New Year's Free Printables!

Ring in the New Year & celebrate the bubbly!  I made these printables to celebrate A Bubbly Life's one year blog anniversary- they would be great for a New Year's party!


Download the free printable in mint green and/or in pink!

And here is last year's New Year's quote:

Download the Free Printable here via Google Docs! (My siggy A Bubbly Life is NOT in the pdf)

Have a safe, happy and wonderful New Year's!! xoxo, Laurel

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!

I have tons of Christmas DIYs from my 5 days a week posting in December- be sure to check them out- there is still time since most are SO easy!

I will be back shortly with some New Year roundups and I am excited for a list of projects I have for January- I will be taking a short break from party DIYs and you will be seeing more of my bloggy side- i.e. craft room disaster area.  Organization made sparkly?

Have a safe and wonderful holiday and thank you SO much for reading & sharing A Bubbly Life, you make my day everyday!!

I will be around on social media, sharing pretty little pics- A Bubbly Life is on FacebookTwitter Pinterest & Instagram- I would love for you to join me there!

Holiday Crush: Minted New Year's Cards!

*Sponsored by Minted, all opinions are my own

I enjoyed listening to the founder, Mariam Naficyof Minted at ALT SF this past July, she was very inspirational and I loved her entrepreneurial insights. Therefore, I was SO happy to be asked to share with readers some of my favorites of the New Year's selection of Minted cards.

There are 25 pages of New Year's cards and I went through all of them and chose some of my favorites- it was so very difficult to narrow down from all the amazingness and I went with three categories: Color, Gold (of course!) and Modern.

I think New Year's cards are a great idea, especially for me, who was unable to get Christmas cards out in time- New Year's gives me another's week or two ;)  Also, you can save 15% all holiday and new year cards with the Code: FLURRY15, exp 12/23- so hurry!

Links- 1 2 3 4 5

Links- 1 2 3 4

Links- 1 2 3 4

Minted showcases independent designers from over 40 countries- meaning we get a huge selection of original, beautiful, indie art work on our stationary options.  I especially loved (because I looked through all the pages for my lovely readers :) that Minted allows you to do a "quick look" changing the color and shape of card direct on front page without having to go into each individual link!  Makes my shopping easier and faster!

Happy Holidays!!!! Have a safe and wonderful weekend, xoxo, Laurel

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DIY Fringe Christmas Trees

Cardboard cones
Tissue paper
Fringe scissors
Double sided tape or glue*

*I used double sided tape because I do not want the trees to be permanent and want to switch it out for a future craft.


Cut strips of fringe using your fringe scissors, approximately 1/2 inch each.

Working from the bottom up, wrap fringe around cone and tape to close it.

Continue until you reach top of your tree!

I went with pastel to match my scalloped ornaments. A soft look for Christmas!

Be sure to check ALL of December (archive in sidebar) for Sooooo many holiday DIYs- I am posting 5 days a week, today is the last DIY of the series but I will have a couple more posts before Christmas!

Hope you are enjoying the holiday series!!

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DIY Cheers Drink Stirrers

This DIY was done back in October, and I realized it would make a great holiday and New Years craft instead, so I have been waiting to publish it for months- hope it is worth the wait for all you!

I cannot wait to join everyone in a "real" Cheers, just five more weeks until little makes her appearance into the world!

Get ready to ring in the New Year!!!

Wooden stars
Paint pens
Long stir sticks

Paint or spray paint the little stars back and front.
Allow time to dry and write your message with a paint pen.  Glue the star to the stir stick.

I chose to write Cheers in a couple languages!  For a party, you can always leave them blank and keep the pens around for your guests to write their name- who wouldn't want their name on a star!

I wrote Cheers! Kampai (Japanese) Yamas (Greek) Salud (Italian) Sante (French) Prost (German)

I used a new glue sent by Nine Lives Products called Glu6- it is an eco friendly glue made from recycled styrofoam- it is 100% recycled material, non toxic, dries CLEAR (a wonderful trait in crafts!), Made in USA and a whole list of other awesome things :)- including smelling good! 

Be sure to check ALL of December (archive in sidebar) for Sooooo many holiday DIYs- I am posting 5 days a week and this week is the last bit left!  

