Fab Friday Link Love- Hop Into Spring!

Hop Into Spring: 15 Great Spring and Easter Ideas

Fab Friday Link Love this week is an Easter Hop with a group of amazing bloggers- sharing their AMAZ-ING Spring and Easter crafts, DIYs and recipes.

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter! xoxo Laurel

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Adorable Easter Cupcakes
Spring Pinwheel Wreath
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White Chocolate M&M's Pudding Cookies
Glitter Bunny Easter Jar DIY
Chocolate Easter Bunny Cards
Robin's Egg Nests
Berry Gift Basket
Free Easter Printable Pack

DIY Paper Bag Flower Vase

I love fresh flowers (who doesn't?) and there is something about them wrapped in a paper brown bag that makes it more romantic.  I want to grab a baguette, a bottle of wine and walk along the Seine.  Sigh... I need a vacation (to Paris, lol)

A very simple DIY, you only need some paper bags, markers and imagination to design your own bag.

I chose to do some polka dots (shocker, I know) triangles and LOVE.

To add your flowers, use a tall vase (or in my case a drinking glass) If the vase is too short, the flowers will cause the bag to bend.

This also makes a wonderful kid friendly craft- let your little artist create their own vase!

I know, so many pictures, but I had 40, edited that down to 16, and then chose these final ones.  I JUST love flowers!

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Fab Friday Link Love!

Fun- Being awesome is a hard job, but someone has to do it!  via tumblr so no original source...grrr, if anyone knows, please contact me!

Fab- Washi tape as a wine label? Love it!

Foodie- Lemongrass Chile & Coconut Shrimp sounds delicious & I am making it the next time I have shrimp!

Fashion- I badly want this white linen dress!

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A Bubbly Life this week- Chevron Stencil DIY & Easter Glitter Jars- Snow Bunnies!

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Have a fab weekend, Laurel xoxo

Easter Bunny Glitter Jar DIY

My daughter absolutely LOVES snow globes- who says they can only be around for Christmas? She is too young to enjoy many other Easter activities, so making these glitter globes with some cute little Easter bunnies is the way to go!  And, it is shockingly easy to make!

Used glass jars (for a uniform look, you can purchase mason jars, I hoard glass jars...)
Distilled/Filtered Water
Glycerine (I picked mine up at CVS drugstore and if Walgreens is in your area, they can order it for you within a day)
Glue (I used KrazyGlue)
Cute little bunny (I picked mine up at Goodwill)


Optional- paint your bunny/lid desired color

1) Glue your bunny to the bottom of the glass OR the bottom of the lid (depends on what look you want!)
2) Fill with water
3) Add a couple drops of glycerin
4) Add your glitter
5) Close lid and as I tell Kalia- Shake it, Shake it, Shake it!

Happy Easter!!

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Tatertots And Jello

Chevron Stencil Furniture Makeover DIY


When I picked up a plain white stool at Goodwill for $4.99, I was not sure how I wanted to make it over and then I had the wonderful opportunity to check out Handmade Charlotte stencils and could not wait to use one of the designs on the stool!

The stool needed a quick cleanup and sanding, then I repainted it a glossy white.  I am VERY into neon lately...as seen here and here.  So, I decided I wanted to do some color blocking with hot pink:

I received the Patterns stencil set which comes with 6 patterns and a sheet for letters and numbers. (I already have some DIY ideas for the numbers & letters- yeay!)

It was a VERY hard decision to choose the design. I narrowed it down to two- polka dots and chevron, even trying both and after trying some polka dots, decided to go with the chevron. I have so many polka dot DIYs, I need to branch out a bit :)

To apply the stencil, I taped it down with some painters tape to keep it from moving while painting.

The chevron pattern is long and I noticed the stencil lifted a bit in the middle so I also applied some double sided tape to the back of the stencil to keep it very still.  For the polka dot one, this was not necessary.

I used a small roller paintbrush to apply the paint.  I lifted the stencil immediately after painting to correct any mistakes I made.  To cover the whole stool, I lined up the pattern and repeated the steps.

I love it!

Neon pink and chevron are just the look my office needed.  Another thrifty find, an owl for $3 (spray painted white), is very happy to have a place to sit.

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Fab Friday Link Love!

Fun- A diagonal french manicure with some pink- I want!

