Decorating Essentials- Candles, Throws & Books & Magazines

I had a baby girl on January 16th and some awesome guest posters are filling in for me while I get some baby snuggle time!

Katie and I are friends in real life.  Haha, by real life I mean we did not meet online through blogging- we met when we both lived in Hawaii and now commiserate on how much we miss it.

She is so amazingly talented and I wish she could decorate my whole house.  She was recently featured on The Everygirl- be sure to check out her feature to see her beautiful apartment and read her inspirational story and check out her blog, Life With a Dash of Whimsy!  Thank you Katie!!

Essential #3- Candles!  Candles are pretty and help create the mood, even if romance isn't the goal.  Plus, the subtle scent is always a nice touch.  I am loving my gold dot Kate Spade candle right now, but Woodwick or the candles from Bath and Body Works are always a great choice too.

Essential #4- Throws (cozy blanket)!  Remember that time you went to a friend's house and watched a movie while you were shivering there on the couch?  I have memories like that too, which is why I always have one or two throws draped on a chair or the sofa.  They encourage your guests to relax and get comfortable, and they also add a little softness and color to your room.

Candles, throws and books to add some fun to your living room.

Essential #5- Books and Magazines!  A coffee table is not a proper coffee table if there isn't anything to read!  Books say something about you, and are great for a guest to browse if you're busy preparing drinks or an appetizer.  I love to choose books with great content that also have beautiful covers so that I can decorate with them as well.  Books and magazines are also a great way to give something a little extra height.  Think your lamp should be a little bit taller?  Add some magazines under it, and then add a little dish or candle next to the lamp to complete the vignette.
Now that you know the essentials, get decorating and then throw a cocktail party!  Your guests are sure to feel at home and comfortable. 

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