of my mood ;) 
iSolo Crosley Radio- I love the vintagey (that a word?) look of Crosley & when it popped up on the Daily Deals for a great price, it made my day!
Tool Cart- Yes, it is a tool cart, but I think it would make a great bar cart!  Roll it out to wherever the summer party is!
Canvas Art- I love this piece!
White Chair-   The chair design is called birch sapling but the chair makes me think of beautiful coral and the beach!

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I am very proud to be a member of the Wayfair's Homemaker bloggers program- they are so fun to work with and wow, I have been posting DIYs on Wayfair since September- almost a year now!  

Fab Friday Link Lovin

Fashion- Pretty much obsessed with this romper...

Fab- Is The Lovely Drawer's pom pom beach bag!

Fun- A melting popsicle ring holder- so cute!

Foodie- Fresh mozzarella in basil and lime... yummy.  I made the very tough sacrifice to give up cheese while nursing since it really seems to bother Colette.  But I can still dream of it, right?

Some updates- We are starting the remodel on our house shortly, we now have plans drawn and ideas swirling around...  I want part of the kitchen to be open shelves- if you have ANY ideas to share, please let me know- I started a Pinterest board just for open shelving ideas!  (I am sorry if this bores some of my Pinterest followers, but I need the board!) 

A Bubbly Life this week- Summer Lovin: Beach Style and DIY Flamingo Beach Blanket

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DIY Flamingo Beach/Picnic Blanket

I decided to do my own diy design spin on the dropcloth-turned-picnic-blanket (or a beach blanket)- and with what else but the iconic pink flamingo for summer!? 

All pink was a little too much (and coming from me, that is saying a lot) so I added some green flamingos to the mix.  It is nice to branch out from my normal color palette!

How to Make A Flamingo Picnic Blanket From A Dropcloth

Paint dropcloth
Contact Paper
Flamingo Stencil*
Roller Brush

My Mom drew my flamingo for me on contact paper: 

If you are familiar with A Bubbly Life, you probably know I cannot draw well, and apparently my Mom's talent skipped over me.  She is so awesome, she did this one night for me WHILE babysitting my kids! Thanks, Mom!!

If you lack artistic ability like myself, there are a few flamingo stencils you can print out (I googled) The super talented Audrey at the blog, This Little Street has a couple!

After your awesome Mom draws a flamingo, carefully cut it out to create your stencil.

Stick contact paper on to your dropcloth and paint.  Repeat until you have as many flamingos as you want!

In this instance, I recommend you do as I say and not what I did... If you are doing multiple colors for the flamingos, use a different stencil for each one.  The colors can mix together when painting.  Also, although my one stencil worked for the entire blanket, it would have been nice to have another one, because it did get extremely wet and delicate towards the end...

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Summer Lovin- Beach Style

This weekend marked the first day of Summer- and I have been craving the beach like crazy.  I now live in Arizona, so the beach is a longggg drive away... But I can still rock these beach essentials at a pool or park...

Floppy hat- essential for being out in sun- not only for the style, but to protect your face from the harsh sun rays! Another bonus to floppy hats- a sleep deprived Mom of two who does not have time to get her hair done- a beach hat hides those roots! (surprise! I am not a natural blond!) 

pink aviators- Ray Ban. classic. aviators.  cannot go wrong and pink just for me!

swimsuit- I have already posted about this swimsuit on the blog.  My love for it runs deep.

Jelly purse- omygosh, my childhood all over again- I want a jelly purse!!

bkr water bottle- i splurged and bought one of these after having baby- I need to stay hydrated for nursing & as a crunchy, hippie momma, I pretty much banned drinking/eating from plastic.  bkr bottles are not only glass, but chic.

pom pom sandals- Seriously!? so flipping cute. I dont care that the hot pink does not match the mint green and light pink palette I have going on- I want these shoes!

Another thing to include on your beach days? A beach blanket- I happen to have a fun diy coming for one ;) !!

Want more fun in the sun, beach ideas?
Sangria Party!  Beach Paddle Boards  Pineapple Summer Scarf

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Fab Friday Link Love

Fashion-   Pom poms on sandals?  For only $26, I am SO in.

Foodie- A blooming onion that is not deep fried and filled with tons of crap no one should eat?  This looks and sounds amazing- blossomed onions grilled with red pepper aioli

Fun- I want to make this watermelon serving tray for summer!

Fab- Speaking of fruit, how adorable are these free fruity printable envelopes?

A Bubbly Life this week- Sangria Party! Beach Paddle Board DIY on PBteen

Image above- Weekend Printable Link

Have a great weekend!!

