Fab Friday Link Love

Fun-  My baby girl Kalia (who is almost 3!) has her first ballet recital this weekend and I am SO excited.   Well, it is fun for me, maybe not so much for you?   Sorry, I just had to announce it! Newborn photo of Kalia via Tina Marie Photography

Fab- Flamingo Pop Wedding Shower from The House That Lars Built- just. so. beautiful. Cannot. handle.

Foodie- Zucchini Chips 4 Ways- omgosh, chips are my weakness and these could tide me over until I lose this stubborn baby weight!

A Bubbly Life this week-  DIY Washi Tape Holder from Napkin Rings &  Wine & 2 Cheese Rosemary Fondue

A Bubbly Life elsewhere-   Fab You Bliss shared one of my projects & did the sweetest little write up! I am so thankful, humbled and happy! Stephanie, I heart you!

Whimseybox DIY Trend Pineapples- An awesome roundup of the cutest trend!

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Wine & 2 Cheese Rosemary Fondue Recipe

This post brought to you by Cambria Estate Winery. All opinions are 100% mine.

Nick and I lived in wine country for the first year and a half of our marriage.  It was the beginning of a love affair for me (and not to my husband, ha!) I fell crazy in love with wine and cooking.  

Nick is/was not a big fan of wine, but he is a HUGE fan of cheese.  Lucky for us, wine and cheese are the perfect pairing, so we both are quite content.

Fondue is a tradition for us when we decide we are going to splurge and I always insist on getting a great white wine for it (and get him expensive stinky cheese)  When Cambria Estate Winery asked for a recipe pairing- fondue was an easy choice.  I decided to make it a bit more decadent with some white truffle oil (go for the glory!).   If you have not had popcorn with fondue before- go. now. try it. delicious.

Cambria's hand-crafted wines had a great chardonnay- Katherine's Vineyard Chardonnay was perfect for the fondue.  They are a family owned winery and the "estate" in the name means they make it from their own vineyards- and they have over 150 reviews with a 90+ rating- meaning they more than fit my requirement for a GREAT white wine for fondue at home!

Two Cheese Rosemary Fondue With White Truffle Popcorn


1/2 lb Shredded Gouda Cheese
1/2 lb Shredded Swiss
2 tablespoons Cornstarch
1 cup Cambria Estates Chardonnay White Wine
1/2 tablespoon of chopped fresh rosemary
Rosemary for garnish

White Truffle Oil


Over medium heat add wine to fondue pot.  Mix shredded cheese and cornstarch in a bowl.
While wine is at gentle simmer, slowly add cheese to pot, stirring as you go.  Add rosemary.  Stir until you receive a smooth consistency.  
Serve while hot and garnish with rosemary.

Drizzle white truffle oil over popcorn. 

Need more recipes to use with wine?  Cambria's unique wines will make a great companion to so many recipes!  Visit the Cambria blog for terrific recipes, DIY tips and news from the Cambria Estate Winery Vineyards

The legal drinking age is 21 years old, as always please drink responsibly.

Post sponsored by Cambria Estate Winery -  ALL opinions are my own, thank you for supporting sponsors who keep A Bubbly Life around!!
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DIY Washi Tape Holder

I am an avid thrifter, I love the "hunt" and scoring a rare find.  However, I MUST have an idea for my purchase or a use for it at home or a party right away or I cannot buy it.  This little rule prevents me from showing up on the show Hoarders.  But one day I found elephant napkin rings... and I loved them but had NO idea why I would need or want napkin rings.

But, I promised myself I would use them.  I would forget I had them and then would pull them out- staring and holding them waiting for inspiration.  (Usually this works for me)  LOL, well it has nearly been a year according to my Instagram, and I finally came up with a DIY for them!

Napkin rings*
Wooden Dowel
Spray Paint
Washi Tape

* Since I thrifted mine, I do not have a specific reference, you need napkin rings that will have a flat surface on one side and that are heavy enough to hold the washi tape up.  These cute pineapple ones from Zara Home would be adorable!


If you are painting, spray paint the rings and dowel.  (I would personally keep the Zara ones as they are and just spray paint the dowel- totally up to you!)
Allow to dry and stick velcro to dowel and inside of napkin ring.

Hang your washi tape, the velcro allows you to remove used washi tape and add new ones as you get them!

Although I liked the dark wood on the elephants, my craft room is white with pops of color, so the wood did not match.  I need to do a craft room tour one day soon for the blog!