Hope you are enjoying the holiday series!!

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Disclaimer: Nine Lives Products sent me the glue to try out- and since I loved using it ( I am a little crunchy cloth diaperer Momma afterall) I wanted to include a review of the glue on ABL.  All opinions are my own and please check them out for your craft needs!

DIY Scalloped Ornaments

I love these, so very easy to make and I think they are a pretty addition to any tree (or even an IKEA jewelry holder :)
I chose a color palette of gold, mint green and light pink.  I adore pastels and getting out of the rut of traditional Christmas colors is always fun!

Paper mache ornament balls (or any plain ball ornament)
Tissue paper
Circle Puncher
Mod Podge (or any glue)

How To Make Scalloped Ornaments

Punch out your circles on tissue paper.  The gold paper is a kind of baking cake display paper- a thrift find for me- but any paper will do.

Start from the bottom of ornament and glue each circle on in a row.  Begin the next row on top of the bottom row, stick them close together so they overlap

Fill your entire ornament!  At the top you may only fit one or two circles, just use as many as you need to fill in the empty space.

The hardest part is making enough circles (unless you have a whole bag from multiple other DIYs ;)

Do you like the fringe trees?  Here is the DIY!

Would make a great gift for an ornament exchange- handmade, unique and beautiful!

Be sure to check ALL of December (archive in sidebar) for Sooooo many holiday DIYs- I am posting 5 days a week and this week is the last bit left!  

Hope you are enjoying the holiday series!!

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DIY Mini Word Garland for the Holidays!

Today we have a bonus DIY- 2 uses for one DIY method! Stick around until the end to see what else you can do!

I love that these are so mini and therefore, cute- I keep mine hung from my chalkboard and floor length mirror.  It is so easy to do and even a great kid craft- complete with a little education on letters and words!


Pipe cleaners
Piece of paper
Pen or marker
Baker's twine or other thin string

How to Make a Mini Word Garland:

You can either handwrite your word or print it out on paper.

Line up your pipe cleaner and shape to form the letters.  You will need to join some pipe cleaners together to make a complete word. Just twist a new one onto the other and keep "writing"

String the twine through the letters for hanging. You can tie it onto the letters, but I preferred stringing it through so I could adjust as needed.

Hang for a cute little Christmas reminder.

Bonus use:

Last minute wrapping!

After enjoying the mini garland all season, take it down and add it to a gift for a quick and easy wrapping paper!

I Ijust taped the twine to the back of package- so easy!

The "joy" one, I hot glued on, but realized that was too hard (lol, not really "hard", but the other method takes very little effort) and the twine looks so pretty!

The "Cheers" one is an actual gift for Kalia... It was the smallest word I had left and hers was the smallest package left... She does say "cheers" when we play tea time, so it is a good fit. We are outstanding parents ;)

Merry Christmas!  Xoxo

Win A Stocking Stuffer From Target!

*Sponsored by Target, all opinions are my own

Target's #HilariousHoliday shenanigans continue with their "Ugly" line extending from their ugly sweaters (here is me in one!) to shot glasses, pint glasses,  boxer sets with an elf hat and these "ugly" flasks!!

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Follow the #hilariousholiday tag on social media and check out all the pictures of ugly sweaters and Target's hilarious line for the holidays! 

*Please note- cannot guarantee arrival by Christmas

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Gift Guide: Foodie With A Side of Glam

I am a total foodie who LOVES to cook and I miss cooking for hours and sipping wine and feeding people so much.  When I am out of the toddler years, I hope to jump right back in!  Meanwhile, I would not mind some goodies to keep me going.

 Some of my favorites for the foodie or hostess in your life with a side of glam, of course!

1- Cook Often, Eat Well print via Etsy shop Anek
2- Frosted Wine Decanter & Glass
3- Glittered Flatware from Anthro
4- IceMilk Apron- I have coveted one of these for yearssss (I have an apron collection & IceMilk needs to be in it!)
5- Since I do not bake, I do not really have a use for this scale, but that does not stop me from wanting it...
6- Gold Serving Bowls from CB2- what makes them even more fab is the low price tag!

