DIY Heart Feather Glitter Garland

Everyone loves gold dipped feathers and since it is glitter, why don't we see them in any other colors- Like pink?!

For Valentine's Day I decided to make some pink & gold glitter dipped feathers and give them a heart like shape for an easy DIY garland.

How to Make a Glittered Feather Garland

Mod podge
Foam brush
Glue (Superglue, craft glue, glue dots*)
Pom Pom string (or your preferred garland strand)

*I recommend super glue or something more permanent if you plan on using the garland for a long period of time.  I want the option of using the feathers again, so glue dots were perfect!


For complete glittered feather directions visit my tutorial on my gold dipped feather chandelier.

Glitter the feather- add mod podge and glitter

Place a glue dot (or glue) on back of feather and connect to another feather, picture shows placement to make it a heart shape. It is best to place the glue dot on the hard, middle part of feather versus the light wispy parts.
Attach to garland strand using another glue dot or two.
I love the soft ethereal  look of the feather garland.  A romantic backdrop for a Valentine's party or use them for a wedding backdrop.
The perfect backdrop to steal a kiss under...

My garland is a little short because baby came early and I didn't have time to buy more feathers! Make it long or create multiple strands!

Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

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DIY Valentine's Day Surprise Ball Guest Post

I had a baby girl on January 16th and some awesome guest posters are filling in for me while I get some baby snuggle time!

Katie from Twin Stripe has an awesome lifestyle blog and she mixes some DIY in as well- I LOVE her gold corkboard and I am so lucky to have her here today with an adorable Valentine's gift!

Hello A Bubbly Life readers! I’m so excited to be guest posting today while Laurel spends quality time with her new bundle of joy. My name is Katie from the blog Twin Stripe, a lifestyle blog that highlights bright, graphic and eclectic moments.

This Valentine’s Day, delight your special someone with a surprise ball! They are perfect for kids and adults alike. A surprise ball contains small presents that you find as you unwrap them.

To make a surprise ball, you will need crepe paper streamers in a variety of colors, double sided tape and small gifts and treats to wrap up. I picked up mini washi tape rolls, fortune cookie erasers, message pads and Kisses. I also punched out hearts and wrote different messages on them to wrap into the surprise ball. 

To start your surprise ball, select an object, like a fortune cookie eraser, to be middle of the surprise ball. Wrap the crepe paper around the object, shifting the angle each time you go around so you cover all of gift. Select your next treat and continue to wrap the paper around the ball. After a gift or two, change the color of the paper streamer using double sided tape. Keep going until you have wrapped up all of the gifts.

To even out the crepe paper and decorate the surprise ball, I like to cut thing strips of streamer to wrap about the ball. I then finish it off with a heart.

A surprise ball is perfect for a Valentine, birthday or a just because gift. Everyone will love unwrapping their surprise ball, finding fun presents and notes as they go. 

Thanks for reading and be sure to stop by my blog, Twin Stripe!

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Fab Friday Link Love!

Fab-  The Everygirl's apartment tour this week!  I love all the color & Katie's story is beautiful to read!

Fashion- Gap heart jeans- so cute!  They are Kalia's size & I think perfect for Valentine's Day!

Fun- Love these mini heart balloons from Shop Sweet Lulu An adorable Valentine for anyone!

Follow-  Alt Summit SLC started Thursday and I have been following along with the hashtag #altsummit.  Bummed I had to miss it, but giving birth and snuggling my newborn takes precedence :)

A Bubbly Life elsewhere- Disney Baby's Awesome Paper Lantern Hacks
If you are stumped for some Valentine's ideas Henry Happened has the ultimate list- 120 Handmade Valentine DIYs

A Bubbly Life this weekDIY Heart Arrow Cupcake Toppers   DIY Crush: Hearts

In other news, I had my baby girl- Colette Rissy Stavros on January 16th, here is a pic off my instagram!  (I may be biased, but she is a cutie!)

Also, this is actually me today, rather than scheduled me!  Starting next week, you will see some awesome guest posters who are contributing while I take a break with the baby!  I still have some DIYs to share (scheduled ;) and some awesome collabs coming up so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading and sharing A Bubbly Life, have a wonderful weekend, xoxo Laurel

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DIY Crush: Hearts!

