Fab Friday Link Love

Fun- Anthropologie has pineapple ice cube trays- I see some fun popsicles in my future!

Fab- Speaking of popsicles, Free People shows you how to make these edible floral ones that are just too pretty.

Foodie- Tangerine Mojito- yummy- and the colors are beautiful!

Fashion- Elle est Forte tee shirt from Etsy shop SheisClothing

A Bubbly Life this week- Pom Pom Star Cake Toppers

I know it has been quiet around here lately, I just recovered from the stomach flu- the SECOND time I have gotten it in 2 months (and shockingly I still have stubborn baby weight...) but more importantly, I am trying to readjust after having Colette.

Going from one child to two has not been easy and with a couple other issues at hand it has been a struggle.  A worthwhile one, but a struggle for sure.  With time, it will get easier (or at least manageable) but I may be more quiet around here than I wish to be for a bit.

Thank you for reading,
xoxo Laurel

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Pom Pom Cake Toppers

I love pom poms.  I do not know why, but they are a favorite of mine to craft and play around with. I had a ton of the mini pom poms leftover from my advent calendar.  Originally,  I was going to have the animals in different colored noses, but Rudolph noses were the winner!  But, no fear,  craft supplies do not go to waste around here...

I did this DIY so long ago and forgot about it, then I saw it sitting all lonely on my craft shelf, never getting any blog love, so here it is today!

How to Make Pom Pom Cake Toppers (Or Cupcakes)

Wooden Stars (or any shape)
Pom Poms


1- Glue pom poms to the star (you can do front and back if you like, I chose not to)
2- Cut the straw down if you like to make the short toppers.  I cut my straw in three.
3- Glue straw to back of star (If you do pom poms all around- glue the straw first!)

Yep, I made this cake, stop being so jealous of my frosting skills.

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More Pom Pom DIYS-

Fab Friday Link Love

Fashion- I want this bathing suit.  There is not much more to say.

Fun- These gold leaf eggs are my favorite easter egg makeover.

Foodie-  Guacamole. is. awesome.

A Bubbly Life Elsewhere- HuffPost Home 12 Gorgeous DIY Vases

I did have another DIY for this week, but the baby got the best of me.  She is a cutie, so I hope you will forgive her ;)

Hope you have a lovely weekend, we are taking Kalia to Disney on Ice and I am not sure who is more excited- me or her?

xoxo Laurel

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Bunny Cupcake Stand DIY

I am a sucker for bunnies- they are so cute! A bunny stand would be a perfect accessory for any Easter brunch!

How to Make a Bunny Cupcake or Cake Stand

Decorative Bunny- depending upon what size you find, you can make it a cupcake or full cake stand!
Super Glue
Spray Paint (in case you find an odd looking bunny and want to go all white or pastel for Easter!)

I purchased the bunny at Michaels for about $2 with the coupon, the plate was a thrifted small plate

You need a bunny with a flat surface on its head of (about half an inch square) to hold the plate steady. If the only flat surface is the tips of the cute bunny's ears, it will not work. Stores are filled with bunnies for the Easter holiday, so bring along your plate to test balance for the perfect bunny.

Super glue the bunny head to the bottom of the plate. (Other glues will work, but only if you are willing to hold it in place yourself for a long time.) Allow to dry and bond for a few hours.

Other Easter DIYs:
How to Make Bunny Chalk
Bunny Crayons
Bunny Glitter Jars

This post originally appeared on Wayfair.

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DIY Crush: Clouds

April showers bring May flowers!  Hold on a bit longer for some sunshine and enjoy these cloud DIYs!

I love cloud diys and I need to create some of my own at home...

1- Enjoy a spot of tea on a rainy day using this a rain cloud tray!
2- A little cloud dish with a touch of glitter for small little baubles
3- Cloud macroons!? So cute!
4- Raindrop and cloud cupcake toppers
5- DIY wire clouds- I think these would look great for my new nursery
6- I really wish I could sew, especially these cute cloud pillows!