A Bubbly Life is on FacebookInstagramPinterest (where all my picks are!)  & Twitter - I would love for you to join me there!

I hope you are enjoying my Christmas extravaganza, posting new DIYs or a gift guide everyday!
One more week of festivities!

In Case you Missed This Week:
Christmas Tree Pom Pom Bags
Plastic Animal Ornaments W a Sharpie
DIY Sequin Letters
My First Year Hiding Gifts! 

Happy Weekend everyone!! xoxo, Laurel

DIY Christmas Tree Pom Pom Bags

I love pom poms!  I think they make the cutest addition to craft projects and here I use them as the "stars" on top of Christmas trees!

Treat bags (Michael's, Party City, etc)
Tiny Pom Poms
Piece of Scrap Paper


I used a traditional black Sharpie which will bleed through the thin treat bag paper, stick a sheet of scrap paper in middle to prevent it from bleeding to the other side.

Draw your Christmas trees.  Trust me, you can do this, I have the artistic ability of a 1 year old, its just little triangles!

After completing both sides of the bag, apply a small amount of glue to top of tree.

Add the pom pom- it is easiest to add the tiny ones with a tweezer.

You can fill these with little Christmas candies and treats, I am using them for my ornament party (on blog next week) so everyone has a little bag to take their handmade ornament with them!  The treat bags can be made any color- the ornament party bags will be different- a super cute color palette is planned ;)

You can also make wrapping paper with these and make the trees bigger and use bigger pom poms!

Merry Christmas!!

Want more pom pom crafts??  Rudolph Inspired Advent Calendar &  Pom Pom Wrapping Paper & Pom Pom Tablecloth

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DIY Sequin Letters For the Holidays!

Sequins, holidays and easy- it does not get much better than that!  Last year, I decorated "JOY" with Christmas garland- so if sequins are not your thing- give garland a try!

I love this soooooo much, I see many sequin letters in my future.  "A-B-L" will definitely be in my office soon... can you guess what colors I would choose for that?

How to Make Sequin Letters

Stretch Sequin Trim (I used 1 inch, most fabric stores have trim, but I included an online resource as well)  
Cardboard letters

Wrap sequin around letter.

2) Glue at top and bottom.

I used clothespins to cure glue.

The end :)

Hope your Christmas is filled with Joy!  I would love to see these sequin letters on a mantle or at any Christmas party!  Since sequin comes in a variety of colors and wooden letters can be found, well in every letter, the combinations and ideas are endless!

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DIY Animal Ornaments With Sharpies!

*This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and 
Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #StaplesSharpie

I just can't quit the plastic animal DIYs- I cannot resist how cute they are and easy to makeover.  These plastic animal ornaments are made even easier by using a Sharpie, another DIY favorite of mine!

I do have a pink Christmas tree, but it is tiny & only in my office...
How To Make Sharpie Designed Plastic Animal Ornaments

Sharpie Markers
Plastic animals
Eye hooks
Spray paint

Ornament hooks

The plastic animals before (with some Sharpie doodles :):

I chose medium sized animals and two large ones.  The small plastic animals work just fine but I wanted bigger ornaments for the tree.


Drill a small hole in top of plastic animal and screw in an eyehook.

Spray paint all animals white (a paint & primer spray paint mix works best)

Design your animals using a Sharpie marker!

I chose to stick with the Gold Metallic Sharpie for my doodles (seeing as gold metallic is my current obsession).  I did "realistic" lines on the giraffe and tiger.

For the rest of the animals, I went with polka dots and stars!

As all of us Sharpie addicts know, they come in soooooo many colors.  Staples has a great sale on the 12 pack of Assorted Sharpies- only $6.00, a smoking deal and I cannot wait to Sharpie all the things...

I purchased the Assorted ($6), Metallics (comes with 2 Silver, Bronze & Gold) for only $3.39  and Neon-at only $5- which I am so excited to get my hands on for some spring DIYs!!

My other favorite :)
I think this elephant prefers a forest of garland than the harsh jungle!

The tiger looks a bit angry for Christmastime...

I will be giving these out at an ornament exchange party- don't you just love Christmastime?

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