Fab Friday Link Love!

I took an unplanned, unplugged vacay, but I am back with some link loving for your weekend!

Fab- Pom Pom Balloons via Design Improvised- it is no secret that I love pom poms (see here and here) These pom pom balloons are so awesome!

Foodie-  Lemon Thyme Spritzer- looks so refreshing (it is non alcoholic, but it does not have to stay that way...

Fun- Awesome Craigslist tale.  A mirror, a home renovation blogger and a (somewhat) patient husband.  Oh, how I can relate. 

Fashion- Wow, wow, wow-  I love this strapless mini and the price is not bad either, hmmm...

Follow-  A reminder that Google Reader closes this Monday! Follow A Bubbly Life and all your favorites on Blog Lovin!

A Bubbly Life this week- Unplugged.  However, you can find me on:

MommyPage did an interview with me &  I would love if you checked it out!

And in these awesome roundups-

The Glitter Guide- Oh, I have such an embarrassing crush on them (who doesn't?) and my Blackberry Orange Mint Popsicles is in their 10 Creative Popsicle Roundup.  Made. my. day. 
Better Homes & Garden- Get your concrete DIY skillz on and make some of these awesome concrete projects (including my concrete metallic planters)
Buzzfeed- 22 DIY Ways to Make your Whole Life Neon- including one of my favorite DIYs- neon animal pushpins

Thank you for your patience as I took a much needed (albiet, unexpected) break that I will explain later on blog.

Hope you have a fab weekend, xoxo, Laurel

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Fab Friday Link Love!

Fab- The beach life.  I miss Hawaii everyday and moving back is not an option right now, so I am escaping the heat of Arizona and heading to L.A. on Sunday!! Whew hoo!!
I have pretty much the same style hat as the girl pictured, but I think her thigh is the size of my daughter's so the similarities end at the hat.

Fashion- I love these peach shorts, the triangle jagged edge is so cute!

Fun-  Colorful Wood Coasters- a simple, cute and easy DIY- just find the perfect log!

Foodie- Almond Milk & Kahlua Panna Cotta with Macerated Blackberries- omygosh, I want this in my mouth now!

Follow- What Should We Call Me on Tumblr- seriously, I love this site and it cheers me up on any down day!  Hilarious and not for the easily offended.

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Happy Friday, Happy Weekend and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY GIRL, KALIA- she is 2 today and tomorrow is her party- many party DIYs are coming your way!

xoxo, Laurel

Concrete Metallic Planters DIY

A little bit ago, Buzzfeed (you know, the viral site that once you click on it, you blink and lost 3 hours of your life reading) contacted me to do a planter DIY for them, I was excited as I always wanted to give concrete planters a try!

Here is the tutorial published for A Bubbly Life readers!

Want to try another concrete DIY?  Make a cake stand!


Container for mixing
Oil (Vegetable oil, olive oil will do)
One Large Container for the mold & one smaller container to fit inside large*
Heavy rock (or other heavy item)
Spray Paint
Painter’s Tape
*I used a variety of containers from my recycle bin- cut milk cartons, empty hummus tub, empty cinnamon bottle, etc

1) Generously coat the parts of the containers with oil that will be in contact with the concrete. (The inside of the large container and the outside of small container)

2) Grab you gloves and mix the concrete and water according to directions on package. (The amount of water varies on type you purchase)

3) Pour concrete into the large container (in my case the milk carton).  Do not fill to top, leave enough room to be able to fit small container in.   Place small container in- you can dump any excess concrete if it does not fit in there!  

4) Place a heavy rock on top so that the container stays inside and does not float to top.   Let dry for 24-48 hours.

5) Remove containers and you are left with just the concrete pot!

6) Drill holes into the bottom of concrete for drainage. (or ask husband to, as I did, because I am banned from using the drill after too many accidents...)

7) Using painter’s tape, create your design.  Spray Paint and let dry!

I chose to do striped, gold color blocking and all gold with some hot pink on top (it wouldn’t be me without some pink ;)

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Fab Friday Link Love!

Foodie- Italian Sausage Caprese Burger- man, does this look good or what?

Fab-  DIY geometric drawer knobs from Stuff Steph Does. She does these awesome!

Fun- Little White Whale's  most recent collection of free fonts- summer themed!

Fashion-  I LOVE this romper!

Follow-  Refashionista  I cannot sew.  I took a class (twice) and it just was not for me.  I love her blog and mission- Eco fashion- taking a particularly terrible looking thrift store item and refashioning it into something you would wear (and love to wear!)
I only found her blog recently, but she has been on like Rachel Ray and stuff, so clearly I am out of the loop and everyone probably follows her already, ha!

A Bubbly Life this week- Coffee & Granola Bar  & Dishwasher Safe Sharpie Mug DIY

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Have a fab weekend, xoxo, Laurel

Dishwasher Safe Sharpie Coffee Mugs

I know, I know, another Sharpie mug tutorial.  They are all over Pinterest, but a plain Sharpie marker won't work, well maybe it will for a short time... but it fades, washes off, etc.   These you can put in your dishwasher, and if you are like me (as in lazy) dishwasher safe is kind of a requirement.

It is still very easy to do, but you will have to visit a Home Depot or craft store for a Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pen.  It is not expensive, I went to Michael's with a 40% off coupon (they have them every week) and picked up a pen for around $2.00.  I chose gold! (in case you missed it, I have a slight obsession with gold lately...)

Oven Safe Mug (I picked up mine for $.35 each at the thrift store)
Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pen in color of your choice

After you design your mug, place it in the oven and turn the oven to 350 degrees.  Bake for 30 minutes, turn off oven and leave mug inside to completely cool.

The little polka dot mug is my favorite! These mugs make great, unique gifts (I gifted mine during my Coffee & Granola Bar with Gevalia)

I really want to pick up more oven safe mugs and keep some for me. I have a pink paint pen that is just waiting to be used...

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Coffee & Granola Bar

I am a work at home Mom, which is awesome because I get to be at home with Kalia and work; however, that also means I do not get out much...

No water cooler chats, coffee breaks or lunching with co-workers.  Kalia is fun to be around, but her current favorite words are "No" and "More", which pretty much makes a conversation impossible.

Therefore, one of my favorite days of the week is when my sister in law comes over and has coffee with me. Kalia has someone else to tell "no" to and I converse with an adult!

Thanks to Gevalia and Safeway, I upgraded our coffee date to a coffee & granola bar (and invited more friends!)   My sister in law usually makes her own coffee while I am chasing after a giggling, naked toddler in the hopes of getting her dressed, so she appreciated the upgrade as well.

Instead of the usual coffee pastries, I decided a make your own granola would be more fun (and healthy)  

I used kraft paper (a favorite of mine when entertaining, easy cleanup) for a tablecloth and wrote on it- "How Do You Like Your Coffee?"
I am a no sugar and lots of cream diehard coffee lover.

Everyone went home with a coffee cup designed by me (DIY here!) and some Gevalia K- cups*

Coffee Filters made easy place settings
Check out my DIY Chili Bar and 5 Minute Impromptu Dinner for other easy ways to entertain.

*Kraft Foods is not affiliated with Keurig, Inc. KEURIG and K-CUP are registered trademarks of Keurig, Inc. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.