DIY Gold Geometric Bookends

Did you know that bricks are only 50 cents at the home improvement store?  Time to clean up my bookshelf!!

You can make any design and color you want!  I, of course, went with gold ;) 

White and gold spray paint
Painter's tape


To cover the dull gray of the bricks, I started with a layer of white spray paint. If you use a paint and primer mix, one coat will be sufficient. Otherwise, you'll want to do two layers of white. 

Once the first layer of paint is dry, make a triangle using painter's tape. Then add a layer of gold spray paint to create the geometric pattern. You can create any shape, try chevron, stripes, or squares.

I wanted another pop of color and so I wrapped my books in varying blue shades of scrapbook paper.

If I get bored of the metallic and geometric trend by next spring, I can easily spray paint over and create a new design. Maybe by next year my husband won't mind me wrapping the books in hot pink scrapbook paper?