DIY Valentine's Day Surprise Ball Guest Post

I had a baby girl on January 16th and some awesome guest posters are filling in for me while I get some baby snuggle time!

Katie from Twin Stripe has an awesome lifestyle blog and she mixes some DIY in as well- I LOVE her gold corkboard and I am so lucky to have her here today with an adorable Valentine's gift!

Hello A Bubbly Life readers! I’m so excited to be guest posting today while Laurel spends quality time with her new bundle of joy. My name is Katie from the blog Twin Stripe, a lifestyle blog that highlights bright, graphic and eclectic moments.

This Valentine’s Day, delight your special someone with a surprise ball! They are perfect for kids and adults alike. A surprise ball contains small presents that you find as you unwrap them.

To make a surprise ball, you will need crepe paper streamers in a variety of colors, double sided tape and small gifts and treats to wrap up. I picked up mini washi tape rolls, fortune cookie erasers, message pads and Kisses. I also punched out hearts and wrote different messages on them to wrap into the surprise ball. 

To start your surprise ball, select an object, like a fortune cookie eraser, to be middle of the surprise ball. Wrap the crepe paper around the object, shifting the angle each time you go around so you cover all of gift. Select your next treat and continue to wrap the paper around the ball. After a gift or two, change the color of the paper streamer using double sided tape. Keep going until you have wrapped up all of the gifts.

To even out the crepe paper and decorate the surprise ball, I like to cut thing strips of streamer to wrap about the ball. I then finish it off with a heart.

A surprise ball is perfect for a Valentine, birthday or a just because gift. Everyone will love unwrapping their surprise ball, finding fun presents and notes as they go. 

Thanks for reading and be sure to stop by my blog, Twin Stripe!

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