DIY Holiday Christmas Wreath

Wayfair sent me another holiday wreath for 10 bloggers to work their DIY magic on and I LOVE this wreath!

The Boxwood wreath is beautiful as is- but it is amazing what ten bloggers have done!  My version is a simple, light touch since I loved the green leaves so much.

Of course, it is a very simple DIY anyone can do and I think the light touch adds a bit of Christmas magic without being overwhelming!

Using a red berry plastic bouquet from the craft store, I removed the berries, making sure to leave some of the wire attached to the berry.

I stuck the berries into the wreath instead of glueing- I like the idea that I can remove them if I want to use the wreath for other occasions.

The wreath hangs onto my chalkboard frame, I did try it on the door- but I am selfish, I rather be the one looking at it everyday!

* Disclaimer- I was provided a wreath by Wayfair to decorate for their slideshow, I was not required to do a blog post, but wanted to share the wreath with everyone!