It is the time of year where love, pink, red and hearts take over the stores, Pinterest and the blogosphere.

 Try some DIYs featuring hearts- here are some of my favorites!

Link Love:

1- Confetti Heart 2- Angular Hearts 3-Red Heart T Shirt   4- Marshmallow Hearts for Hot Chocolate
5- Over-sized Fringe Heart 6- Geometric Heart Garland 7- Edible Heart Confetti

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DIY Heart Arrow Valentine's Day Cupcake Topper!

I am over on Wayfair today with a new DIY- a Valentine's Day cupcake topper!

A cute heart and arrow for a special cupcake treat!

Fab Friday Link Love!

Fab- I love this Love You More fringe banner!  So beautiful!

Fun- A sweet Valentine's card- You're My Favorite Husband ;)

Fashion- I know it is only January, but this Nanette Lepore Swimsuit is just so perfect.  The baby weight loss mission is ON :)

Foodie- A Glowing Green Smoothie sounds so perfect for my daughter (who is a terrible veggie eater, so I sneak it in)  I love juicing and hope I am able to do it while nursing (Just add LOTS of calories to some?)

Follow- Who does not already follow Mrs. Lilien?  But I had to mention her blog anyway, because it makes me smile all the time, I love it!

A Bubbly Life elsewhere-  Buzzfeed's 50 DIY Ways to Organize Your Life
Brit & Co's 20 DIY Ways to Use Contact Paper (I love this list, so many great ideas! I have another contact paper DIY in works, but I have a feeling the newborn is going to delay it- they can be time suckers... ;)

A Bubbly Life this week-  DIY Valentine/Wedding Decor Heart Coasters

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DIY Heart Coasters- Valentine's Day & Wedding Favors!

Another accurate title for this blog post would be the time I frantically yelled at my husband to hurry and grab the chainsaw before bulk trash pickup (which was on its' way) took our tree from the curb... (I have an idea, honey! Oh, how many times he hears that...)

I love the rustic look of the coasters and the sweet sentiment- perfect for Valentine's day or your wedding day!

How To Make Wooden Heart Coasters


Wood log (the bottom of my Christmas tree, smells sooo good)
Miter saw

Sand paper
Polyurethane Clear Gloss
Heart stencil (or your awesome freehand ability, of which I have none)
Paint- two colors, one for heart, one for initials


Cut wood log into approximately 2 inch slices using a miter saw. (The log you see below broke when my husband tried another saw, so stick with the miter ;) 

Sand each coaster a bit to remove rough sides (do not sand side).  Apply one layer of clear gloss polyurethane.

Once dry, grab your stencil heart and paint.

Let dry and write you and your love's initials.

Let dry and apply another layer of gloss polyurethane to seal.

These are perfect little coasters for a Valentine's Day gift but I also think they make a great DIY wedding favor or wedding decor.

If you think your wedding guests might not want your initials, just leave blank and every guest can have some heart coasters!

I would love these wooden coasters for a rustic, romantic wedding!

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Fab Friday Link Love!

Link loving is back!  I hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift guides and now onto my favorite pins and links of the week :)

Fashion- I am thinking of getting these beautiful bracelets made with the girls' names, might be a nice pick me up after labor?  What do you think??

Fab- Using Rifle Paper's botanical garland to document the baby's first year.  Beautiful.  The baby is due in 11 days and I have not decided how I am doing her month to month shots yet...

Fun- I can almost taste a cocktail, so close to being able to enjoy one! The Sweetest Occasion's Winter Citrus cocktail using clementines (a FAV of mine) sounds delicious.

Foodie-  Spaghetti squash with a lemon ricotta sauce.  I truly love spaghetti squash, I have eaten a low carb diet for years and spaghetti squash spaghetti is one of my favorite meals- this ricotta sauce sounds so nom nom nom.

A Bubbly Life elsewhere this week-  Handmade Charlotte's 6 Easy Tissue Paper DIYs

A Bubbly Life this week- I broke into the New Year with lots of sparkle- DIY Sequin Camera Strap
& DIY Unicorn Glitter Shaker   (I cannot have two favorite DIYs already?? But I LOVE these!)