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Heart Clipboard DIY on PBteen!

I am so excited to be over on PBteen's blog The Stylehouse sharing this easy heart clipboard DIY!

In my household, it does not have to be Valentine's Day to paint with hearts!  As can be seen on my heart jewelry pegboard and toddler chair... We (or I) like to decorate with hearts, and it was the perfect way to makeover some plain clipboards.

Head on over to Pottery Barn Teen and get the full tutorial and more pics!  

Fab Friday Link Love (on a Thursday!)

I am sharing links today instead of Friday- hope you do not mind the Fab Friday edition on a Thursday...  I will be sharing a new DIY tomorrow instead!

Fab-  I really, really want this MP3 player from Anthropologie for the baby room.  Cuz a baby needs an MP3 player? I dont know, I just love it!  I already bought her a bunny alarm clock she does not need, so why not?

Fun-  Katie over at Life With A Dash of Whimsy shares the contents of her makeup bag.  I love In the Bag blog posts, maybe I am nosy, but I just love seeing what is in others' peoples bags!

Funny- I think Oh Joy's April Fool's joke was my favorite of the blogosphere- the Friend tote!

Foodie-  Warm Feta & Kale Dip in my mouth now please.  The photos are beautiful, drool worthy and although I am skipping out on bread, I can use carrots?

A Bubbly Life this week-   Easter Bunny Crayons &  Made in Paper Magazine Feature

Since it is Thursday, here is a throwback post to when I used to share personal stuff on A Bubbly Life-  I Speak With A Bad French Accent & Other Things I have Learned Since Becoming a Mom

A Bubbly Life elsewhere-  HGTV's 36 Ultimate DIY Projects on the Internet

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Exciting News- Made in Paper Feature!

I am SO happy to be included in the latest issue of Made in Paper.  Yesterday, I received my hard copy of the magazine and it was so cool to see two of my projects in print!!

Made in Paper is a sister magazine of the popular craft magazine, Mollie Makes and focuses on paper crafts (hence the name, haha).  It is released in the UK but you can order it online, grab it on your iPad or find it at Barnes & Nobles in the US.  It is a beautiful magazine packed with so many awesome projects and I am so crazy honored to be in it!

Paper bag vase DIY can be found here!

My confetti background DIY can be found here

One of my goals for 2014 for A Bubbly Life was to be in a print magazine.  I got the email the day I got home from the hospital with Colette, just three weeks into January- it was such a wonderful surprise!

I am so grateful for the opportunities blogging has brought me, I can get all teary and emotional in this post, but I will cut it short now and sincerely thank Made in Paper and everyone who reads the blog for making little dreams of mine come true.  You are the best! (sniff, sniff, *hugs*)


DIY- Make Your Own Bunny Crayons!

I like to fill Kalia's Easter eggs with other things besides candy. I know... meanest Mom ever... but she gets enough candy from her two sets of grandparents who spoil her rotten. A perfect alternative to candy in the Easter eggs are little bunny crayons- they fit right inside them!  

How to Make Crayons

Bunny Silicone Mold


Preheat oven to 200.
Unwrap crayons and break up into small chunks.

Fill silicone molds and bake for 12 minutes.
Stir with a toothpick or popsicle stick and put back in oven for a couple minutes. 
(I found this step makes the crayons much smoother)
Once out of oven let cool for at least an hour.
Pop them out.  * I had no trouble getting mine out as I let them cool for a couple hours (um, I forgot about them- signed, Mom to toddler & 2 month old baby) 
If you have trouble removing them, place them in freezer for a bit.

Do you fill your Easter eggs with things besides candy?  

Kalai gets popcorn, stickers and mini toy figures (alongside candy) and now these homemade crayons!

Happy Easter!

Need another Easter idea?  Check out my bunny glitter jars from last year! 

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