Fillable Lamp Ideas for the Holidays!

It is Christmas in August! Recently, I was selected to participate in a challenge from Hometalk and Lamps Plus- how would I fill this empty lamp for the holidays?

I had many ideas, but was not "in love" with any of them.  Until I had my final design- a simple, elegant version of Christmas- with gold & glitter of course!

Gold Glitter Paper
Star Punch
White paint (optional)*
Glue Gun
Lamps Plus fillable lamp

* I purchased white branches at a craft store due to a deadline. However, to save money, you can easily collect some branches and spray paint them white!

Begin by making your stars with the star puncher:

It is up to you how little or how many you want to cover the branches.

After you are done making yor stars, you can hot glue them to your branch pieces:

The pink finger is my glue gun protector- I love it! No burns, baby!

Now you are ready to fill your lamp:

The gold and white look is perfect for the holiday season- and a touch of gold is perfect to ring in the New Year's!

Look for a post soon for other ideas to fill the lamp- nursery, craft room, office- any room!

Check out all the challenge lamps over on Hometalk!

*I received this lamp to create my design for the challenge.  All opinions and ideas are my own and I am SO thankful for the opportunity to participate!

Confetti Party Lantern DIY

This DIY combines two of my favorite party decor items- lanterns and confetti! Best of all, it is super easy to do!

How To Make Confetti Party Lanterns

Paper Lanterns
Tissue Paper
Circle Puncher
Mod Podge/Glue

1) Make some confetti! Stack a few sheets of tissue paper on top of another and punch circles out using your circle puncher.  

The amount of confetti needed depends on the size of your lantern and how many "strands" of confetti you want on each lantern.  I like to make a lot of confetti- you can never go wrong with confetti for a party!

To apply to the lantern- Dip your paint brush into the mod podge or glue and brush a thin layer onto lantern.

Attach a piece of confetti!  Repeat the steps to make an entire strand around lantern.

Tissue paper comes in a variety of colors and therefore, the color combinations are endless (or make it one color).  After your party, you can collapse the lantern and store for another day, or keep them hung outside for outdoor entertaining.

Of course, I made a little baby pink one!

Lantern Source Luna Bazaar

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Fab Friday Link Love!

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Also, A Bubbly Life's Facebook hit over 1000 likes last Friday! Thank YOU (and you and you and 1028 more yous) so much!! I remember when it was just my Mom and husband who liked ABL on Facebook, lol.  Your support and readership means so much to me and I am thankful for every one of you!

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Fashion Crush: Moorea

I met Moorea Seal at ALT SF, right before the launch of her new online store,  Moorea Seal shop.  

She included the cutest earrings on her business card (great marketing!) and I had to check out the store, here is what I am crushing on: 

1/  2/  3/  4/  5/  6/  7/  8/  9/

It was hard to narrow down my favorites, I chose 9 and I am not sure what my favorite from even this small group is- I want that diamond terrarium yesterday, all the jewelry, one can never have too many scarves or clutches...

Check out the entire Moorea Seal shop for more goodies (including Paper crafts!)

Also, besides showcasing the talents of handmade artists in the US, they also donate 7% of proceeds to non profit organizations- how awesome is that !?!

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Magazine File Stamped DIY

Making over a magazine file is a very simple DIY, and in my case, MUCH needed.  You have seen peeks of my office on the blog before and if you notice there is always a stack of magazines.

For the photos, they are nicely stacked and most are tossed to the side and left out of the picture (bloggers' dirty secrets... our rooms are never that clean...especially mine)

I picked up a magazine holder at the thrift store one day and decided to redo it to match my office.


Magazine file*
Craft Paint
Stamp (I made my own, using a triangle foam sticker attached to a wooden block)

*You can skip the thrift store on this one and pick up a set of 2 white magazine holders over at IKEA for only $4.99!  It will save you the step of painting white (my desired look)



1) Using the paintbrush, apply a thin layer of paint to the stamp.*
2) Press firmly but with a light touch (you do not want it to slide) onto magazine holder.
3) Repeat until you have enough stamps on the magazine holder!
4) Touch up any areas with paintbrush.

*Why don't I just dip the stamp in paint and stamp away?  You get either too much or too little paint on the stamp, applying the correct amount with a paint brush gets you the right stamp every time! (Trust me, I learned from experience :)

The DIY took me only minutes and I love the look and it is well used.  I will probably pick more up at IKEA for my shelves.

