Fillable Lamp Ideas for the Holidays!

It is Christmas in August! Recently, I was selected to participate in a challenge from Hometalk and Lamps Plus- how would I fill this empty lamp for the holidays?

I had many ideas, but was not "in love" with any of them.  Until I had my final design- a simple, elegant version of Christmas- with gold & glitter of course!

Gold Glitter Paper
Star Punch
White paint (optional)*
Glue Gun
Lamps Plus fillable lamp

* I purchased white branches at a craft store due to a deadline. However, to save money, you can easily collect some branches and spray paint them white!

Begin by making your stars with the star puncher:

It is up to you how little or how many you want to cover the branches.

After you are done making yor stars, you can hot glue them to your branch pieces:

The pink finger is my glue gun protector- I love it! No burns, baby!

Now you are ready to fill your lamp:

The gold and white look is perfect for the holiday season- and a touch of gold is perfect to ring in the New Year's!

Look for a post soon for other ideas to fill the lamp- nursery, craft room, office- any room!

Check out all the challenge lamps over on Hometalk!

*I received this lamp to create my design for the challenge.  All opinions and ideas are my own and I am SO thankful for the opportunity to participate!