Ugly Sweater Parties With Target!

*Post in partnership with Target-- all opinions are my own*

Ugly sweater parties are one of my favorite Christmas celebrations, tied with white elephant gift parties- I like to combine both party themes at one party!

Target came out with a line of hilariously ugly sweaters- and when asked to share about them, I had to agree to it, because- well, look:

My Target was sold out of this one!  Cats + Santa Hats= awesome

I liked this one too, but green is more my color (below)
My favorite was the nutcracker one-

Does this sweater make my belly look big? ;) 32 & a half weeks along!
I always like to take things a bit further (a consummate partier, I suppose)- Target's dollar spot has a ton of different Christmas themes headbands and I like to "serve" them in a bowl and have guests take pictures in them.  I am not sure the guests love it, but I do :) (I feed them well, so they do what I ask) 

Another ugly sweater tip?  Head to the decor section at Target- hang ornaments to the sweater or a tinsel garland scarf- really ugly it up!

Follow the #hilariousholiday tag on social media and check out all the pictures of ugly sweaters and Target's hilarious line for the holidays!  I will be sharing more pictures on my Instagram with the tag (I go to Target a lot...)

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DIY Geometric Table Runner on The Proper Pinwheel

Remember my geometric tablecloth?  I wanted to create something much easier to do at home and I did!

It is less time consuming and much easier-  check out my geometric table runner on The Proper Pinwheel! 

Btw, I guest posted for the best reason ever- Lexy had a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations Lexy, and thank you for having me!!

DIY Gold Wooden Chalkboard

In the final DIY for my white, gold, nature inspired themed Thanksgiving, I created a gold chalkboard using a plain wood plaque.  Very simple to make and I cannot wait to use it on my buffet to describe dishes and/or welcome guests!

How to Make A Gold Chalkboard 

Wood plaque
2 foam brushes
Gold Craft Paint
Clear Chalkboard Paint


1) Apply two coats of gold paint to the wooden plaque, use a light coat for each one. Let dry between coats, only takes a few minutes.

2) Apply one coat of clear chalkboard paint.  Let dry one hour.  Apply second coat of clear chalkboard paint. Wait 24 hours before using, then you can write away!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen some peeks of these already- I hosted a Holiday Decorating Ideas Made Easy event at West Elm over the weekend and did some DIYs with attendees- the gold chalkboard was the main DIY.

I did both a light gold and dark gold version.  The dark gold was the winner at West Elm amongst attendees.

Cheers to a wonderful holiday season and a whole lotta holiday DIYs coming your way!!

Fab Friday Link Love!

Foodie- A mix of a DIY & a drink- my kind of DIY !  Cotton Candy shots in ornament balls!

Fashion- These polka dot leggings are adorable- I am living in leggings at nearly 32 weeks pregnant, so comfy... Would love some cute ones too!

Fab- I love honeycombs and have a slight addiction- these ornament honeycomb DIYS from Studio DIY are fab for Christmas!

Fun- Homemade GOLD Cotton Candy- omgosh... so beautiful and so perfect for holiday entertaining as well!

Sorry I have been a bit M.I.A. this week but it is because I have some fab DIYS coming your way for the holidays!!!

A Bubbly Life This WeekHappy Hour Entertaining Tips!  A bunch of orange DIYs for Bolthouse Farms!

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Happy Hour Tips With Bolthouse Farms!

*This post is sponsored by One2One Network & Bolthouse Farms- all opinions are my own*

When you are asked to throw a happy hour with a group of your girlfriends and you happen to love throwing parties, the answer is an easy Yes! (and you try not to be grumpy when your friends can make their drink a cocktail while you continue growing a baby) 

Bolthouse Farms has over 30 flavors- breakfast smoothies, holiday specials, and a number of veggie/ fruit blends- but the main drinks that caught my eye were the carrot juice blends- and I loved the orange and ran with that color for the party!

I entertain often and on whims- so I have gathered many easy tips to "dress it up" over the years without a ton of work!

1) Use a frame for menu items, quotes, invites or as pictured below- an orange frame held a postcard for the current Bolthouse Farms Instagram promotion-

You get a $1.50 off coupon just by snapping a pic of a Bolthouse Farms bottle or ad and
uploading it to Instagram (must be public account)  and hashtag it #CarrotFarmers and #GotCoupon

2) Make your own ice cubes- seriously, it is so easy- I made some star shaped ice cubes with pomegranate seeds and citrus to match the drinks!