Use any stamp or color you want!  Foam stickers make great DIY stamps- Stick a foam sticker on a wood block (or an old stamp, as I did with mine)  and you are done!  My wood block was an owl stamp, I bet an owl would look cute on a magazine holder...

Pink Ombre Cork Board DIY & Concrete Metallic Neon Planter also shown (as is my iPad playing my Glee playlist :)

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Pink Ombre Cork Board DIY

Want another cork board DIY?  Try my scalloped painted version too!

I was so excited to do this DIY!

I wrote the idea down in my notebook about 5 months ago, but I was so busy with Kalia's party DIYs, that anything not for the party was put away for a later time.

I hope you enjoy it because I have many pages in that notebook filled (and lots of work to do!)

How to Make Your Own Ombre Cork Board DIY:

Cork Board*
Gold Spray Paint (Optional)
Painter's Tape
Craft Paint in Same Color Family**
Mini Roller Brush
Small Foam Brush

* I scored my cork board at the thrift store for $2, they retail for about $15.  I see cork boards nearly every thrift visit, so give it a shot ;)
** It is very easy to pick your color palette at the craft store.  All colors are lined up from lightest to darkest- pick the amount of colors you want (I chose 4) from the line up.

I chose to spray paint the wooden border gold (Well, my husband spray painted it since I am pregnant), I thought it would give the pink more of a pop!


- Measure the cork board area you are painting.  My cork board was a standard size which was 22.5 inches.  Since I chose 4 colors, each color portion had to be the annoying measurement of 5.625 (I would have preferred an easier number to find on my straight edge!) 

- I marked off the distance and length with the ruler using chalk (easy to wipe off!)

- Now, you are ready to paint!

- Line the painter's tape up to your chalkboard line (and you may want to add some tape to protect the gold sides, see pic below)

- Using the roller brush, paint the inside of the taped area.  Using the mini foam brush, touch up any areas the roller did not cover.

- Remove painter's tape while it is wet (immediately after painting) in the direction of the painted area.

- Let completely dry because you will need to put the painter's tape directly on the painted area to do the next color, as seen below:

- Repeat with all colors and you are done.

It sounds complicated, but it is so very easy! As long as you press the tape firmly down and immediately remove after painting, you will get crisp, smooth lines! 

A couple peeks of it in my office (and I love it!) 

A close up so you can check out the crisp lines! The post it notes are a bit blurred in the picture- those are random moments of inspiration that I cannot give away just yet ;) 

Remember my neon animal pushpin diy?  Well, I had hubby spray paint them hot pink and gold to match!

The cork board is new, so I do not have much "corked" My goal is not to clutter it a ton, so I can see the pink ombre effect!

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Duct Tape Frames ChalkBoard Door DIY

When I added a chalkboard door to our kitchen for notes, I loved it...  But instead of the chalkboard door acting as a kitchen command center, it looked like one long, jumbled mess of notes.

I did not want to commit to painting color borders to help organize it- so, I decided to go with duct tape-  I can change out the colors, patterns and shapes of the frames depending upon my mood.  And it is very easy to do!


Scotch Duct Tape
Self Healing Mat
Straight Edge
Craft Knife

I used Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape: Pastel Cheetah, Violet Purple & Metallic Pink (Love the Metallic Pink!) 

Since I wanted multiple sizes I cut some of the duct tape into smaller sizes then the original roll size.  
Measure the length you want, snip off with your scissors and use your craft knife to cut it down to size:

When you want to switch out frames and use different colors, the duct tape may leave a little residue.  I use a degreaser spray to remove- and it is as good as new.

Now, instead of having a jumbled mess of lists, chores and menus, our duct tape frames organize our important things like our dinner menu and my stick figure drawings :)

Kalia loves playing on the chalkboard wall and tries to keep it in the lines!

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scotch duct tape, scotch, duct tape

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Fab Friday Link Love!

Fab-  I want to buy more sequins, just so I can have them displayed as above! via Heart Handmade UK

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Foodie- Peach Thyme Syrup for sodas, iced tea & lemonade (and vodka?) The pictures are beautiful and I can almost taste the peach when I lick look at my screen.

Fun- Neon striped outlines on a door are a fun, fab pop of color!

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Catching Fireflies 6 DIY Flower Vases - Pssttt... check out their awesome store, a giveaway is coming soon!

