DIY Duct Tape Pumpkins

Duct tape is a perfect no carve pumpkin solution for kids- without the mess of paint.  My daughter is only 2 and loved making one!  Perfect for Halloween or fall decorating

Duct Tape Pumpkins DIY:

Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape
Craft Knife
Self Healing Mat (or other surface to cut)
Googly eyes (for the mummy)

1) Wrap the pumpkin in Pearl White Scotch duct tape to make a surface for the ghost or mummy.

2) For the mummy, I used the tape to keep the eyes in place.  Use one small strip of duct tape above the eyes and tape to pumpkin.

3) For the ghosts, take the craft knife and cut whatever shapes you like to make your cute little (or scary looking) ghost.

I used Pearl White, Lace Vegas, Metallic Pink, Violet Purple duct tape for my pumpkins!

Additional step (optional)

We are a house of girls!  Miss Kalia who is 2 and one in the oven- so we adorned a ghost and mummy with a bow!

How to Make a Duct Tape Bow- (it is so easy!)
1) Cut two equal portions of duct tape (One bow was 3 inch, another bow was 4 inches)
2) Stick them together- back to back!
3) Accordion fold it.
4) Hold in middle and tape around it to create bow. I used a different color tape for the middle, but you can use same color as well.

For Kids:

Since Kalia is very young and not using scissors- I cut multiple pieces of duct tape for her, and she decorated several pumpkins.  She loved it and kept asking for more!

Older children can cut their own and get creative- a pirate with a patch on his eye?  A black cat?

Happy Halloween!

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Glitter Polka Dot Mason Jars DIY

I have been blogging for around 18 months and I do not have a mason jar DIY- I am surprised I have not been kicked out of the DIY blogger club (if there was such a thing..)

So, here is my first one and of course it has glitter!  Best part- only takes a couple minutes!

Glitter Polka Dot Mason Jars

Round Foam Pouncer
Mod Podge
Mason Jars
Paint Brush


1) Dip the foam pouncer into mod podge, be sure to coat the entire bottom of pouncer so that the circle is even.  Lightly push onto mason jar glass:

2) Shake glitter onto jar and using the paint brush, remove excess glitter:

Super easy! Use as a vase, hold party utensils, straws, etc...

Use any color glitter to match your party theme!!

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Fashion Crush: Rabeanco Bags

We all know- I love to shop.  For clothes, shoes, accessories, purses- anything to do with fashion.  But, I am pregnant, so the joy of shopping for clothes turns into a wasteland of tears- ha, that only happened a few times once.  

To sooth my fashion ache, my purse collection grows substantially during pregnancy...   Kalia & baby number 2 will certainly inherit a nice purse collection from me.

Rabeanco, a popular international brand is now in the US- located in L.A., but no worries, they ship free to everywhere in the US.  If you stalked followed the hashtags for NYFW, you saw many an editor with a Rabeanco purse on their arm. 

My favorites are below and they are my current fashion crush- all bags come in a variety of colors- but these were my personal fav combos.  

1- Vezza / 2- Marsili / 3- Violetta / 4- Maria / 5- Central / 6- Arielle

I love a pop of color to any outfit but we all need the essentials to match everything!

Check out the store for the entire collection! and stay updated with Rabeanco on Facebook & Twitter.

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Remember the holiday lamp challenge I posted a little bit ago? I am very honored to be chosen as one of the honorable mentions! My design will be in the Lamps Plus 2013 Holiday Catalog!
Congratulations to the winners & other honorable mentions!  So, if you would like to see the catalog (Mom, I am talking to you ;) sign up here to get one!!

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DIY Geometric Tablecloth or Backdrop

My new favorite DIY! Adios ombre cork board (although I still love you) but this has replaced you in my heart as my latest fav.  (until a Christmas DIY I have planned and am so excited about that is...)

It can be used as a tablecloth or backdrop for photos, events, etc.  I have not had a party to use it at yet, so it gets way more use for me as a tablecloth!

How to Make A Geometric Tablecloth or Backdrop

White Tablecloth (I pick them up at thrift store all the time)
Measuring Tape
Craft Paint (read note at end of blog post for wash instructions)
Small foam paintbrush
Painter's tape

(It is a matter of repeating the same step over and over.  However, it is very important to get your measurements correct for an even look.)