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Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! xoxo Laurel

DIY Unicorn Glitter Shaker

When I came up with this idea during Christmas, I wanted to post right away- because I LOVED the idea!!

This is super easy and a cute addition to any office/craft room (or any super girly, Lisa Frank lover :)
Before they became glitter shakers!

Unicorn salt & pepper shakers*

* Usually I thrift for more unusual items, but I did not want to hunt for months, so I checked eBay and I got a whole page of results!   I purchased 2 different sets for less than $10 each- including shipping!) (only one shown because I want to paint the other one) 


Tape off the tiny holes so you do no spill glitter everywhere (I still did when I bumped the glitter with my huge belly, 2 more weeks til my due date!)

Pour glitter into the little cutie!

Paint the unicorn horn the color of the glitter. Of course, this is optional, but I bought a couple sets and need it.

And doesn't it seem like the horn is perfectly made to let you know what the color of the glitter is!?  I am fulfilling a unicorn's destiny!

Now shake the glitter!  (I say this a lot and that Katy Perry song ALWAYS goes through my head)

My new favorite office accessory:

They just make me so happy... they are so cute!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I clearly do, ha!

I wish I had some Lisa Frank stickers for the background of this shot...

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DIY Sequined Camera Strap For Less Than $5!

Whoever came up with the original idea of sequins on a camera strap- thank you- you are brilliant!  I have seen similar ones on Pinterest, BUT the DIYs for them looked a bit too difficult for me: requiring sewing (I can't don't sew) or requiring too many additional supplies (I am cheap frugal).  

So if you want the look, via the easiest way possible- this is the DIY version for you!

How to Make A Sequin Camera Strap for Less Than $5!

2 inch* Sequin trim
Camera strap (the one your camera came with)
Glue (Liquid Nails is my go-to)

*Measure your camera strap to get the length & width you need

Line up the sequin trim to your strap and trim.  (I always measure a bit more than needed to leave room for error, so I had to trim the length of the sequin a bit!)

Glue sequins to strap.

Clamp close to cure, I used another go to supply- clothespins.

And there you have it, your own sequin camera strap without the hefty price tag!

This is my old camera, which broke over the holidays (wahhhhhh), but it made a great model for the sequin camera strap!

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I'm Having a Baby!! Guest Posters Wanted!

If you have been following along for awhile, you may know that I am pregnant and my baby girl is due January 21st!  

Love to DIY, make good food or drinks, or share roundups??  I would love to have you on A Bubbly Life!  Or let me know any post ideas you may have!

Please contact me for more info! laurelATabubblylifeDOTcom

I am thinking the Madonna reference may just make me sound old... ;)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!! xoxo

Top Ten DIY's 2013!

2013 was a great year for A Bubbly Life- all thanks to YOU wonderful readers!! I hope to continue to provide DIYS you love and share with others!   I have a lot in the works ;)

Your ten favorites according to google analytics!

10) Gold Glitter Leaf Placecards- This one made the top ten despite only being around for two months!

9) Gold Glam Tray- A simple DIY with spray paint and painter's tape!

8) Rudolph Inspired Advent Calendar- Only around about 6 weeks and it is number 8! I love, love this calendar & was so excited to share it with you, so glad you loved it too!

7) DIY Jewelry Storage- Made from thrifted materials, a simple DIY that makes a great gift.

6) Back to School Notebook Makeover- This one made the rounds on numerous sites, so I was not surprised to see it in the Top Ten.

5) Sharpie Dishwasher Safe Mugs- Very popular when it first came out, then everyone came back for it around Christmastime- makes a great gift! And it does NOT fade or come off like so many other tutorials found on web.

4) Confetti Party Backdrop- A personal favorite of mine- used at many of my parties and given to friend's for their parties as well.

3) Paper Bag Vase- Another vase! I love flowers and love the look of them in brown paper.  Simple DIYS are sometimes the best! (also, a great kid craft!)

2) Glitter Tin Can Vase- So easy, so sparkly, so much gold makes this another personal favorite of mine- they currently hold many paintbrushes in my office.

1) DIY Mousepad- Wow, I did not expect this one to take the top spot.  An unplanned DIY- I really needed a mousepad and made one real quick one day.  A Food Network star shared it and that helped boost its' popularity!

Thank you so much for reading A Bubbly Life!!

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