DIY Gold Wooden Chalkboard

In the final DIY for my white, gold, nature inspired themed Thanksgiving, I created a gold chalkboard using a plain wood plaque.  Very simple to make and I cannot wait to use it on my buffet to describe dishes and/or welcome guests!

How to Make A Gold Chalkboard 

Wood plaque
2 foam brushes
Gold Craft Paint
Clear Chalkboard Paint


1) Apply two coats of gold paint to the wooden plaque, use a light coat for each one. Let dry between coats, only takes a few minutes.

2) Apply one coat of clear chalkboard paint.  Let dry one hour.  Apply second coat of clear chalkboard paint. Wait 24 hours before using, then you can write away!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen some peeks of these already- I hosted a Holiday Decorating Ideas Made Easy event at West Elm over the weekend and did some DIYs with attendees- the gold chalkboard was the main DIY.

I did both a light gold and dark gold version.  The dark gold was the winner at West Elm amongst attendees.

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season and a whole lotta holiday DIYs coming your way!!