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Beach Paddle Board Summer DIY

I am over on PBteen's blog, the Stylehouse with a fun DIY for summer!

You can seriously do so many designs and colors for these plain paddle boards- available on Amazon.

I had trouble choosing so went with two different styles- an ombre pattern (because pink.) and ice cream (because summer.)

Head over to Pottery Barn Teen for all the details and photos!

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Entertaining Tips For A Sangria Party!

I love getting together with friends, (who doesn't?) but it just seems we rarely make the time these days with careers, marriages and babies. I am not part of a book club or anything social right now because I do not have the time, but I am part of the Mom of very young children club and we get together NEVER.  When Yellow Tail sent me some bottles of their new sangria, I decided it was about time our little club met for some drinks and fun.

In my opinion, sangria is best served chilled. To keep it cold I kept it in a block of fruity ice- a quick, mini diy that is perfect for entertaining.  To make your own ice chiller- cut a milk or juice 1/2 gallon container down to your preferred size for the ice chiller (I cut it in about half). Fill with water and fruit (or flowers, but sangria & fruit are the perfect companions) - stick a bottle inside the milk jug container and freeze! When you remove from the freezer, you will have the perfect spot for a bottle of sangria chilled.

Planning and setting up the party was very easy- I went with bold colors and fruit for my decor.  I added citrus- orange, lemons and limes to all the ice cubes and a side of fruit for guests to add to the sangria.

I wanted to dive into creating my own pineapple vase after seeing so many versions on Pinterest- so very easy and perfect for a party set up with sangria.

Umbrella straws just seemed absolutely necessary.

We moved the party to the living room for my comfy couches and I had to bring the pineapple vase with us.

Everyone went home with a bottle of Yellow Tail sangria, (I did keep a bottle for myself- it was delicious) a sangria colored nail polish & toe separators, sangria scented candle (so good, I did not want to share...) and Yellow Tail nail stickers with their adorable kangaroo mascot!

Thank you Yellow Tail for providing a night out to a couple sleep deprived Mommas and thank you readers for supporting sponsors who help keep A Bubbly Life around!


Follow Yellow Tail along on Instagram for more inspiration!

The legal drinking age is 21 years old, as always please drink responsibly.

**This post was sponsored by One2One Network & Yellow Tail, all opinions are my own, thank you for supporting sponsors that make A Bubbly Life possible

Fab Friday Link Love

Fun- Last week, I mentioned WhimseyBox's free pineapple wrapping paper printable and this week they have flamingo! I love it!  P.S. a flamingo diy is coming your way... 

Foodie- Cauliflower "risotto"- omygosh risotto that sounds delicious without the actual risotto, therefore, much healthier & perfect for me!

Fab- Father's Day is this weekend and these DIY wood veneer cards are awesome.

Fashion- I am so glad one pieces are more stylish nowadays, I have a little baby weight to hide and I LOVE this  seersucker ruffled bathing suit

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Engraved Leather Frame &  DIY Geometric Ombre Pegboard

Have a wonderful weekend and a great Father's Day!

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DIY Geometric Ombre Peg Board Organization

I am finally sharing this DIY, I completed it at least 5 months ago, as you can see from my original intro:

A big project I want to complete before baby (nothing like 7 days left to get you motivated) is a complete overhaul of my office. When we moved last year, I had done nothing with the space I worked in, which is a huge source of anxiety and makes projects move slower because I cannot find anything! 

(Does anyone else NOT post tutorials after doing them? Just me? I will blame pregnancy brain, then no sleep brain from new baby.)

I decided I needed a pegboard to help me organize the office and it was a no brainer that I would paint it and add some much needed A Bubbly Life flair.  I
painted a peg board with a heart for my bedroom and loved the look- I decided to go with an ombre geometric look for the office.  

How to Design An Ombre Geometric Peg Board


Spray paint
Roller brush
Painters tape
Sheet of cardstock paper (or any weighted paper) or cardboard

 It is very easy to pick your color palette at the craft store.  All colors are lined up from lightest to darkest- pick the amount of colors you want (I chose 4) from the line up.


Measure the length of your peg board and decide on number of triangles.

I wanted 3 inch triangles so I had room for five lines of triangles (smaller ones would be cute!)

Cut out a triangle in your desired size using the ruler and cardboard to make your stencil.

Using the stencil, out line the triangle with painters tape, repeat until the peg board is filled.

Begin painting a row at a time. I used 5 colors for my ombré look.
Once you paint a row remove tape while still wet in direction of paint.
Continue until all rows are complete and once it is dry, you are ready to hang!
I also had the hooks spray painted gold versus keeping them silver.

My office space is white with pops of color. I love the white, streamlined look for organization and the pops of color to inspire creativity.

