DIY Fringe Chalkboard Banner

As announced yesterday,  I will be hosting a Pinterest party at Michaels Stores Sunday, Feb 16th 1-4pm as a Hometalk blogger in Phoenix, AZ.  I am SO excited!! The project I chose is the chalkboard banner!

I LOVE the chalkboard banner because you can easily change to any phrase for any party or event!
Saving money and reusing are some of my favorite things (along with glitter, anything pink, shoes, wine... I digress...

How to Make a Fringe Chalkboard Banner

Chalkboard Banner (available at Michaels!)
Baker's twine
Tissue paper
Rotary Cutter (my new favorite tool!)
Self healing mat
Chalkboard Markers
Glitter Clothespins (optional)


Take approximately 5 pieces of tissue paper and layer on top of one another.  Fold over a quarter of inch of the paper on top and staple together.

Using the rotary cutter, start slicing on top if the self healing mat.  You can use the measurements on the mat to make your cuts all the same size or eyeball it (as I did)

The chalkboard banner comes with baker's twine (yeay!) String the twine through the holes and attach to fringe banner using glittered clothespins, tape, or glue.

I chose to use mini glittered clothespins because it looks pretty and they are easily removed!

If you are in Phoenix, AZ- come and meet me on Sunday Feb 16th from 1-4pm and make a banner of your own!  Directions to the store

I am in love with the rotary cutter, the fringes took mere minutes to make!

Honeycombs are another favorite of mine...

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