Everyone likes the colorful ice cubes, I got lots of oohs and ahhs.  The only difficult part is remembering to freeze a couple hours before party.  Green Goodness (shown above) was my favorite juice- we used the cute little "shot glasses" to try all the flavors.

3) Washi tape drink labels- they come in so many colors and designs to match any theme.  The washi tape comes off easy and any residue washes away!

4) Include a cute drink stirrer!  My fringe drink stirrer DIY will be up shortly! (just in time for holiday entertaining) 

Follow Bolthouse Farms #CarrotFarmers on Instagram!  Do not forget to upload a pic for a coupon (If you use one from the post, please tag @abubblylife, so I can check it out!!)

My Instagram shot- and I have an orange nail- I commit to my party themes!  I do have Mel's drink instead of mine though, you would think I was the one who had vodka...

Love the fringe lanterns? Check out the DIY for them here!

**This post was sponsored by One2One Network & Bolthouse Farms, thank you for supporting sponsors that make A Bubbly Life possible- and that make me branch out of my usual pink look ;) 

Fab Friday Link Love!

Loving all the holiday posts in the blogosphere and on Pinterest, it was hard to make my picks this week!

Foodie-  White Christmas Sangria- My baby girl is due in January and I think I will save this recipe to have after she is born- looks and sounds delicious!!

Fashion- I am not really into the chevron trend, but this sparkly chevron dress really caught my eye.

Fab- Anthropologie has its' classic monogram mug in GOLD for a limited time only! I am picking mine up this weekend, I cannot resist the gold!

Fun- These little deer cookies are so adorable, I would love to try them!

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Holiday Christmas Wreath  & DIY Advent Calendar With Plastic Animals 

A Bubbly Life elsewhere-  Curbly's 9 Creative Projects for your Thanksgiving Table
iVillage's 10 Swanky Place Cards for Your Thanksgiving Table
Wayfair- Nursery DIY Art (I am a monthly contributer at Wayfair, so be on the lookout for special projects just for them & may be a bit different from what you see at A Bubbly Life!)

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DIY Advent Calendar

I have said this a couple times, but this is truly my favorite DIY in awhile, I conceptualized it back in July and had to shelve the idea, as I was busy with a million other DIYs that were not for 5 months later...  

I was so happy to be able to finally work on it- I love it, Kalia loves it (She stole a lot of candy from the shoot  and so did the little baby in my belly ;) and I hope YOU love it too!

If you love it, I would LOVE if you shared it- pin away, tweet it, whatever you like- I want everyone to see it! It is so easy to do and an adorable idea with or without kids in your home!

How to Make An Advent Calendar with Plastic Animals


25 plastic animals
White spray paint
Tiny Red Pom pom balls
Super glue
Kraft boxes
Number stencils
White craft paint


Plastic animals

I picked mine up at thrift store, but you can find sets at the craft store.  I chose a variety of animals. I love the artic ones for Christmas but Kalia loves dogs, cats, horses etc.  So she got them all!

1) Spray paint animals white, some may need two coats ( a spray paint primer paint mix works best for the colorful plastic animals)

2) Once dry, super glue a Pom Pom to each animal "nose" Since the Pom poms are so small, I used a tweezer to place them on-  super easy.

Eyebrow tweezers work just as well as craft tweezers, just watch that superglue on your brows!
Kraft boxes
If you have great handwriting, unlike myself, freehand each number.  Otherwise, use a stencil set and paint each number. (I forgot to take a picture of me stenciling one! I am out of town and cannot reshoot the picture, I am sorry!) 

When all the paint is dry and the animals, take super glue again and attach animal feet to top of box and let dry.

Fill each box with candies and little toys!

I am so very excited for Christmas this year!! Last year, we moved from Ohio to AZ during December, so we had no decorations or tree!

The circus crew
Ready to countdown to Christmas?  These Rudolph inspired animals are!

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DIY Nursery Art on Wayfair!

I am over on Wayfair today sharing a simple Nursery Art DIY- a great gift for a new baby and easy to personalize for any nursery theme!

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DIY Holiday Christmas Wreath

Wayfair sent me another holiday wreath for 10 bloggers to work their DIY magic on and I LOVE this wreath!