Fashion- I pinned this mint green Marc Jacobs watch after completing my mint green fashion board.  Love.it.  So obsessed with mint green right now!

Foodie- AZ is supposed to be in the 90s this weekend- I do not want to turn on my stove, so this Peach & Prosciutto salad sounds delicious!

Fab- These DIY bracelets via Chic Steals. I want to make them!

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5 Minute Mousepad DIY- Thrifty Thursday!

I lost my mouse pad.  How does one lose a mouse pad? Answer: I have a toddler.  And my mousepad seems to have gone the way of my original set of car keys, my Mastercard and my undereye concealer (seriously, Kalia, I need that!)

I picked up a set of 5 round cork trivets at the thrift store one day for the whopping price of $0.99,  I really needed them to set hot dishes on, but I do not need FIVE, so I decided to use one to make a new mousepad.

With some ScotchBlue tape and spray paint- I had a new mousepad.

Plain, then gold spray paint, then painter's tape, then hot pink!

I am sure my old mousepad will show up again, but I like this one better, and hopefully Kalia does not decide to add it to her mysterious stash of goodies.

In case you were wondering, this is what my DIYer hands look like. (I also have white & hot pink paint on my arms...)

DIY hands
Happy Thrifting!

My desk

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Mint Green Fashion Loving

I intended to do a neon fashion board, but ALL my recent pins have been mint green and with St. Patrick's Day on the horizon- why not create a green fashion board?

1- Rebecca Minkoff mint green blazer-  I think blazers are an essential staple- dress it up or down.
2- Rebecca Minkoff purse- I guess I have a bit of a crush on Rebecca this fashion board!
3- Essie mint green nail polish- An item I can afford for my mint green obsession!
4- Kate Spade watch- I am not watch wearer but I heart this watch.
5- Mint Cuff- Arm candy, arm candy
6- Elizabeth & James sandals- Casual & so prettyyyy

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More fashion inspiration boards!

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Fab Friday- Link Loving, Loving Links

Fun- I love this ballon from Anoukb blog.  Black Balloon plus White marker- done & done!

Foodie- This cucumber margarita drink via A Beautiful Mess makes me want to lick my screen.

FabCotton candy clouds are fab- fact.

Fashion- I hurt my ankle & have to wear flats- boo hoo :( These pink/nude/black ballerina slippers may help me get over my sadness. It cannot hurt to try?

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A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Neon Animal Pushpins- They are cute, neon and fun!

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DIY Neon Animal Pushpins

I am definitely in the mood for Spring!

I painted my nails neon pink over the weekend and decided to go neon with my latest DIY. You may recognize the cuties above, from my DIY Plastic Animal Garland.
I loved the garland, but it was made for a shower, I did not want the colors and I hate things to go to waste- so I made a much needed office supply- pushpins!

Plastic Animals (Goodwill cheapie bin!)
Craft Paint
Glue Gun


I apologize for the pic quality...it was at night-  I wined & painted ;)

I needed 2-3 coats of paint for each one. Alternatively you can use spray paint, but I wanted four neon colors. Craft paint is less than a dollar, so I went that route!

Grab your hot glue gun and glue those thumbtacks to the side of the animal.

My office w my girl & a love note from hubby

Bright colors and love reminders is how I like my creative space (and now jungle animals?)

I hope you enjoy- I love them!! I have not done a DIY for my personal use in sooooo long (not that I mind making them for parties or my favorite girl in the whole world, Kalia)

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Fab Friday Link Loving!

Fab- Polka dot sheets & duvet.  omgosh. want. now.  via La Redoute I am super picky about how my sheets feel though... but I want them... so torn...

Foodie- Asparagus, Chorizo & Soft Egg via Mj's Kitchen!  Looks so delicious, cannot wait to try in the Spring when asparagus is in its full yumminess.

Fun- Eek- polka dot DRINKS?!? by the always wonderful, amazing Sweet Paul

Fashion-  I pinned this amazing dress "for Kalia" but I would really like it in my size...

Follow- Hubby Made Me- Britni has such adorable DIYs & crafts & has been an AWESOME bloggy friend.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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A Bubbly Life this week- Glitter Hangers & Free Printable- Crack Open the Bubbly!!

XOXO,  Laurel