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Fab Friday Link Love

Fun- I started a new Pinterest board- Summer Lovin!  A collection of beach, flamingos, pineapples, heart sunnies & so much more- the board makes me so happy looking at it!  (Image via )

Fab- I want this gold pink manicure in my life

Foodie-  Cucumber Noodle Salad With Spicy Sesame Soy Dressing- making cucumber noodles is now on my to do list- Yum!

Fashion-  I would not kick this Burberry clutch out of bed... although my husband might kick me out when he sees price tag

A Bubbly Life this week- Stamped Pineapple Scarf DIY   DIY Wooden Letter Sign

A Bubbly Life elsewhere-   Apartment Therapy's Stylish Concrete Diy Projects for Home

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HAPPY LONG WEEKEND! It is Memorial Day- please thank and remember our troops! Here is a list of great charities to donate to in support of our troops.  

DIY Wooden Letter Sign

Finally! One of my DIYs for Colette's nursery is here!  (I know you have been waiting with bated breath...)  However, it is a tease because this is not the nursery and it is pictured with my Mother's Day flowers.  Colette is four months old and while I did a ton of diys, the room itself is not complete yet, so the nursery reveal is a ways off...  (second child syndrome, sorry baby girl!)

I love the phrase "For Like Ever" and have loved the poster ever since I saw it in Domino way back in the day.  But I had a large piece of art for Colette's room already and did not want another large poster but I did find another way to incorporate the phrase in her room!

How to Make Wooden Letter Sign-

Wooden Letters (Michaels had the perfect font!)
Popsicle Sticks
Clamp (not shown)

Cut your popsicle sticks to size to connect each letter.

Glue and clamp the popsicle sticks to connect.

I love it! And it was ridiculously easy!  I did this like 9 days postpartum!

For Like Ever is also a perfect sign for a wedding, engagement party and more.  But Michaels has every letter- so no worries- any phrase you want- you can create!

Aww, she may be the 2nd child and homeless without a nursery, but I will love her and her sister forever and ever.

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DIY Pineapple Stamped Scarf on PBteen!

Last week, I put a sneak peek of this DIY on my Instagram and here it is today- a pineapple stamped scarf- I love it! And I am keeping a pineapple in my kitchen with sunglasses forever... cutest little kitchen companion to have!

Sharing the how-to on PBteen today, check out the very easy instructions and create your own beach bag staple!

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Fab Friday Link Love & An Ode to Hawaii!

Hey, that is me! I am starting this week's link love a little differently- with some Hawaii love.  I am in a bamboo forest on Oahu in the picture, it was about 25 minutes from our house and one of my favorite easy hikes to do.

We sold our house in Hawaii and today it is officially someone elses :((

It breaks my heart that we have sold it and I miss our home and Ohana more than words can say.  In 8 years of a nomadic Army life, Hawaii became our home and it was a wonderful 3.5 years there; despite part of it being a year of my husband's deployment to Iraq.  But, I loved our house, our home- minimally decorated because the ocean views and tropical plants were enough. I was awestruck by the beauty daily- it never got old or commonplace.

Today, I am indeed home with Nick, Kalia & Colette but something more awaits us- and all those pieces will fall in place again someday.  Until then, Hawaii, I miss you.

Now onto some happy, fab links!!

First- this is why Hawaii is awesome.

Fab- I cannot sew nor enjoy learning it, but I still am obsessing over these slouchy leather storage bins.  It almost makes me want to try a third sewing class.

FashionShort Hair tips, I want this wavy look! I recently chopped off all my hair- it was VERY long & AZ heat is here, so I wanted it gone.  When I first lived here ten years ago, I did it every summer, I guess the tradition is back.

Foodie-  Grapefruit Sage Mimosa- pair champagne with anything and I want to try it!

Fun- Mrs. Gold iphone charger you are so pretty and should be in my life.

A Bubbly Life this week- Guest poster- Paint Sew Glue Chew with a Starbursts Cake Topper- this is so awesome! And check out my DIY Agate Gemstone Magnets from last week!

A Bubbly Life Elsewhere- Wayfair's 9 Ideas for Updating Your Decor With Paint

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DIY Starburst Letters Cake Topper

Thank you to Diana from Paint Sew Glue Chew for her guest post today!  Starburst cake toppers are a brilliant idea and so easy to do!!  She also has another easy cake topper- an ombre one that you should check out!  Thanks again Diana!

Hi I'm Diana from Paint Sew Glue Chew, and I am so excited to be guest blogging for A Bubbly Life today so that Laurel can spend more precious time with her gorgeous new baby.  
I love Laurels blog.  A Bubbly Life has some amazing ideas that are creative but easy to reproduce. The perfect combination.   

