DIY Agate Stone Magnets

Updated- You can purchase the kit to make this DIY at home yourself on Darby Smart!

One of my mottos is the simplest ideas are often the best.  These diy agate magnets are a great example- the diy instructions are glue a magnet to a pretty rock and add gold ;)

But, I am a proper blogger, so here are the materials and directions alongside the photos!

Agate Gemstones
Gold Leaf Pen


Glue the magnet to the back of rock, let dry.
Color the sides of the rock in with your gold leaf pen for a shiny metallic look.

Fellow gold lovers,  I LOVE my gold leaf pen, it is the perfect shiny, metallic gold and I am always looking for ways to use it.

In case you were wondering, another one of my mottos is- when in doubt, add pink.

* I was provided the gemstones via Darby Smart for a design project.

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