1) Measure your tablecloth

Pattern- Two triangles- 3 inches each= 1 line
I divided 6inches into the entire size of the tablecloth to get the number of lines I could paint.

Remember, you will need some space between each line (so the triangles are not bunched up together)
To make up for space between each line, I chose the design to have two sides having one triangle as the pattern instead of two.  (image below)

I assumed this would work, so I would not have to do additional math to figure out my triangles :) However, you could just divide the entire length by 3 inches, and see how many lines of triangle you can create.

(This photo is cut and pasted together so I can show an image of the overall design & pattern, the tablecloth is much longer)

Depending upon the size of your tablecloth, you may not have to do one line of triangles (I like the look though!) or you can do all four sides with one triangle.

2) Stencil and paint:

My stencil was 2 triangles made from painter's tape.

I prefer using painter's tape over a stencil.  I did not have a stencil in the shape I wanted and painter's tape, in my opinion, makes the best crisp lines!

The painter's tape gets pretty wet after the heavy use, so I made two so I could switch off while the other one dried.

I did each triangle individually (this is the time consuming part) versus taping up the entire cloth with the design.

It is not two colors of paint, one line is wet, the other is dry
(I apologize for the image quality- Mom DIYer means work at night usually)

I wanted the triangles fairly close together, if I taped the entire cloth versus painting individually, I would have had a large line (painter's tape width) between each triangle.
Prop-less photo, so you can see most of pattern
- There will be variations in how close your triangles are together if you do not measure each and every line as you do it- I did not measure each line- variation is the sign of a handmade beauty ;)

So, in short:
Stick your painter's tape triangle on tablecloth, paint, lift painter's tape.  
Line up the "stencil" to the previously made triangle- reversing the stencil to create your pattern.
Since the triangles are close together, you will be placing a portion of painter's tape on the wet paint of the previously made triangle- it is ok!! The paint will not come off or smudge.

Redoing tablecloths is not a new DIY of mine (all NO sew because, well, I cannot sew)
Pom Pom Tablecloth
3 Tiered Ruffle Tablecloth
 Repurpose a Sheet Tablecloth

I used Martha Stewart craft paint, the cure instructions are in the comments section located here! Martha Stewart craft paint IS washable!

"Heat Setting to Cure Technique – Allow your decorated fabric to air dry 24 hours then heat set using either one of two recommended methods.
Dryer Method – Turn garment inside out; place item in dryer for 30 minutes on highest setting allowed for the type of fabric used.
Iron Method – Place decorated item right side up on ironing board; cover with dry pressing cloth. Set iron to highest setting allowed for fabric used. Place dry iron (no steam) on area pressing for 30 seconds, lift iron moving to another area until all sections are heat set."

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Hope you enjoy my latest, favorite DIY!  

I jumped up and down off a chair 5.5 months pregnant to keep taking pics on the self timer,- one of my pictures I look like a pink ghost, I guess I thought over my head was a good pose for one? ;) xoxo

DIY Crush: Pumpkins

Pumpkin DIYs are beginning to hit the blogs and it is only mid-September- I cannot wait to see what more is in store for pumpkins!

My favorites are a bit more glam and girly than your average pumpkin for Halloween and that is how I like it :)

If you are looking for some original Halloween pumpkin ideas, here are 6 favorites:

1- Tissue paper is the secret weapon papernstitch uses on a beautiful collection of mini pumpkins.

2- A variety of ways to use gold on pumpkins!

3- My recent DIY-  pastel painted pumpkins.

4- A little paint dip for your pumpkin?

5- A pumpkin as a flower holder- this idea should stick around for Thanksgiving.

6- A glitter monogram for my favorite girl, Kalia! Last year, I glittered pumpkins 3 ways!

With the exception of the flower centerpiece pumpkin, the pumpkins are not carved- no exposure to air means they will keep for a long time and are perfect for fall decorating.  My pastel pumpkins sit on my dining room table- and I love the look!

Happy early Halloween and happy fall decorating!

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A Bubbly Life this week- Fig Prosciutto Goat Cheese Crostini & Pastel Painted Pumpkins

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Have a fab weekend- xoxo, Laurel

Pastel Painted Pumpkins

Who says pumpkins have to be orange?  Pretty in pastel is the way to go!

I picked up a bag from the grocery store of mini pumpkins and two coats each is all it takes and you can have a pretty pastel display.  A standard paintbrush works best, a foam brush will need multiple coats since it soaks up too much of the paint.

