DIY Polka Dot Mac Battery

During one of my many pinning sprees, I fell in love with the Mod Dot Backup iPhone 5 battery from Anthropologie:

Cute, right??  Well, I did not really need a backup battery, but I wanted something like it in my life, so I decided to do a similar design to my Macbook's battery!

Craft paint
Mod podge

I used a paintbrush because I love the look of the brushstroke on the dots and I liked how the Anthro version dots were a bit rough around the edges.

 You can use a pouncer or pencil eraser to get an even circle look if that is what you want to go for!  Seal with some mod podge and you are done!

I love the multi tiny dots and I have already gotten compliments at Starbucks!  It may be one of those crafts that you say- who has time for that?  It only takes minutes and I say everyone has time to add more color to their life!!

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