Before A Bubbly Life, I worked at home for years in a non-creative career, so I still refer to my room as my office, I guess it should be called the craft room now?  Or maybe my studio?  (that sounds kindof cool ;) 

A couple separate looks in these photos because I took some this week and others 5 months ago...

The mint green honeycomb one is exactly the way the board looks now- I just bought that color honeycomb for Kalia's party and I love it!  

Organizing my office is so important and the pegboard has made such a difference.  I usually make a mess when crafting and clean up is put to the side as soon as my adorable daughters need me. I love having the pegboard- it is the one spot that is always organized.  The honeycomb shots were not purposely styled- it is how it looks pretty much everyday (except my double sided tape is missing, I usually have like 3 rolls on it, but I am using them for a project) 

I am hoping for a full reveal of my space soon, but I have a couple more additions to make.  My gallery wall is lacking, otherwise the room is completed- and has been for 5 months- yeay me!

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DIY Engraved Leather Frame

I am over on SheKnows today- sharing another Father's Day DIY!  I turned this thrifted leather belt and picture frame:

Into a simple diy leather engraved picture frame!

Get the how to on SheKnows and make Dad his own engraved leather picture frame (for $5!)

Need more Father's Day ideas?  DIY Wooden Engraved Mousepad

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Fab Friday Link Love

Fashion- Kate Spade stripes on sale.  I am seriously considering purchasing, but I need someone to give me the logical reason I would need this with baby... (It has an ice cream charm is a REALLY good reason...)

Fab Florals- While I love flowers, I am not really into floral prints.  Homey Oh My's floral monogram DIY is changing my mind...

Fun (& Free!)- I Love Whimseybox's free printable pineapple wrapping paper- so adorbs

Foodie- I made this grilled chicken wrapped in lettuce & mint recipe from Better Homes & Gardens last Sunday- they were so, so good & going in the dinner rotation all summer.

A Bubbly Life this week-  Agate Gemstone Magnets on Darby Smart & DIY Engraved Wooden Mousepad

A Bubbly Life elsewhere-  Mashable's Quick & Easy DIY 

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Agate Magnet DIY Available on Darby Smart!

I am so very happy to share that one of my recent DIYS- Agate Gemstone Magnets is now available on Darby Smart to purchase and make yourself!

Darby Smart is a DIY kit subscription service- you can sign up and get a monthly DIY box, or you can order one of the many project kits available on their site (including the agate magnets!)

The kit comes with materials to make four agate gemstone magnets and is only $16 (free shipping!)

Also, it includes a gold leaf pen.  I LOVE my gold leaf pen, which I think I have said in every DIY I have ever used it in... I used it on pumpkins and to make paper bag vases.  And I look at it all the time, lovingly, and wanting to use it again and again- it is the perfect metallic shine for a gold lover like me!

So if you have ever looked at one of my DIYs and said- Awesome (which I hope you say at every diy ;), but I do not feel like going to 3 stores to collect materials (and sourcing agate gemstones is not easy) then this is for YOU!

** Disclosure- This post is not sponsored by Darby Smart, I was lucky enough to be chosen as a designer and have a project kit launched.  I do get a commission off each kit that sells.  

DIY Engraved Wood Mousepad

I finally bought a wood burning tool and I love it!  The wooden mousepad is my first DIY using it and I have another Father's Day DIY coming up soon with it!  I guess wood burning and Dads just went together in my book...

This Father's Day is Nick's 3rd and I do not know if it is because we are still relatively "new" parents but we both love celebrating Father's Day and Mother's Day.  I cannot wait for the day that Kalia and Colette hand me some scribble art project that is supposed to be a picture of our family and gift it to us for one of these holidays.  But, until they can craft on their own, it is up to me to give Nick gifts for Father's Day.  

Truth be told, I think most Father's Day gifts can be very cheesy... I think this wooden mousepad is a great look and one Nick can keep in his office! The mousepad still shares a #1 Dad sentiment without it glammed all over some gaudy tie that Nick is never going to wear (although if the girls did give him a cheesy tie, he would wear it).  

How to Make An Engraved Wood Mousepad

Wood Stain
Foam Brush 

Write your message onto the mousepad.  A name, #1 DAD, Best Dad Ever, etc...  I used a stencil because I have terrible handwriting.  I prefer freehand for a craft since the handmade gift touch shows more, but really, my handwriting is that bad...

Trace over with the wood burning tool:

Stain the wood and let dry according to instructions:

Enjoy your wooden mousepad! If wood burning seems too hard (it isn't) try another diy mousepad- my cork trivet one! 

Happy Father's Day!

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