The colors I chose are from Martha Stewart's craft paint:  Pea Shoot, Hydrangea Purple, Summer Haze, and Poodle Skirt (all in Satin).

Even though I love Fall- I am loving a bright, beautiful pastel version of Halloween.

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Need more pumpkin ideas for Halloween or Fall decorating?

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Fig Prosciutto Goat Cheese Crostini

Figs are in season right now and you have about a month more to enjoy their deliciousness!  I love figs, I grew up with a fig tree in my yard and I remember picking them off as a kid when they were ripe, yummmmm...  I can still eat them all by their lonesome but here I have paired them with some of my favorite flavors for a yummy bite (or two).

Fig Prosciutto Goat Cheese Crostini
makes about 12-16 slices

6-8 Figs thinly sliced- each fig makes 4-5 thin slices
Mini Baguette sliced
8 ounces Goat Cheese (room temperature*)
4-5 slices of Prosciutto- each slice cut into 3 sections
3-4 sprigs of Thyme
Black Pepper to taste
Honey to taste
*Room temperature goat cheese is much easier to spread!

Preheat Broiler.
Spread goat cheese onto each baguette slice (a healthy amount ;) Sprinkle a couple thyme leaves on top and black pepper to taste.
Layer a thin slice of prosciutto on top of the goat cheese.   Put 2-3 slices of the fig on top of the prosciutto layer. 
Add all completed crostini to an aluminum foil lined baking sheet.  
Drizzle honey** on top of all crostini.

Broil for 1:30 seconds, watch the time carefully- it can burn easily!  Heat varies on your oven, so keep an eye on your first batch (or better yet do a sample size of 4 to get time!)

**I am intolerant to honey (it can make my throat swell if I have too much) but I still love honey & figs, so I use very little honey.  
The sweetness of the honey cuts the saltiness of the prosciutto, depending on your taste buds, go with more honey for sweetness, less if you want a little more saltiness.

Broiling them perfectly crisps the baguette, prosciutto and caramelizes the honey on top of the fig.  It is most tasty when eaten warm!

Hope you enjoy and try at home- we love it!!

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Heart Pegboard Jewelry Organizer DIY

The little one comes in January (halfway there baby!!) and before I get started on the nursery DIYs (oh, so many plans...) I wanted to get some major organization done around the house.  (like the ombre cork board diy & magazine stamped diy)

The pegboard jewelry organizer was a must needed addition to our bedroom.  I have a ton of jewelry (only a small amount shown here so you can see the pretty little DIY ;)

DIY Pegboard Jewelry Organizer

Hooks for pegboard
Stencil (or make your own as I did with some contact paper)

Sooooo.... I do my stencils a little backwards because my cutting ability sucks (I cannot cut out just the edge of something without screwing up badly).

I made a whole heart using contact paper so it would self stick to the board. I painted an area on the pegboard with a light mint paint- place the heart on top and go over it with white paint!

Easy, even if a little backwards :)

For the hooks, I spray painted them- or rather my husband graciously did so as I am busy growing his child, minus paint fume deformity and all (this may or may not be actual words said when requesting spray paint help) 

I own a lot of spray paint, not sure if this is a DIY blogger thing or a Laurel thing.  Anyhow, I went to my stash and handed some pastel colors over to my husband to paint.  I love that the hooks are colored- the silver steel look was boring.

My craft room is a disaster area that needs major work and I am thinking another stenciled version of this will be coming soon to blog and my craft room- peg boards are such a great deal- only about $5!

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Catching Fireflies Giveaway!

Catching Fireflies is an adorable, eclectic store with items for everyone and they are giving away a gift certificate to one lucky reader for $43 (and they ship to Canada!) 

You can grab a book, baby socks, lip balm and unique kitchen gadgets like the star scrubber below!  The selection is unique and often very funny! 

Some of my favorites:

1) Bubblegum & Hula Hoops  2) Dishwasher Scrubber Wand 3) Pink Mustache Lip Balm 
4) Bacon Flavored Toothpicks  5) Cocktail Napkins

All you need to do to enter is like them on Facebook- one bonus entries everyday if you tweet about the giveaway!  Giveaway ends September 10th 12:00 AM PST

And everyone can use the coupon code BUBBLY for 20% off your purchase!

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