DIY Sequined Camera Strap For Less Than $5!

Whoever came up with the original idea of sequins on a camera strap- thank you- you are brilliant!  I have seen similar ones on Pinterest, BUT the DIYs for them looked a bit too difficult for me: requiring sewing (I can't don't sew) or requiring too many additional supplies (I am cheap frugal).  

So if you want the look, via the easiest way possible- this is the DIY version for you!

How to Make A Sequin Camera Strap for Less Than $5!

2 inch* Sequin trim
Camera strap (the one your camera came with)
Glue (Liquid Nails is my go-to)

*Measure your camera strap to get the length & width you need

Line up the sequin trim to your strap and trim.  (I always measure a bit more than needed to leave room for error, so I had to trim the length of the sequin a bit!)

Glue sequins to strap.

Clamp close to cure, I used another go to supply- clothespins.

And there you have it, your own sequin camera strap without the hefty price tag!

This is my old camera, which broke over the holidays (wahhhhhh), but it made a great model for the sequin camera strap!

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