DIY Unicorn Glitter Shaker

When I came up with this idea during Christmas, I wanted to post right away- because I LOVED the idea!!

This is super easy and a cute addition to any office/craft room (or any super girly, Lisa Frank lover :)
Before they became glitter shakers!

Unicorn salt & pepper shakers*

* Usually I thrift for more unusual items, but I did not want to hunt for months, so I checked eBay and I got a whole page of results!   I purchased 2 different sets for less than $10 each- including shipping!) (only one shown because I want to paint the other one) 


Tape off the tiny holes so you do no spill glitter everywhere (I still did when I bumped the glitter with my huge belly, 2 more weeks til my due date!)

Pour glitter into the little cutie!

Paint the unicorn horn the color of the glitter. Of course, this is optional, but I bought a couple sets and need it.

And doesn't it seem like the horn is perfectly made to let you know what the color of the glitter is!?  I am fulfilling a unicorn's destiny!

Now shake the glitter!  (I say this a lot and that Katy Perry song ALWAYS goes through my head)

My new favorite office accessory:

They just make me so happy... they are so cute!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I clearly do, ha!

I wish I had some Lisa Frank stickers for the background of this shot...

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