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Back To School Notebook Makeover!

I am SO into the geometric trend and when I had the opportunity to work with Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape  to design back to school items, I knew exactly how I would decorate some notebooks and clipboards…

I remember designing my notebooks when I was younger with stickers, scribbles and Laurel Loves ______ (fill in current crush).  I now only have one love (well 3- Nick, Kalia and Zoey) so one big heart it is:

Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape
Self Healing Mat
Craft Knife


1) I wanted a clean slate to work with, so I first covered my black & white notebooks with Scotch's Pearl White duct tape.
2) Grab your mat, craft knife, duct tape and ruler to begin making your triangles.
3) My ruler had a triangle on it- I used that shape to cut my triangles, however, any ruler will do.  Just line up your duct tape and cut.

4) I cut out all my triangles first and then filled the heart in like a puzzle piece:

The purple heart is made up of Violet Purple & Metallic Butterfly.   The other heart is ROY G BIV, Sunshine Yellow, and Sea Blue.

Clipboards are another office accessory addiction of mine and I had some fun changing them up from boring brown!

The materials (except use a clipboard) and directions are the same as the notebooks- Cut out your triangles on your self healing mat and apply.  

I used Violet Purple and Retro Tiles for this clipboard:

I did not use the ruler for the yellow and pink triangles as I wanted the sizes to be a little varied, so I did not need to measure each triangle.

Hot Pink and Sunshine Yellow are the colors here (and I covered a soup can in hot pink duct tape for a matching pen holder)

Thankfully if you make any mistakes, you can lift the tape up with your craft knife and remove- the tape is VERY forgiving to any errors!

Hope you enjoy, please share and pin if you do! 

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And check out their product page to view all the colors and patterns available- there is a tape design for everyone!

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colors & patterns, duct tape, tape , scotch duct tape, scotch tape
Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape.  All opinions are entirely my own and I only accept compensation and/or sponsorship from brands I trust and brands I think my readers would LOVE! Thank you so much for supporting sponsors that help support A Bubbly Life!

Kalia's 2nd Birthday- Dress Up Party!

Finally, the reveal of Kalia's party!  I included a rare picture (for the blog) of Kalia as well :) The theme of the party was dress up and the color palette was pink, white and gold!

Kalia is in front of the confetti wall backdrop- I used gold glitter sticker paper and pink contact paper to create the circles.  You can find the confetti photo backdrop DIY here- super easy!  Kalia LOVED the circles and they now decorate her room!

The main room- I used Kalia's dresser for the cake and favor table.  A large thrifted mirror ($25 score!!) to check your dress up outfit in, a DIY changing tent and a dress up trunk:

Lots of dress up goodies for people to grab and take pictures in front of the confetti wall!  The dresser trunk is an antique steamer trunk that I made over (post to come later!)

Do you recognize the tent sheet?  It was Kalia's tablecloth from her party last year- another DIY!

Glitter hangers held some of my favorite pictures of Kalia throughout the year.  The hangers were strung in multiple areas of the party. Glitter Hanger DIY & Crepe Paper Lantern DIY

Hanging streamers, gold glitter tape and pom pom strings was an easy way to add some depth and texture to the dresser.  (and I loved the look!)

The first cake I ever baked from scratch- it did not LOOK good, but it did taste great!

My darling girl :)

The present table! (it got quite full, she was a blessed little girl!) Pom Pom Tablecloth DIY 

Picture table set up- Chalkboard Bubble Photo Prop DIY

My sisters in law and I! I had not revealed I was pregnant yet, did the boa cover the bump? ;)

The favors were homemade bubbles! The ballerinas would be great for so many little girl party ideas! Bubble Favor DIY & Glitter Animal DIY

Most everything was made over from thrifted items (even the photo props & some party supplies were thrift store finds!)- I went to the thrift store for months to gather, find and DIY.

Not thrifted items list:
HUGE balloons via The TomKat Studio 
Ballerina dolls via Etsy Store AisforApronStrings

Photos by Taylor Glazner, if you are in Arizona, she is a wonderful photographer!  Thank you so much Taylor!

Please pin away anything you enjoy and share! Kalia's pic is no pin (sorry!) but otherwise, pin away and away!

Want more girl birthday ideas? Check out Kalia's 1st birthday party- another budget DIY party!

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