The Boxwood wreath is beautiful as is- but it is amazing what ten bloggers have done!  My version is a simple, light touch since I loved the green leaves so much.

Of course, it is a very simple DIY anyone can do and I think the light touch adds a bit of Christmas magic without being overwhelming!

Using a red berry plastic bouquet from the craft store, I removed the berries, making sure to leave some of the wire attached to the berry.

I stuck the berries into the wreath instead of glueing- I like the idea that I can remove them if I want to use the wreath for other occasions.

The wreath hangs onto my chalkboard frame, I did try it on the door- but I am selfish, I rather be the one looking at it everyday!

* Disclaimer- I was provided a wreath by Wayfair to decorate for their slideshow, I was not required to do a blog post, but wanted to share the wreath with everyone!

Fab Friday Link Love!

Fab- Red scalloped apron from Anthropologie- I think it would be perfect for holiday entertaining! And aprons are one size fits all- so the baby bump will fit!

Fun- A DIY Cloud Dish via Love From Ginger- so cute, would like great in new baby room!

Foodie- Earl grey crème brûlée- yummyyyyy In my past life (i.e. before pregnancy) I do not enjoy sweets, but I have always loved crème brûlée!  Would love to try this!

Fashion- Pretty little statement necklace from Stella & Dot  Loving jewelery pieces as the bump gets bigger

Follow- I love the blog Max & Me- Tamsyn has two little boys but gets her girly out with beautiful blog posts, inspiration and DIYs.  She also has wonderful party and nursery ideas for boys and girls!

A Bubbly Life this week- DIY Gold Glitter Dipped Feather Chandelier  & Pinterest Cover Boards by Color

A Bubbly Life elsewhere- Wayfair- 10 Holiday Wreath Ideas (DIY will be up Monday!)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I am on my way to Philly- seeing some family before newborn lockdown begins!  xoxo, Laurel

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DIY Glitter Feathers Branch Chandelier

Now a  DIY Kit to make at home- via Darby Smart!

And we continue with my Thanksgiving series- gold, glitter and white! Otherwise known as nature with paint and glitter :)

I love the white gold feather DIYs all over Pinterest, so I had to do my own version- adding a spray painted gold branch for a chandelier seems to be the right touch for my Thanksgiving dinner (and easier than cooking a turkey)!

How to Make A Glitter Feather Chandelier

Mod Podge/Glue
Paint Brush
Clear Enamel Spray

Hanging "Chandelier":
Spray Paint
Fishing Wire

Glitter Feathers

1) Brush a light amount of mod podge onto feather
2) Sprinkle with glitter
3) Do the glitter shake removing excess glitter
4) Let dry & do a light spray of the clear enamel (No one wants glitter in their food ;)

1) Pilfer a neighbor's yard cuttings (or your own, but I had none) and get a branch of your choosing
2) Spray paint gold (and if you are pregnant, ask hubby to do it, same with the clear enamel spray above :)

For Hanging
Tie your fishing wire around feathers and hang to branch, then you are ready to hang from ceiling.
I swear by 3M command hooks for temporary hanging, they leave no marks on walls and if you get the clear version they are not very noticeable  ( I am NOT affiliated, they are just my personal favorite)

So, get your preferred hooks into ceiling- I used three to stabilize my branch (it was a bit heavy), and tie up your fishing wire* and you are ready to go!

*I ran out of fishing wire, so I have gold thread on mine
**My chandelier is hung fairly low for the picture, use caution if you have candles!!

I will be using my leftover feathers for more decor, cannot wait to take pictures of the final table setting!

More Gold Thanksgiving Ideas! DIY Gold Glitter Acorns & Gold Confetti Placemat & DIY Gold Leaf Place Cards

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Pinterest Cover Boards by Color!

Something I have done for a year or two now is change up my Pinterest boards so that the covers reflect one color theme-  yesterday I switched from pastel to white.

There have now been 5 color changes- what is your favorite?  I loved the pastel one- I kept it for months, but I remember loving the other ones just as much-

Pictures only show the first two lines of available boards, to see the entire theme- over 30 boards view my Pinterest !

Newest- Wintery White


Fall Colors


Pink (of course & it was the easiest to do, ha)

Hmm... looking back, perhaps blue is my favorite! Which one is yours?

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