Exciting News- Made in Paper Feature!

I am SO happy to be included in the latest issue of Made in Paper.  Yesterday, I received my hard copy of the magazine and it was so cool to see two of my projects in print!!

Made in Paper is a sister magazine of the popular craft magazine, Mollie Makes and focuses on paper crafts (hence the name, haha).  It is released in the UK but you can order it online, grab it on your iPad or find it at Barnes & Nobles in the US.  It is a beautiful magazine packed with so many awesome projects and I am so crazy honored to be in it!

Paper bag vase DIY can be found here!

My confetti background DIY can be found here

One of my goals for 2014 for A Bubbly Life was to be in a print magazine.  I got the email the day I got home from the hospital with Colette, just three weeks into January- it was such a wonderful surprise!

I am so grateful for the opportunities blogging has brought me, I can get all teary and emotional in this post, but I will cut it short now and sincerely thank Made in Paper and everyone who reads the blog for making little dreams of mine come true.  You are the best! (sniff, sniff, *hugs*)