Pom Pom Cake Toppers

I love pom poms.  I do not know why, but they are a favorite of mine to craft and play around with. I had a ton of the mini pom poms leftover from my advent calendar.  Originally,  I was going to have the animals in different colored noses, but Rudolph noses were the winner!  But, no fear,  craft supplies do not go to waste around here...

I did this DIY so long ago and forgot about it, then I saw it sitting all lonely on my craft shelf, never getting any blog love, so here it is today!

How to Make Pom Pom Cake Toppers (Or Cupcakes)

Wooden Stars (or any shape)
Pom Poms


1- Glue pom poms to the star (you can do front and back if you like, I chose not to)
2- Cut the straw down if you like to make the short toppers.  I cut my straw in three.
3- Glue straw to back of star (If you do pom poms all around- glue the straw first!)

Yep, I made this cake, stop being so jealous of my frosting skills.

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