DIY Sequin Letters For the Holidays!

Sequins, holidays and easy- it does not get much better than that!  Last year, I decorated "JOY" with Christmas garland- so if sequins are not your thing- give garland a try!

I love this soooooo much, I see many sequin letters in my future.  "A-B-L" will definitely be in my office soon... can you guess what colors I would choose for that?

How to Make Sequin Letters

Stretch Sequin Trim (I used 1 inch, most fabric stores have trim, but I included an online resource as well)  
Cardboard letters

Wrap sequin around letter.

2) Glue at top and bottom.

I used clothespins to cure glue.

The end :)

Hope your Christmas is filled with Joy!  I would love to see these sequin letters on a mantle or at any Christmas party!  Since sequin comes in a variety of colors and wooden letters can be found, well in every letter, the combinations and ideas are endless!

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