Hooray! It's Today!

While playing in Photoshop for some nursery art ideas I had, I made a Hooray! It's Today! print to add to my office.

A reminder that everyday is a gift, a new beginning and another chance gives me some much needed positivity.

Have any of you experienced more than just the baby blues after baby?

A Bubbly Life was not only named for my love of champagne- but that I am quite bubbly in person-and these dark days are a stark contrast to my otherwise smiley self.  I wish I had  more eloquent words to describe it- but hormones suck- or chemicals- whatever causes these imbalances that inhibit our lives during the happiness of sweet snuggles, chubby little baby legs, and belly laughs from a 3 month old.

I do not have much more to say now,  but the quote has made me smile and I hope it brings a smile to your day.

The printable is free if you would like to download it, but I would also love if you joined me on one of my social networks below:

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