DIY Lace Crown- Guest Post

I had a baby girl on January 16th and some awesome guest posters are filling in for me while I get some baby snuggle time!

I met Amber & Nick at ALT SF and they are the married duo behind Wills Casa. Some DIY, some party, some home design and a whole lot of funny. I love their blog and I am so happy they took the time to share a post today, as they also have a new baby on their life- thank you so much!

Hey guys! I'm Amber from Wills Casa, a DIY and Home Design blog that I write with my husband Nick. Thank you Laurel for letting me guest post while you soak up every minute of your precious baby girl! I excited to share a tutorial for a lace crown I made for my little girl who is now 4 and wants me to know she isn't little anymore. Apparently this tutorial can also be used for tots who think they are teens. Let's get to it shall we.

Skinny Headband
Lace (I used 8 inches.)
Paint (I used Martha Stewart Metallic Gold.)
Mod Podge
Glue Gun & String

Brush your paint onto the lace. It's helpful to use a sponge brush and a regular paint brush to distribute the paint evenly and every where on the lace since it's so textural. I put wax paper down, so the lace would pull up easily once it dried.

Once your paint drys, pour on the Mod Podge. You want the lace to stiffen up and be able to hold its shape. Don't be afraid to use too much. It dries clear!

I let mine dry then sit rolled up tight for a few days. Overlap the lace keeping the pattern consistent. I matched up the peaks and hot glued them together.

I attached the lace crown to the headband with hot glue first. Then I threaded bakers twine around the crown and the headband for a stronger hold. It's helpful to loop it through the lace on both sides of the headband.

Tie the string and hot glue it under headband. The crown will stay secure once it's placed on your princess'  head. 

Ramona loves her crown. It was originally made for her birthday, but she still likes to rock it on errands. It is a little weird to grocery shop with a crowned companion, but at least the crown can withstand my kid's shenanigans. You can check out more of her Zoo party over on Wills Casa.

You can find Amber & Nick on InstagramFacebook , and Twitter.