This Celebration Cake Topper made from Starburst candies can be whipped out in a matter of minutes, is pretty, and requires virtually no baking or craft skill.  
Even better, it can lend itself to so many impromptu events.  Birthdays, christenings, a name, cheeky messages, or a simple monogram.

Roll the sweets out so they are about 5mm thick, and cut the letter shapes out.

You can adjust the shape if you are a perfectionist.  Clearly I am not.

Take a toothpick, and insert in the bottom of each letter, before placing on the cake.  
You could just place the letters directly on the cake, but somehow the toothpicks make it slightly fancier.

And there we go - Celebration cake ready to party.

For our party, I made a vanilla sponge, and covered with plain vanilla icing.  The white icing works well for these colours, though obviously any cake/frosting combo would do.  
My icing skills are not going to win any awards.  Luckily the cake topper and sprinkles detract from my handiwork.

This was such an easy way to jazz up a cake, and could be used to monogram cupcakes if you want smaller eats.

Many thanks to Laurel for allowing me to guest post today.  
You can find Diana over at Pinterest and Instagram.

DIY Confetti Graduation Banner on PBteen

I am sharing this very fun DIY over on PBteen today- a confetti number background!  Perfect for a graduation party or use it for any occasion, birthdays, sweet 16, etc!

Congratulations to all the 2014 graduates and a special thank you to my models from Scottsdale Christian Academy High School! 

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DIY Agate Stone Magnets

Updated- You can purchase the kit to make this DIY at home yourself on Darby Smart!

One of my mottos is the simplest ideas are often the best.  These diy agate magnets are a great example- the diy instructions are glue a magnet to a pretty rock and add gold ;)

But, I am a proper blogger, so here are the materials and directions alongside the photos!

Agate Gemstones
Gold Leaf Pen


Glue the magnet to the back of rock, let dry.
Color the sides of the rock in with your gold leaf pen for a shiny metallic look.

Fellow gold lovers,  I LOVE my gold leaf pen, it is the perfect shiny, metallic gold and I am always looking for ways to use it.

In case you were wondering, another one of my mottos is- when in doubt, add pink.

* I was provided the gemstones via Darby Smart for a design project.

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DIY Herb Markers on Wayfair!

I am over on Wayfair today sharing these herb markers- perfect gift for Mother's Day!

Can you guess what I used for the stakes?

DIY Mother's Day Card Banner for PBteen

I am over on Pottery Barn Teen today sharing a very easy to make Mother's Day card- a card that is really a banner when you open it!

Because your Mom deserves to hang a banner to celebrate her awesomeness!

Since it is Friday, here are my favorite links of the week!

Fashion- I love this huge statement necklace from BaubleBar.  One of my favorite go to looks is a plain t shirt with a statement necklace.   I have not been wearing necklaces with the new little one but I may dive in and take the risk again.

Fab- I looove Nate Berkus at Target and his newest editions do not disappoint- the Moroccan shag pouf is one of my favs.

Fun- Puppies & babies. Win & Win.

Foodie- Mussels are my favorite food.  I wrote that down in a journal when I was about 8 and it is still true to this day.  Mussels with Meyer Lemon Fennel Tomato Jam Broth by Sassy Kitchen sound delicious- and her photos are mouth watering beautiful, I found a new blog to follow!

A Bubbly Life this week-  Free Printable- Hooray! It's Today! 
Take a look at last year's post on 5 DIY Handmade Mother's Day gifts if you need more ideas for Mother's Day!

A Bubbly Life elsewhere-  Today.com 9 Creative DIY Toy Storage Ideas

Hooray! It's Today!

While playing in Photoshop for some nursery art ideas I had, I made a Hooray! It's Today! print to add to my office.

A reminder that everyday is a gift, a new beginning and another chance gives me some much needed positivity.

Have any of you experienced more than just the baby blues after baby?

A Bubbly Life was not only named for my love of champagne- but that I am quite bubbly in person-and these dark days are a stark contrast to my otherwise smiley self.  I wish I had  more eloquent words to describe it- but hormones suck- or chemicals- whatever causes these imbalances that inhibit our lives during the happiness of sweet snuggles, chubby little baby legs, and belly laughs from a 3 month old.

I do not have much more to say now,  but the quote has made me smile and I hope it brings a smile to your day.

The printable is free if you would like to download it, but I would also love if you joined me on one of my social networks below:

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