DIY Fringe Drink Stirrer

If you need a festive drink stirrer- you can make these in no time. I first used a popsicle stick as the stirrer (which I still like) but found some fun straws at the dollar spot at Target and like that look too, so try both!

How to Make Tissue Paper Fringe Drink Stirrers

Tissue paper
Fringe Scissors
Standard scissors
Styrofoam balls
Straws or Long skinny Popsicle stick

Layer a few sheets of tissue paper on top of one another. 
Using your fringe scissors cut along edge going up approximately half an inch.
Take standard scissors and cut fringe line off.

Get popsicle stick into styrofoam ball or straw. Cover styrofoam ball in glue.

Beginning from the bottom and working your way up, apply fringe.

It is so easy and only takes minutes for a set!

The fringe and straw look make me think of Dr. Seuss! How about a Grinch Who Stole Christmas party?

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!  

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