Glitter Polka Dot Mason Jars DIY

I have been blogging for around 18 months and I do not have a mason jar DIY- I am surprised I have not been kicked out of the DIY blogger club (if there was such a thing..)

So, here is my first one and of course it has glitter!  Best part- only takes a couple minutes!

Glitter Polka Dot Mason Jars

Round Foam Pouncer
Mod Podge
Mason Jars
Paint Brush


1) Dip the foam pouncer into mod podge, be sure to coat the entire bottom of pouncer so that the circle is even.  Lightly push onto mason jar glass:

2) Shake glitter onto jar and using the paint brush, remove excess glitter:

Super easy! Use as a vase, hold party utensils, straws, etc...

Use any color glitter to match your party theme!!

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